Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Kiss your civil rights goodbye.

Something that hasn't been getting much talk that I'm aware of outside of Foxnews is the voting on the newest Defense Spending Authorization bill and what was BURIED in the legislation.
What Rand Paul said BEFORE the vote on the Udall Webb Amendment to the DSA.

WHY he said it.

and if you read further down the bill it gets BAD.

Ladies and Gentlemen. Habeus Corpus and Posse Comitatus..just got led like lambs to a slaughter.

Obama told us HIMSELF he intended this TWO YEARS ago...
Holy shit I agree with something Rachel Maddow says. Then of course
It's a really bad day when I agree with some thing like the Democratic Underground.

Well THAT settles it..I AM in hell.

I want you to think about this...I'm praising 35 DEMOCRATS for realizing what an insanely bad fucking idea those provisions in the Defense Spending Authorization bill were. Something that 60 others..including the rest of the republicans..FAILED to grasp.
I mean really...I'm praising 35 Liberal Dems..some of whom I personally hate with a purple passion and whose future graves I'd cheerfully offer to dance upon, for standing up where the republican party failed to. I'm...I'm...feeling totally mindfucked right now.

I honestly don't think that a very large chunk of my fellow American citizens groks just how bad this is. "Well the Republicans can just vote to rescind that portion
" If they were gonna do THAT they could have done it with the Udall Webb Amendment to remove that section entirely from the DSA! The Udall Webb Amendment was defeated 61-37. 47 of those NAY votes to deny this amendment were REPUBLICANS! Think about that..out of 61 who voted AGAINST this amendment. 47 were republicans. Of the 37 who voted FOR this amendment..only TWO were republicans...the other 35 were DEMOCRATS.

I think it's safe to say that this is the day that the America of our forefathers...the land most of us love...was murdered in cold blood for the sake of power.

You think we can get it back? Then remember this..those who take and wield power very rarely give it up willingly. It has to be taken from them, in turn.

For those of you who are like me..Babylon 5 fans..we the citizens are now the Narn..just before the Narn Centauri war. Lets hope we're luckier than the Narn were at the "end" of that conflict.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Instead of presents under the tree this year...

you might want to consider stocking up on Incandescent bulbs. Stock up meaning buy all the incandescent bulbs you can get your greedy little paws on. I say this because there was a little provision passed by congress under of all people...Preside George W. Bush. I have no idea what GW was smoking when he signed this fucker into law.

"Because of those higher standards, traditional bulbs will probably be phased out, to be replaced with more efficient incandescent bulbs, compact fluorescents and LEDs."

Yes you idiots essentially killing an industry. Effectively banning them. Stifling choice.

"The government has taken upon itself to decide what people should buy," said Myron Ebell, head of Freedom Action, an activist group he described as "hardcore free market."

Exactly It is like Obamacare FORCING the choice upon the people. That is NOT the governments goddamn job.

"Even though fluorescent light bulbs cost about five times more than incandescents, Americans would save a total of $12 billion a year by 2020 if the standards are left in place due to lower electricity bills, said the Natural Resources Defense Council."

Yep and I have serious doubts about these espoused numbers. Just like with Climate change..I'm inclined to believe they're falsifyng the numbers to push their GREEN agenda.

"But what really motivated the higher standards to begin with was a desire to save energy and cut pollution. NRDC estimates the standards would eliminate the need to build 33 coal-fired power plants by 2020, when the standards are fully in effect."

How the fuck do they figure that? It's not a matter of efficiency it's a matter of USAGE and growing population that's driving the need to build more plants to keep the grid up and running and to supply the needed power to prevent black and brown outs. Idiots.

"But for critics it's all about choice. If people want to save money over the long run by buying a fluorescent light bulb, that's fine -- they just don't want the government to force people to do it."

Exactly I believe I already said that bears repeating. It is NOT the governments job to effectively FORCE a choice upon people by effectively eliminating through asinine regulations one of the choices. That's not freedom of choice, that's dictatorial enforcement of unneeded laws by fiat.

"When it comes to reducing pollution, critics say cutting down on pollutants like sulfur dioxide that cause acid rain or asthma is a worthy cause. But they argue that going after carbon dioxide, the greenhouse gas that scientists believe causes global warming, is a waste of time.

Most of those who want to overturn the ban do not believe in global warming, despite the consensus among the scientific community."

WHAT CONSENSUS! Oh perhaps you missed this fucking memo that says the numbers were being finagled and flat out falsified

link 1. link 2. link 3. and on and on...IGNORING the fact that the planet is ALWAYS warming or cooling. It's cyclical and has FUCK ALL to do with humanity. To presume [1&3 are the most apt in this instance] that humanity can have THAT big an effect on the planet wide the microscopic amount of time we've been around on the grand geologic time scale is the very height of arrogance. Personally they make me exceedingly irritable with this shit. What has the single biggest effect on our climate? The Sun. You know, that big ball of flaming gases that lights and warms our planet on a daily, monthly, yearly, millenial and ad infinitum basis? At least until it goes out and then explodes. By which time Humanity will merely be a microscopic blip on the universal scale of time and life. A memory.

Fortunately for us Texans....
Rick Perry in his wisdom earlier over the summer signed THIS little beauty..telling the feds that they could kiss the ass of my Great State.

Now when, boys and girls, are we going to stop listening to the "sky is falling" idiots of the green movement and realize that yeah...we can go green for definitions of green but by and large what I consider green is just common sense. Where as what THEY consider green is the death of civilization as we know it. Meaning my children the deaths of a good many of the people that live on this 3rd rock from the sun. However you'll never hear THEM say that because they don't intend to follow their own rules...these egotistical self masturbators rarely do. What do I consider 'common sense'? recycling and reusing plastic water bottles. Recycling aluminum and other metals, including things like copper wire. Reusing containers if at all possible. [for example rather than being stupid and pouring grease down a kitchen sink..pour them into empty peanut butter jars.] Using filtered water out of a sink instead of buying water bottles. IOW..install a filter on your sink. $30 for the system, $25-30 every 4-6 months for a fresh box of filter replacements..*shrug* One filter will fill the equivalent of 1500 water bottles. Use stainless steel bottles, or thermos's.[yes I've actually got some] But trying to force us into electric cars, into using lightbulbs that aren't as "efficient" as others but give off sufficient light AND heat; and yes the heat is a bonus in the winter time; is WRONG. Wake up people and smell what these people and our government are cooking.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday.

Why don't they just call it the day of the lemmings? Seriously?

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hard Times, but thankful

Times are doubt about it. Still got things to be thankful for even if I rarely say it. Still got my parents. still got a roof overhead. food in the pantry/fridge. my dog..who makes me laugh, and loves me matter how cranky I am. Got a computer that works and an internet connection that allows me to vent, and keep in contact with people. Both vehicles are bought and paid for. Going to be having dinner with my family tomorrow.
I'm alive and relatively healthy, my family is intact.*shrug* everything else is negotiable.

Happy Thanksgiving lads and lasses

Monday, November 21, 2011

Your FIRED! *facepalm*

Those should have been the very next words spoken after this school administrator pulled this stupid shit. REally? FIRST calling the Florida Dept of Children and Families[In other words Child Protective Services] and THEN calling the cops, after being told that wasn't a DCF matter and that maybe they should call local PD. Over two kids kissing? This person is entirely too stupid to be in a position of authority. Let me grab my's time to go apply it to this idiots skull.

The Super Committee Failure

Wow. The Super Committee failed. Big. Fucking. Shock. If you were surprised by this then I submit that YOU are a FOOL!
This Committee was doomed from the beginning. Why? Because nothing ever gets accomplished by committee without strong leadership. Committees are debate societies..nothing else. You put two diametrically opposed philosophies into a committee and what you get is indecision and failure. Why did we get this committee? Well because President Obama is a socialistic, dogmatic dick.
He took office in 09, with a completely democratically Senate and House, they passed spending bill after spending bill. Executive order after executive order, and FAILED to pass a budget for 2yrs. THINK about that. With complete and utter control they couldn't be bothered to pass a BUDGET? All they did was pass continuing resolutions to keep spending at the same levels, so that they didn't have to pass a budget. Now that the Republicans control the house we still can't get a budget passed. Why? Well because we need some real spending cuts and the democrats and the white house don't want to be common sensical and logical about this.

Look at just 2 of the names that the Democrats put on that committee. John Kerry and Max Baucus. That right there should have been your 2nd clue that this was doomed to failure from the start. So what was the first and basically only proposal from the democrats? Raise Taxes? Good guess. Let me explain what raising taxes gets you, raising taxes means people have less money. Which in turn means they have to be tighter with their budget because..............?
They have less money, going not nearly as far, to pay their bills, keep a roof over their heads and to feed their families!
This is not rocket science you stupid shits. It's simple mathematics.

For starters we need reform of the Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid systems. The fraud in the systems need to be found and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. They all need a rewrite so that they work differently for the next 40 years and then are completely phased out. When you make a bunch of people completely dependent of the government for handouts you create a permanent underclass of people. Beholden to that government, who will do whatever, say whatever, and vote whichever way that government wants to keep their freebies coming. That's wrong on both, financial, ethical, moral, and spiritual standards. See at that're not a person. Just a soulless automaton, who does exactly what it's told. You're dead inside.
We also need a freeze on the current tax code. All rates will be frozen in place. A new flat income tax code of 10% will be written, put into place and enforced. Everyone pays the one gets a break. What could be more fair than that? After all as a favorite character of mine says to an IRS gestapo assbag " 10% is good enough for the lord, it should be good enough for the GODDAMN Government."

Then we need some major cuts. Since we are replacing the current tax code the IRS is the 1st to go. Cut down to say..25% of what it is now. Maybe 10% Since we've simplified the tax code we don't need all those faceless bureaucrats, bean counters, secretaries and TAX LAWYERS anymore now do we? Didn't think so.

Next we move on to Defense. Yes we need SOME cuts. Not drastic ones though. Especially not with us still in theatre, involved in a "low grade" guerilla war in the Middle East. We also need to look at the way the appropriations and contract awards system works. I have no doubt theres some fraud going on in there..otherwise there wouldn't be such MASSIVE cost over runs in time and materials, in what our new planes, and other equipment cost us. Frankly We're getting too...focused on one plane that can do all things. That is one area where following the KISS principle would benefit us. They're phasing out the A10. Why? It's the perfect armor killing and troop support machine. Leave it the fuck alone..leave it in service. Yes it's old..but just because it's old does not make it worthless. I could go on..but that's not my intention.

The BATFE. Or as I not so affectionately refer to them..The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Fuckups Extraordinaire.. They have gotten way to out of control. We have a 2nd amentment for a reason. Their budget gets cut by 50% Their base job is to investigate Tobacco and Alcohol regulations as it regards age and distribution.

The EPA. The Environmental Protection Agency has been running roughshod over the people and fucking things up royally for the last 10-20yrs. Primarily because the "lets be eco friendly", "we have to save the earth", green movement*puke* Sorry but that's all a crock of shit. This one I'd say cut the budget by 80% and tell them to sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up.. Because outside of investigating the occasional toxic waste spill and sporadic monitoring of air and water quality..they're a drain on resources and materials that we don't need.

The Department of Agriculture. Ahhh that one just eliminate altogether. Why the fuck do we have a department whose sole job is to tell farmers, most of whom are family owned by people who've been doing nothing BUT farming for generations, how to do their jobs, anyway? Seriously? Someone want to explain that one to me? No, you know what? Never mind I'm not in the mood to hear it.

The Department of Homeland Security. Ahhh..another drain on resources. We already HAVE a dept of homeland security. It's called THE U.S. MILITARY!! Therefore..this one can be completely eliminated.

FBI- cut it back ohhh..30%. Yes I just randomly pulled that figure out of my ass. What of it. Cut the budget and reign in their investigative scope and powers. They too have gotten a little big in the britches department.

The various intelligence agencies. Now there I'm in a bit of a quandry. See most of the world and it's governments don't like us very much, therefore we need the intelligence agencies. My gripe is that we've become waay too dependent on Elint[Electronic Intelligence] gathering means; and gotten away from eyes and ears on the ground, HUMINT. So we need to do some juggling there I think. If anything I might increase that budget a little bit.

There are various other agencies, authorities, and laws that we don't need anymore even if they served a purpose once in the past; and agencies, authorities and laws that just never made sense in the first place. You prune all that shit out, and people..this country can turn itself around. We'll be self sufficient and prosperous again. Put the government on a leash, and a strict budget.
We as a people need to take responsibility for ourselves again instead of giving up, or having those choice taken from us by a government that's become like the mythical hydra. Cut off one head and the bastard grows another. We need to kill the hydra people. Then and only then will we bring ourselves out of the dark times we find ourselves in.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

11yr old being racist? NOT!

I have to wonder where school administrators and teachers brains are in all this. Because those brains certainly aren't currently residing in their empty skulls.

"The boy saw local CBS affiliate KTLA NEWS Anchor Chris Schauble in the school cafeteria, dressed in a suit and tie, walking around and shaking hands with teachers and students. Mr. Schauble was visiting the school to have lunch with his daughter, who also attends the school. Upon first glance, the 11 year old believed the man might be Obama then quickly realized he was not. However, thinking the resemblance was worth sharing he told his friend that “Obama is attending our school.” Soon, his friend told another friend, who passed it along and eventually word got back to the daughter of Schauble who took it to be a “racist” comment. When the girl reported to her teacher that that Grayson was telling people her father looked like Obama, and that it made her feel uncomfortable, the teacher passed the news to the principal who told the school superintendent, Dr. Winger."

Okay...failure point ONE. The teacher in this case could have done one of 3 things:
A." Okay child, you've told me, I'll handle it" and then never done anything about it
B. What's wrong with you child? Someone thinks that your father looks like the President and you're getting bent out of shape and having a snit? It's not an insult little one. It's a COMPLIMENT. Now go bring me the dictionary from the shelf and lets look up those two words shall we? It COULD have been a teachable moment. For which I give the teacher a big red F. Now if the child was still being obdurately well...childish. The next step should have been
C. To send a note home with the child, requesting and immediate meeting with both parents. To explain the situation to the parents who then..if THEY have any brains would have gone home and explained things to the child and made it a teachable moment.

So what did the teacher do? Passed the Buck. Dropped it in someone else's lap. In other words they FAILED to deal with the situation and it started to sno ball.

Okay it's gone to the PRINCIPAL. So what should the principal have done?
Any ONE of the previous 3 suggestions. My own personal preference would be choice B. followed immediately thereafter by C. Alas..again the PRINCIPAL...chose to pass the buck, instead of dealing with the situation..which IS HIS GODDAMN JOB!

And so now we come to the Superindendent who did what? Oh he did THIS

It was at this point, things took a strange turn. Grayson was attending the school on a waiver (due to a recent move) and the superintendent decided the appropriate action was to “recall the waiver” and send Grayson to another school. He called the parents of the boy and explained the severity of the situation and that Grayson would no longer be allowed to attend school starting on Monday. When questioned why he would not be allowed to attend school, they claimed it was because Grayson was making “racist” comments. When pressed for the details of the racist comments, Mr. Winger replied, “It was racist because Grayson was saying that all black men look alike.” But when questioned further by the parents if indeed Grayson had said that all all blacks look alike Winger’s response was, “No, he only said that the man in question looks like Obama.”"

*TRIPLE FACEPALM* Yep he flat out told the parents of the Boy, Thomas Grayson that he was being expelled for saying that the girls father looked like President Obama! *headdesk, headdesk, headdesk!!* ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH!!! I ask again..WHERE ARE YOUR BRAINS! Because they're certainly not residing in this stupid motherfuckers empty skull! So now we have the child being expelled, his waiver revoked at THAT school and the boy being sent to a different school. Alas we ALSO have this:

"Since that time, Grayson has been being bullied via texts by friends of Schauble’s daughter who have taken the “racist” label placed on the boy by the school administration to an entirely new level, calling him a “f***ing racist liar” and a “stalker” among other things. Word of this has also spread to Grayson’s older sister’s school where she is also being taunted about her brother. The bullying texts have yet to be addressed by the school administration."

Here's the rest of the blog article I got this from:

In conclusion...what we have here is a failure to use common sense, as well as a failure to communicate. This should NEVER have gotten as far as it has.

Me? Anyone remember that scene in Ferris Bueller's Day Off, where Ferris slaps the crap out of Cameron and asks him "where are your brains"?

You do? good because I'd like to put all 3 of these idiots on their knees and apply the Cluebat of Sanity Restoring to the backs of their thick skulls. Now assuming they're still conscious I'll follow that up with "Where's your brains?!"

That is all. I now return you to your regularly scheduled insanity and inanity.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Idle thoughts

Hmmm..nothing really interesting to see here. move a long. move along. OTOH if you really want to stick around I won't object.
Questions, thoughts, stupidity bouncing around my brain
What's for dinner tonight? Good question. I know what I'm fixing for others but what the hell do I want for myself? That is the burning question in my mind now that I've just finished scarfing down lunch.
What was lunch you ask? Okay I'll tell you. Scrambled some eggs and fluffed them out a little with some milk, then dumped into a skillet with some diced ham, onions, bacon bits[the fake stuff..not real bacon..*shrug*] and some red pepper flake. Salted and peppered then cooked. melt some cheese, toss in some ranch dressing and VOILA! lunch of kings.

What's for thanksgiving dinner? okay that one isn't really a question...the family and I decided that last night. Turkey, rolls, stuffing[real home made stuffing..not the in the box stuff..though I like that too]mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes[not sure whether those are going to be mashed or baked] olives[for mom] and gravy. Oh and probably the cranberry stuff. Don't really need anything other than that. I believe in the KISS principle.

I'm reading Titanicus by Dan Abnett right now. Will probably jump off the web in a little bit and attempt to mostly finish it before dinner. I think I've mentioned before how much I REALLY love the Warhammer 40000 universe since I discovered it. I want the new video game for the computer for it. Need a video card for the computer first. Need money for that first. Sadly there are many other things that NEED to be dealt with before I can play that way. Danggit. I could probably get away with playing Unreal Tournament...the on board graphics of the mobo should handle that I think. Card would be better though. Meh

I find myself wondering why my computer is running a tad slower. Well ..probably should have dl'd all that porn. oh well. porn deleted. probably ought to download, install and run malware bytes just to make sure..nothing slipped through. Plus I'm ripping all my CD's into the computer..not half done yet. Then got to go through and rip the cd's that I like that are in the stacks of the rest of the famn damily. Meh. Went to run a deep scan last night to discover..oooh software update for my AV. Okay I don't DISlike the interface. However I do have 2 minor problems with it.
1. The interface window only comes in one size...SMALL you can't expand it..THAT I find annoying.
2. What happened to the threat meter..I LIKED having that. It was probably a useless little widget but it made me feel better and it LOOKED cool.. *shrug* yeah I know that gripe was a little childish and stupid.

Still contemplating installing my several year old version of MS Reader. in my new Win7 computer. I freakin love that program and if it will work on my new Win7 system without any software also means I don't have to download calibre and convert all those files to Kindle. Not having to do that would make me very happy., not to mention save me time.

I probably should have shaved last night when I several day shadow of a beard is driving me NUTS with itching.

Just a few of the random thoughts bouncing around inside my head.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Busy Day on America's Death Row's

Busy day on Death Row.
Piece of Shit #1 Reginald Brooks. Murdered his 3 sons [11,15,17] after his wife filed for divorce.
He was executed in Ohio at 2:04 pm while flipping the witnesses a double bird. No last words. His ex wife isn't going to miss him that's for sure

So scratch dirtbag number one.

Piece of Shit #2 Oba Chandler-put to death an hour ago in Florida for the brutal 1989 triple rape and murder of Joan Rogers and her two teenage daughters Michelle and Christie. Real charming soul this one. He raped them, then tied them to concrete blocks and dropped them over the side of his boat...ALIVE.

The picture above is of the mother and 2 daughters.

Only one more left to die at 6pm in Texas. a little less than 2hrs from now.
Guadalupe Esparza.[34 at the time of his crime] Convicted of the brutal rape and murder of 7yr old Alyssa Marie Vasquez

Make no mistake. I feel no pity for these pieces of human shit. I personally think for their crimes their deaths are way to swift and merciful. Way, Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy to swift and merciful.

Update re Esparza HE'S A GONER! goodbye douchebag. have fun roasting in hell.