Thursday, November 10, 2011

12/07 Okay so it IS Bush's fault. :P

In a move I can NOT believe....

WASHINGTON - President Bush signed into law Wednesday legislation that will bring more fuel-efficient vehicles into auto showrooms and require wider use of ethanol, calling it "a major step" toward energy independence and easing global warming.

I especially loved this part of it:

"We make a major step ... toward reducing our dependence on oil, fighting global climate change, expanding the production of renewable fuels and giving future generations ... a nation that is stronger cleaner and more secure," said the president.

Okay the reducing dependence on oil and more importantly FORIEGN oil...
Well thats great President Bush. I only have a few minor naggling 'little' problems with this bill.
Ethanol will end up costing more than gas [and ironically according to some things I've read] actually takes 1.29 gallons of gas to MAKE 1 gallon of ethanol. Use your head people. Open up the deposits we KNOW are there for the taking in U.S. territory to drilling, build more goddamn refinerys [there's a good chunk of the reason for high gas prices right there] and then we won't BE so goddamned dependent on the Arabs, the Mexicans and our friends the Canuckistanians [what one of my canadian friends actually calls his country so don't blow a gasket...sheesh]for our oil. Here's another something to consider If the price of corn goes up due to ethanol, what in the HELL do you think thats going to do to the cost of food? Beuller? Beuller? Anyone? Anyone? Thats right kids the cost of know the stuff we need to eat to survive? gonna go up. Why because if you convert all gas usage to an ethanol usage...guess who uses that stuff besides us? The truckers. Now who hauls the bulk [I forget the percentage but I wanna say its up in the 90's] of the goods to its destinations in this country INCLUDING the food we eat?
Did you guess truckers? Then give yourself a pat on the back.
Here's the simpler way to put it. We want to be ecologically friendly drivers[also not dependent on foriegn oil..which I agree with]..*SNORT* so we switch to ethanol. Ethanol is corn based [basically corn liquor], the price of corn skyrockets. Therefore the cost of ethanol goes up correspondingly. The trucking companies have to charge more to haul the goods. The stores have to raise the price of the goods to pay for the gas costs of the trucking companies. Who pays the final price? Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Thats right! You guessed it. YOU DO![you includes me]
Don't even ask me to find the numbers for the amount of land you'd have to plant corn in to make it feasible for every American to be driving an ethanol fueled vehicle. I remember reading it somewhere and the amount of land you'd have to plant assdeep in corn is mindblowing. Most of the free land in the US would be a safe assumption. Then of course it becomes a HELL of lot more scarce for its intended purpose...FOOD.
So Mr. President I've got no problem at all with becoming a "nation that is stronger, cleaner and more secure" But would you mind not causing another nationwide, financial meltdown and nationwide starvation [IE the great depression..ring a bell?]while your at it?

Okay onto the other half of the 'touted'reason for this bill In the qoute. To be environmentally friendly and reduce greenhouse gases.

Well again thats all well and's my problem with that. It does absolutely NO good whatsoever if the US becomes ecologically friendly and puts out less greenhouse gases if..EVERY OTHER NATION ON THE GODDAMN PLANET DOESN'T ABIDE BY THAT AS WELL!
Here's a just one example. China. There was at the last census in 2006 1 BILLION, 307 Million screaming chinese. What do they burn for energy..COAL. They're usage goes up every year. Now if coal is really that much greenhouse gases do you suppose THEY'RE putting out you pinhead. Oh and here's more food for thought. I just remembered reading a story somewhere that some of the scientists who don't agree with all this Global Warming bullshit believe the exact opposite. That we are actually overdue for another ice age. The reason we aren't in the middle of one? Yep all this "global warming" bullshit. Livestock puts out more pollutants farting and burping than we do. They're burps and farts contain and are composed mostly of..methane. So I guess we all better go vegan and never look back...after slaughtering and eating all that steak of course..

Sigh...I could keep going but it would just be a looong string of cusswords turning the air a nice shade of purple. Besides...I gotta go take cae of the puppy and clean the kitchen. My next rant...don't know when but it'll probably be on the War On Terror/Radical Islam.

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