Saturday, September 3, 2011

New computer? check. internet connection? uhmmmm

can I get back to you on that? Your favorite curly wolf is coming to you live right this very second from a friends computer so he can give you the 411. As you know faithful readers, the curly wolf's computer went 'splat' a while back so I was without one. I have a new one now. only 1 minor little problem. New puter, new OS, sooo..none of my previous equipment and driver software works with it. *facepalm* Now I have figured out how to deal with the driver software problems but it requires me to have an internet connection. This is now the problem. after haggling with my previous provider I ended up ditching them and going with someone new..and in the bargain I'm going hi speed finally instead of dial up. yippeee! right? Uhmmm no. I have discovered that I need to get a wall drop done for a phone jack in my room. I had previously run 100ft of wire up the wall of the room where the jack is, through the ceiling, across the attic , down the wall, along the baseboard and over to where my computer is. Ain't gonna work..the cables they sent me are only 4ft long so...either I need them to run me about 75ft of wire or do a wall drop. The latter of which will mean rearranging my room, so it's easier for the guy to do the drop. Oh well, no big..I don't WANT to pay $120 for a wall drop but..*shrug*.

But wait, there's more...
apparently after I left this morning my new provider called and said there was a problem with the hook up.[could it possibly be that the wiring in the house is as OLD as the house and they need to run all new phone line? good question, an affirmative answer to which will not make me happy] This does not bode well. It's already been one of THOSE months...for the last couple months. I HOPE it's not going to continue like this well into the fall because well....that would just suck major zombie donkey dick. the next time I post I will [please god is it REALLY asking too much?] hopefully be on my own net connection and on my own computer. I will then have my first rant in months...on the crock of shit known as global warming. What's the impetus of this upcoming rant? I'll tell you so you'll be informed ahead of time. A 1hr show on the National Geographic channel called Earth Overhaul. Or as I call it...lots of useless, harmful to humanity and even more harmful to the environment, solutions, that the global warming wack jobs say they want to protect. *facepalm* the overwhelming stupidity and assininity of some of these suggestions to reverse global warming...*headshake* suffice it to say that I felt my IQ drop a good 30-50 points while I watched that show. that is all for now. This is your curly wolf signing off ,and returning you to your regularly scheduled insanity and inanity.

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