Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Death Penalty.

I support it whole heartedly..which should be no surprise to those of you that know me. As I could swear I've told you before, my friend Robbie over at Urbangrounds, gets the most response when he does death penalty posts, regarding cockroaches resembling upright human beings about to be exterminated. I humbly suggest to you that you check out the latest two. I being the helpful curlywolf I am will supply the url's to the specific posts in question.
1st up:

next up:

The first one is happily dead. the second one much to my consternation has been given a reprieve. A temporary stay because the Supreme Court has to decide whether it wants to hear this case or not. This does not make me happy. The reason the SC might hear it? The charge of racism in the verdict. *facepalm* Helloooo!!!! His own defense counsel opened that particular door when THEY called an expert witness to testify on whether Buck was more likely to be a continuing threat due to his being black. Sigh..I hate people who play the misnamed "race card" it pisses me off. As I've said before if the black community has a problem it only has to look in the mirror.

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