Monday, November 21, 2011

The Super Committee Failure

Wow. The Super Committee failed. Big. Fucking. Shock. If you were surprised by this then I submit that YOU are a FOOL!
This Committee was doomed from the beginning. Why? Because nothing ever gets accomplished by committee without strong leadership. Committees are debate societies..nothing else. You put two diametrically opposed philosophies into a committee and what you get is indecision and failure. Why did we get this committee? Well because President Obama is a socialistic, dogmatic dick.
He took office in 09, with a completely democratically Senate and House, they passed spending bill after spending bill. Executive order after executive order, and FAILED to pass a budget for 2yrs. THINK about that. With complete and utter control they couldn't be bothered to pass a BUDGET? All they did was pass continuing resolutions to keep spending at the same levels, so that they didn't have to pass a budget. Now that the Republicans control the house we still can't get a budget passed. Why? Well because we need some real spending cuts and the democrats and the white house don't want to be common sensical and logical about this.

Look at just 2 of the names that the Democrats put on that committee. John Kerry and Max Baucus. That right there should have been your 2nd clue that this was doomed to failure from the start. So what was the first and basically only proposal from the democrats? Raise Taxes? Good guess. Let me explain what raising taxes gets you, raising taxes means people have less money. Which in turn means they have to be tighter with their budget because..............?
They have less money, going not nearly as far, to pay their bills, keep a roof over their heads and to feed their families!
This is not rocket science you stupid shits. It's simple mathematics.

For starters we need reform of the Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid systems. The fraud in the systems need to be found and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. They all need a rewrite so that they work differently for the next 40 years and then are completely phased out. When you make a bunch of people completely dependent of the government for handouts you create a permanent underclass of people. Beholden to that government, who will do whatever, say whatever, and vote whichever way that government wants to keep their freebies coming. That's wrong on both, financial, ethical, moral, and spiritual standards. See at that're not a person. Just a soulless automaton, who does exactly what it's told. You're dead inside.
We also need a freeze on the current tax code. All rates will be frozen in place. A new flat income tax code of 10% will be written, put into place and enforced. Everyone pays the one gets a break. What could be more fair than that? After all as a favorite character of mine says to an IRS gestapo assbag " 10% is good enough for the lord, it should be good enough for the GODDAMN Government."

Then we need some major cuts. Since we are replacing the current tax code the IRS is the 1st to go. Cut down to say..25% of what it is now. Maybe 10% Since we've simplified the tax code we don't need all those faceless bureaucrats, bean counters, secretaries and TAX LAWYERS anymore now do we? Didn't think so.

Next we move on to Defense. Yes we need SOME cuts. Not drastic ones though. Especially not with us still in theatre, involved in a "low grade" guerilla war in the Middle East. We also need to look at the way the appropriations and contract awards system works. I have no doubt theres some fraud going on in there..otherwise there wouldn't be such MASSIVE cost over runs in time and materials, in what our new planes, and other equipment cost us. Frankly We're getting too...focused on one plane that can do all things. That is one area where following the KISS principle would benefit us. They're phasing out the A10. Why? It's the perfect armor killing and troop support machine. Leave it the fuck alone..leave it in service. Yes it's old..but just because it's old does not make it worthless. I could go on..but that's not my intention.

The BATFE. Or as I not so affectionately refer to them..The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Fuckups Extraordinaire.. They have gotten way to out of control. We have a 2nd amentment for a reason. Their budget gets cut by 50% Their base job is to investigate Tobacco and Alcohol regulations as it regards age and distribution.

The EPA. The Environmental Protection Agency has been running roughshod over the people and fucking things up royally for the last 10-20yrs. Primarily because the "lets be eco friendly", "we have to save the earth", green movement*puke* Sorry but that's all a crock of shit. This one I'd say cut the budget by 80% and tell them to sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up.. Because outside of investigating the occasional toxic waste spill and sporadic monitoring of air and water quality..they're a drain on resources and materials that we don't need.

The Department of Agriculture. Ahhh that one just eliminate altogether. Why the fuck do we have a department whose sole job is to tell farmers, most of whom are family owned by people who've been doing nothing BUT farming for generations, how to do their jobs, anyway? Seriously? Someone want to explain that one to me? No, you know what? Never mind I'm not in the mood to hear it.

The Department of Homeland Security. Ahhh..another drain on resources. We already HAVE a dept of homeland security. It's called THE U.S. MILITARY!! Therefore..this one can be completely eliminated.

FBI- cut it back ohhh..30%. Yes I just randomly pulled that figure out of my ass. What of it. Cut the budget and reign in their investigative scope and powers. They too have gotten a little big in the britches department.

The various intelligence agencies. Now there I'm in a bit of a quandry. See most of the world and it's governments don't like us very much, therefore we need the intelligence agencies. My gripe is that we've become waay too dependent on Elint[Electronic Intelligence] gathering means; and gotten away from eyes and ears on the ground, HUMINT. So we need to do some juggling there I think. If anything I might increase that budget a little bit.

There are various other agencies, authorities, and laws that we don't need anymore even if they served a purpose once in the past; and agencies, authorities and laws that just never made sense in the first place. You prune all that shit out, and people..this country can turn itself around. We'll be self sufficient and prosperous again. Put the government on a leash, and a strict budget.
We as a people need to take responsibility for ourselves again instead of giving up, or having those choice taken from us by a government that's become like the mythical hydra. Cut off one head and the bastard grows another. We need to kill the hydra people. Then and only then will we bring ourselves out of the dark times we find ourselves in.

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