Monday, September 26, 2011

Ahh..making friends again

I seem to have upset someone on one of the webboards I haunt. I quoted something he said "A good article that makes the point that, while Perry may lead among Republicans, it's Romney who polls better overall when compared to Obama. Personally I think job #1 is defeating Obama while we still have a country. Presently I think Romney, flawed as he may be, is the man for that job"

Why do I say I seem to have upset them? Well I posted THIS in reply:
Look. I hate to be a kiljoy and I'm guilty of this myself..we have GOT to stop voting for one candidate just because their NOT the other candidate or incumbent we hate. That's what got us INTO this mess in the first place. Voting for whoever just because their not Obama is bordering on the edge of insane. I hate The One as much..probably more than you do..and what *I* want isn't least not on this board. Hell..I give REPUBLICANS I know, nightmares!!
ACtually let me revise a previous sentence..I forget who said it..but doing @#$% the same way and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. If we vote for someone just because they're not many, including myself did in 08..then we shouldn't be surprised when %^#$ stays the same old way.

Then they posted this:
"We" have got to stop? I don't know about you but when I pull the lever I'm alone. I supported Romney in 2008 and I still do though my vote is up in the air. Bottom line is I get to pick from those who actually run and I currently feel that he is the most qualified and smartest one running. I'm not voting for him just because he's not Obama, those are your thoughts added to my words. I still believe job #1 is defeating Obama as I believe every GOP candidate would be an improvement. By all means speak your mind but I'd appreciate it if you didn't speak my mind for me."

My response to his upsettedness.
*shrug* My point [name deleted] is that voting for someone JUST because they're not the other guy, or as many have done in the past [mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima f'ing culpa] holding your nose and voting for whoever gets the nod from the party you support, or don't support as the case may be, just so long as it's not the guy currently in office or someone like insane. That is what got us Obama..idiots voting for Obama because they saw McCain as more of the same {Bushesque..] , and Palin flat out scared the @$#% out of them. I can't figure out why on the latter..Palin was the only SANE one in the bunch. McCain was a another RINO, Obama is frankly, I believe, someone's puppet..which begs the question 'where's the puppetmaster?' and Biden was and IS a a buffoon. The election process seems to have become no better than a street corner game of 3 card monte. Sorry I ain't playing anymore. if either one of the 2 that I like don't get the nod..then the republican candidate that does can kiss my hairy rectum. The party itself, can already feel free.

EDIT 548PM the person in question responded to my last post:
"Wolf I make it about half way through your post and between the random punctuation, needless swearing, and visuals of your "hairy rectum" I'm not exactly sorry we disagree.

People didn't vote for Obama because he wasn't as bad as McCain. They voted FOR him because they liked him and believed he was different. Upon taking office he enjoyed historic levels of good will.

I believe he's so bad that I would hold my nose and vote for the one who can beat him. I don't think we can afford any more of him. I can't exactly vote for someone who isn't running so I can pick from those who are and anyone with a chance at winning the GOP nomination will be an improvement."


Seriously? Doing things the same way and expecting a DIFFERENT result is the DEFINITION of insanity I'm as guilty as anybody who voted for McCain..even if we didn't like him or trust him. I'll be bluntly honest. The ONLY reason I voted for McCain in the 1st place was because he picked Sarah Palin as a running mate. I kind of hoped that if he won, he'd end up dropping dead before the first year in office was up and Palin could take over. Otherwise I wouldn't have bothered. Seriously..what was so wrong about me pointing this shit out? It's true. A LOT of people voted for McCain..but weren't so much voting FOR McCain as AGAINST Obama. Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Fucking Culpa. I don't WANT to vote anymore for a candidate just because he's not the other guy..even if I know the other guy will be a fucking disaster. I want to vote for someone because I believe in what he represents and I believe he..or she as the case may be..will act honorably and will be a person of their word.,

Honestly I was a little confused by the reaction of the person in question. I know I've been absent from the board for a couple months but we were by and large tending to agree with each other. Jeez.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ahh anti capitialists/ environmentalists.. stupid people

Found this quote on a friends facebook page this morning.
"Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of a cancer cell" - Edward Abbey

Sadly that explains a lot. He was an environmentalist...but anti corporation folk are quoting his works too.
I expect that kind of stupidity from environmentalists frankly. These are the same people who, like others, want to control every facet of your lives, from what you eat, to whether or not you get to own or make use a vehicle to get you to your job 20miles from home, gee how do you heat your house in the winter. They want us all to barely subsist, because we're a blight on mother earth. Too bad so many of them don't have the power of their convictions. By that logic you should live in a home made of nothing but deadfall trees. EXTREMELY flammable...a hot day would set off a house like that, I don't call that a house..I call that a tinderbox waiting for a match. By that logic there'd be no electricity, because any kind of fossil fuel is bad. which means you'd live in the dark Can't burn oil, oil is a fossil fuel. Can't use coal..because you know what? it's a 'fossil' fuel and you gotta destroy mother earth to produce it! OMG! Environmentalists will NEVER truly live by their convictions. because so many of the things that they use for survival are made through fossil fuel. What? you think PLASTIC just magically falls out of the sky? It's a petroleum product![oil] You think steel occurs naturally? *facepalm* it has to be melted into being by super heating iron and combining it with several other ingredients added into the mix. You can also destroy steel the same heating it.
Revelation! These people aren't just anti people...they're actually anti-LIFE! In other words..all life is an aberration! Holy Shit! Now that's a profound thought for someone who just woke up and is just now munching a sandwich for breakfast while he types this!. These idiots are anti life! They don't mean just people are bad, but by extension fish, birds, mammals, reptiles, insects, trees, plants, bacteria... Why do I say this? Because EVERYTHING living has a need to grow for growths sake. Why? So it can survive and reproduce! Which sadly in the case of cancer, cancer cells excel at.

Wow so in that case they believe the Earth should be like Mars..a lifeless ball of dust. mind fuck dude.

Ahhh but I mentioned anti capitalists didn't I? YEah well that friend of mine posted the Abbey quote on his wall after ganking it from someone else, and said you should try telling that to a corporate guru. Sooo corporations, businesses, economic growth are a cancer within a cancer. A blight on the human existence? Is it too early in the morning for a triple facepalm? OW..apparently not. Next time I'll have to remember not to do that so hard..that smarts! Oh well..benefits of being still drowsy. Now where was I? Oh know what business is? it's a natural outgrowth of humanities drive, the NEED to survive, grow and procreate. The Economic engine that is business allows us to do those 3 things, better, faster and be stronger while doing it.

Okay if you truly believe that folks..then by all means believe it; but please if you really believe that, have the courage of your convictions and kill yourselves. Oh wait that wouldn't work now would it? Because then you wouldn't be around to share the "benefits" of your "wisdom" now would you? Wouldn't be able to TELL us how to live our lives and to tell us we need to feel 'guilty' for being alive? Hmm soo if you're not around I won't have the benefits of your wisdom? Okay, works for me. have fun digging your graves and killing yourselves! buh bye now!

I now return you to your regularly scheduled inanity and insanity.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Lets talk College sports

For those of us who watch college sports, we're witnessing the end of an era, and the birth of a new monster called "Super Conferences" 4 of them of 16 teams each.
If you listen to Swofford the head of the ACC

You'll hear him say that all this moving around in the conferences is about the stableness of certain conferences and [=unspoken] supposed INstability of other conferences. That as a conference head, and or school head your first responsibility should be to have your school in a stable conference.

No Swofford you stupid son of a bitch. The first responsibility of the heads of the schools is to the STUDENTS and assuring they get an EDUCATION. You remember the students don't you Swofford? The only thing that makes the sports and the schools they're a part of ..possible. You know..the mules you make your money on the backs of Swofford? You money grubbing son of a bitch!

Now don't get me wrong folks I'm not just pissed at Swofford. I'm pissed at just a whole lot of fucking people All these people including college presidents are so focused on the money they've forgotten, as I've already said their primary responsibilty, the students they're SUPPOSED to be educating. As demonstrated in a statement released in this video

With all these schools leaving the traditional conferences for these supposed Supercons[ pay attention to the last word in that swindle, other words, to screw someone over. Who's gonna get the shaft? The students and the fans We're going to lose these traditional conferences like the Big 12 or the Big East.
They'll be dissolved as all the schools dessert, leave for what they think are greener pastures. You'll lose the classic rivalries that have defined the various sports. You'll have kids, in the basketball side that will never freaking be home to go to school because they sometimes play 2-4 games a week in the middle of the week. If you have Syracuse in the ACC 2 of the teams they'll have to play are in florida. that's a 1500mi trip ONE WAY. or to put it into perspective 6-8hrs on a plane, rest for the game the next day, play at 7 or so and even if you catch a flight back to Syracuse say, at 10-11pm they won't get back in til 4-5 in the morning, then travel back to the school from there you're looking at 6am before they're back on their own campus. So really? How are they supposed to function as students and ACTUALLY learn? The answser..They CAN'T.

Make no mistake..this isn't about making the "conferences" better. This is about making MONEY for the Conference heads and admins, for the School Presidents and various departments and for making money for the advertisers by delivering viewers of the various sports. That is ALL this is about, nothing more. Personally I'm rapidly leaning towards the opinion should be castrated or defenestrated.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Death Penalty.

I support it whole heartedly..which should be no surprise to those of you that know me. As I could swear I've told you before, my friend Robbie over at Urbangrounds, gets the most response when he does death penalty posts, regarding cockroaches resembling upright human beings about to be exterminated. I humbly suggest to you that you check out the latest two. I being the helpful curlywolf I am will supply the url's to the specific posts in question.
1st up:

next up:

The first one is happily dead. the second one much to my consternation has been given a reprieve. A temporary stay because the Supreme Court has to decide whether it wants to hear this case or not. This does not make me happy. The reason the SC might hear it? The charge of racism in the verdict. *facepalm* Helloooo!!!! His own defense counsel opened that particular door when THEY called an expert witness to testify on whether Buck was more likely to be a continuing threat due to his being black. Sigh..I hate people who play the misnamed "race card" it pisses me off. As I've said before if the black community has a problem it only has to look in the mirror.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Obama's Goebbels

Ahh children..have you heard of a new website put together by Obama supporters to silence opposition and opposing viewpoints and change/control the mind of the masses?

*be warned the caustic sarcasm is about to get heavy*
Oh my! Joseph Goebbels, Adolf Hitler's old propaganda minister and master of information suppression and disinformation would either be proud of the man who heads this project..and anyone else involved in it. Orrrr.... he's rolling in his grave in amazement of their ineptitude....I'm not sure which yet.
I know of some people already who have reported themselves as good citizens should. Yes lets all flood this site and please..follow my example below and let your self go in your report of yourself. Have fun with it children...I did.

Gee what would I say about myself in this report? Hmmmm……….*finger snap* got it!:
Hello you brown shirt wearing, goose stepping fucktards. I’m a white conservative male, I cling to my god, my guns and my god given right as an American, and a human being to live free. I hate the federal government as is, and think it needs to be returned to the time of our forefathers; when the government was SMALL and our representatives were actually HONORABLE Men, with INTEGRITY. Something sadly pretty much all of our representatives today lack.
It is my firmly held belief that most of our supposed representatives need to be strung up by the balls with rusty razor wire, over a school of sharks in the middle of a feeding frenzy and be lowered inch by inch; to be slowly ripped to pieces by animals I have more respect for than I do for our politicians. Frankly I’ve been saying that for years now, and suspect I’ve been on SOMEONES list for some time.
Now having faithfully reported myself to you small minded, micro dicked, power hungry pussies..I leave you to your usual activities of repressing the oppressed, molesting small children and humping dead animals. That is all.
Have a Nice Day…
Mr. Eat Shit and Die of Gangrene.

Too much? Naaah ....hell that should be a paragraph in the book "How to win friends and influence people" don't you think?

I wonder just how closely they studied Goebbels Principles of Propaganda?

Personally I suspect they're going to end up being laughed out of town.
I now leave you to your regularly scheduled inanity and insanity.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Earth Overhaul and the Serenity prayer.

Okay greenie fruitloops. The earth needs an over haul? Really? *Looks outside, sniffs the air* Nahhh don't think so. The Global Warming alarmists all say we've got to cut carbon emissions, stop using fossil fuels[by the way this would of course mean no cutting down trees for fire wood as they consider trees living BEINGS. *headdesk*
Now first of course we've got to get rid of our EVIL gasoline driven vehicles and trade them up for eco friendly little eggshells on wheels.
1. Okay supposing you can get people to give up the combustion engine, and get charging stations to replace filling stations. Where pray tell me you RETARDS, is the power going to come from to provide the needed electricity?!
Why I can tell you, Coal, Natural Gas[Propane] Oil and of course Nuclear plants. You're going to have to build MORE of these plants to provide the power you need for those eco friendly shitboxes so you'll negate the effect of taking the gas driven vehicles off the road. "But, but aren't you forgetting about eco friendly means of generation like wind and solar?"

Why NO as a matter of fact I'm not. Let me point something out to you people..With a wind driven turbine for only get 30% of the total power generated. Useless in todays electronics driven high tech age. On Top of that something that doesn't get bandied about much is that with those windmills..once you get past a certain windspeed which IIRC is about 40-50mph, the blades have to be feather and either retracted or folded over kind of flush with the turbine housing'll tear itself apart you neolithic morons!!!
Wait a minute. Why am I wasting my time explaining this again? I've already explained all this once..earlier this year please..go back through my damn archives, find and read that post on the stupidity of the green energy movement, and our manufactured[that's right I said MANUFACTURED, by the politicians as a matter of fact] and false dependence on foreign oil. Suffice to say we have ohhh..somewhere around 350 years worth of oil right here in why pray tell aren't we 'drill baby drill'ing and building more refineries and putting more people to work? Again I actually explained that with in the last couple months so go find the post in my archives and read it. I will not waste my breath on that one.

Another oh so brilliant idea was the realization that when Mt. Pinataubo blew it's top, it spewed so much ash and sulfur in to the air it dropped the temperature of the planet[yeah right] by *GASP!!* whole degree! So what does that have to do with a suggestion for preventing global warming? can't figure it out? Jeez you're not as quick as I give you credit for then. I'll tell you..the suggestion that came out of that realization was that we needed to flood the atmosphere with huge amounts of sulfur. Yeah THAT's a good idea..lets suffocate ourselves..oh and there's the piddling little side effect of acid [eat the skin off your face acid] rain *facepalm and looks up*
'Lord, give me the courage to change the things I can...'

Yet another mind blowingly obvious observation from the Global Warming crowd; and a point we ANTI Global Warming folks have been makin for a while,
is that it's the SUN that has the major effect on our temperatures and weather patterns. *headdesk, headdesk, headdesk* You idiots.
So out of that realization was born2 ideas. One was..well clouds reflect some of the solar radiation and light but not nearly enough so..if we seed clouds with small enough particles of saltwater they'll thicken up and become more dense and larger..thereby reflecting more of the suns evil radiation and light. Only one teensy tiny little drawback with this..oh so brilliant change weather patterns creating more violent storms,, hurricanes and blizzards. Droughts where there should be rain, swamps where there should be deserts...lakes where there should be fields full of crops..on and on. You know..just a few MINOR inconveniences. Oh and we can stop seeding every couple weeks, months to let the weather patterns go back to normal for short periods, if it gets too bad. ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH!!!
'the serenity to accept the things I can't change'

The other brilliant idea was well we use mirrored glass for some of these 'habitats' that are out what about mirrors in space. Several TRILLION mirrors to reflect the light of the sun and thereby save our planet from the evil gift of life giver in our solar system. Only one problem you'd have to have so many shuttle shots and rocket launches to orbit those mirrors you'd cause so much more damage it's ridiculous..then of course you've got to build those mirrors. Yes I like this idea, lets kill off humanity by causing a major long running, never ending ice age with a wall of mirrors to protect our planet from the sun
'and the wisdom to hide the bodies of those people I had to kill because they pissed me off.'

To assume we can have THAT great of an effect on our environment and our climate is hubris at best, sociopathic meglomania at worst. Sigh..why can't these people just drink their arsenic laced kool aid like good little lunatics and die, thereby leaving the REST of us in peace. Apparently it's too much to ask for.'

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


crap. I just forgot what I was going to blog about. Has that ever happened to you? Oh well lets talk every day stuff for just a minute. I have..for the last couple years been pretty.............crap forgot the word..lets just say I ain't been moving around much as I should. I've been wanting to walk the dog...because she hasn't been getting exercised like she should for a long while either. This summer was just entirely too damn hot...but it's finally started to cool down and I've started taking her for walks in the evening, at a nearby park up the road about mile and a half from the house. These are good for her as they get her out of the house and get her exercise, good for me for the same reason. I also took apart completely my mountain bike, put new tubes in the tires, scrubbed down and polished up the wheels, cleaned up the frame, cleaned out the gears, and cleaned and re greased the chain and gears. I used white lithium grease..good for metal to metal contact lube.So I'm going to start getting some regular exercise of some sort that way. Hell if I start riding the bike every day and gradually increase the distances I ride..I might repeat my feat of the late teens early 20's; dropping about 80lbs in 6months. By the middle of that period I was doing at least 10mi round trip pretty much every day. After that period I found a job and was riding to work every day. 7 mi up to the job, working and running around AT the job and then riding 7 mi home..during which time I lost a further 30 give or take a few pounds. Once I reached my good weight it fluctuated a couple pounds[no more than say..4lbs] on either side of my good weight which was 175..a fluctuation I could live with. I miss those days..I had more energy.
I was stronger. I was quite frankly , happier.

I want some semblance of those days back. I realize that it's going to be a LOT harder and take me longer..because my metabolism has changed a tad as I've aged and quite frankly..I don't have the as I did back then. So we shall see. If nothing else at least walking the dog on a daily basis will help.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ain't No other name for it but the blues.

Jonny Lang has a song off his second album called 'Wander This World'...this is one of those moments where it describes the way I feel right this second, perfectly. "Sometimes it's like I don't even exist, even GOD had lost track of my soul. so why ever would he leave me out here like this, to wander this world all alone." I know it'll pass, it always does. Like I said ain't no other name for it but the blues. As a general rule the blues don't bother me I embrace it..this is just one of those off times when it does bother me. I'll jam on the music and that will help. it always does

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Curly Wolf is back!

yes dear readers after a long enforced hiatus from the internet...I'm finally back online, up and running. new blog about the stupid global warming nutjobs to follow soon.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

New computer? check. internet connection? uhmmmm

can I get back to you on that? Your favorite curly wolf is coming to you live right this very second from a friends computer so he can give you the 411. As you know faithful readers, the curly wolf's computer went 'splat' a while back so I was without one. I have a new one now. only 1 minor little problem. New puter, new OS, sooo..none of my previous equipment and driver software works with it. *facepalm* Now I have figured out how to deal with the driver software problems but it requires me to have an internet connection. This is now the problem. after haggling with my previous provider I ended up ditching them and going with someone new..and in the bargain I'm going hi speed finally instead of dial up. yippeee! right? Uhmmm no. I have discovered that I need to get a wall drop done for a phone jack in my room. I had previously run 100ft of wire up the wall of the room where the jack is, through the ceiling, across the attic , down the wall, along the baseboard and over to where my computer is. Ain't gonna work..the cables they sent me are only 4ft long so...either I need them to run me about 75ft of wire or do a wall drop. The latter of which will mean rearranging my room, so it's easier for the guy to do the drop. Oh well, no big..I don't WANT to pay $120 for a wall drop but..*shrug*.

But wait, there's more...
apparently after I left this morning my new provider called and said there was a problem with the hook up.[could it possibly be that the wiring in the house is as OLD as the house and they need to run all new phone line? good question, an affirmative answer to which will not make me happy] This does not bode well. It's already been one of THOSE months...for the last couple months. I HOPE it's not going to continue like this well into the fall because well....that would just suck major zombie donkey dick. the next time I post I will [please god is it REALLY asking too much?] hopefully be on my own net connection and on my own computer. I will then have my first rant in months...on the crock of shit known as global warming. What's the impetus of this upcoming rant? I'll tell you so you'll be informed ahead of time. A 1hr show on the National Geographic channel called Earth Overhaul. Or as I call it...lots of useless, harmful to humanity and even more harmful to the environment, solutions, that the global warming wack jobs say they want to protect. *facepalm* the overwhelming stupidity and assininity of some of these suggestions to reverse global warming...*headshake* suffice it to say that I felt my IQ drop a good 30-50 points while I watched that show. that is all for now. This is your curly wolf signing off ,and returning you to your regularly scheduled insanity and inanity.