Saturday, March 23, 2013

2nd Amendment

Yeah...tell me again how guns don't help?  If this guy hadn't had a could have been a whole lot more injurious to him and his wife even if they had subdued the shithead by hand..

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Posts are gonna be a wee bit late.

Got a family crisis going on, so the next of the 'parse it and define it' series is gonna be...a tad bit behind. 

Sorry folks.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Parse it out and define it. a series

That boys and girls is what I intend to do, with several of our Constitutionally enumerated rights, the opening of the Declaration of Independence and a few other things. Each and pretty much every word. This will be the first of several..maybe even a great many.  Why? because being woke up out of a sound sleep after 3hrs because you're body decides it must be so for various reasons..including the itching, irritating need for a shower I should have taken ohhh..8hrs ago; gives one time to deeply think upon things while in the shower in the wee hours.

Lets start with the Bill of Rights, shall we?  Keep something in mind.. Understand this, these rights[ something to which you have just claim, because they are your just due, the owed or owing of,] are not granted[bestowed, or given, or if a favor] they are enumerated[listed, specified] and protected[shielded, guarded from the destruction] by The Constitution.

1st Amendment.
Congress[a meeting of delegates, representatives selected by people to act in their stead] shall [will ] make[create, bring into being or existence] no [as used here none, not any] law [a rule as it regards actions, conduct, the negating there of, an oath binding on all]  respecting [ in reference to, what the act or action is about] an establishment [to bring into existence, to create,to make] of religion[ a set of beliefs in a god or goddess], or prohibiting[not allowing, restricting, preventing the act or action] the free [not subject to anything or anyone, to do something because you wish to, without fear of reprisal because someone might disapprove] exercise [to do something, to act] thereof; or abridging[curtail, to put limits upon] the freedom of speech[to converse with another person or body, to make your thoughts known to others], or of the press[journalists, reporters...someone who investigates things, people and places]; or the right[again something to which you have claim, to be owed, it's already yours] of the people [human beings, a group, the community to which you belong] peaceably[without violence, a state of calm and tranquility] to assemble[to form groups of like minded,  to come together] and to petition[to make a request of to ask a question of] he Government[the organization that a group of people creates for the minding of the larger concerns of all] for a redress [to make right, to remove the cause of] of grievances.[a complaint, a cause of suffering or offense]

In other words...this amendment states that the government is not allowed to form a state religion, not allowed to restrict the people in the practice of any worship in any religion they might wish to engage in.  The government is NOT allowed to tell us we can't speak, tell us what we are allowed to say or when and where we are allowed to say it.  The government can NOT unduly restrict the press' actions or access to information on the running of the government. It's our job, ours, we the people's job to hold our representatives accountable. However...sometimes they like to hide things from us because they know it's not what we want or something we wouldn't approve of. However...sometimes we miss things. So the press is supposed to be the ones who keeps the government on their toes, who holds the governments feet to the fire, to bring to light the government and our representatives there in's screw ups. Whether they be relatively minor in the grand scheme of things or heinous, unconscionable monumental cluster fucks. The government can NOT tell us when, where or how we can gather to speak our minds to each other, or to the government that is SUPPOSED to represent us. 

2nd Amendment.
A well regulated[uniform, controlled] Militia[a body of people that come together for their common defense], being [an existing thing]  necessary [required, absolutely essential, something that cannot be denied because of the nature of things, logical]  to the security [freedom from fear or danger] of a free [not encumbered, not restricted, without fear] State [a community of people], the right[again, something you are justly owed, to which you have claim...something that is yours and nothing and nobody can say otherwise] of the people [that means all of us, citizens, free beings, the community to which we all belong]  to keep [to own, to have in your possession] and bear [to use, to transmit, to bring forth, to possess] Arms [offensive or defensive implements of war], shall not [ will not be allowed to, cannot be countenanced]  be infringed. [limited, restricted, violated, to commit a breach against, to encroach or transgess against]
In plain english this means that Congress, the body politic of people selected to represent us, can NOT in any way, shape or form..touch our weapons, tell us what weapons we are allowed to have or not have, tell us or the business we own involved in the manufacture of said weapons, what weapons and parts we/they are allowed to manufacture!  In other words you imbecilic poltroons..SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP! This is NOT negotiable it is, with the lone narrow exceptions of criminals and those deemed to be a danger to both themselves and society at large... ABSOLUTE.

I'll do another post with the 4th and 5th amendments later. I'll probably include the 6th amendment in that one as well.

Remember, TANSTAAFL and...
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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Watch liberals explode with outrage

sarcasm, contempt and the usual name calling bullshit on a thread on facebook. 
One of my favorite authors Larry Corriea got involved in thread on facebook yesterday that started out okay....and then just kinda devolved into a free for all. The original poster deleted the whole thing from her page...but thankfully someone who was active on it saved it.  Here it is...on Larry's blog.
Warning...keep all food and drink away from your mouth while reading this. If you don't, don't come whining to me when you splatter your keyboard and monitor. That is all

Let the hilarity commence

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ahh stupidity from the NAALPO

Sigh...everything that lives...kills to survive.

Frelling Morons

Seriously. Hear me and understand me...everything alive on this planet, can, will and does kill  and eat other things to survive. "but not plants! Plants are perfect!" *rolls eyes* lord give me strength.

YES dear as a matter of fact plants can and do kill to survive. Ever hear of the venus fly trap? the honey dew plant? the pitcher plant? Just 3 examples off the top of my head that literallly kill for sustenance. Hell the MILKWEED will kill. when bitten into it extrudes a thick jelly to suffocate whatever is biting it! Like the caterpillars that become monarch butterflies.

The rest of them? It's a constant jockeying, struggle and war for the life giving gift of sunlight. They'll strangle and smother each other to get the sunlight they need.  Nice try though.

So seriously? go nail yourself to a tree with a nail gun and drop dead. At least then you idiots will be doing something useful by providing food for insects and nourishment for the plants as your body breaks down.

Remember TANSTAAFL and...
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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Wont see THIS in the

Progressive Propaganda Ministry airwaves...

hat tip to my friend Miguel over at Gun Free Zone

Also from my friend Miguel in which he questions, rightly I think, the sanity of Sen Diane Feinswine

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Anti 2nd amendment idiots

Via my friend Robbie, over at UrbanGrounds

Sigh...hypocritical much?  Oh wait...I forgot, Do as you're told, not as I do. 2 words. Just two little words sums up my attitude about that hypocrisy.  I think you can guess what they are.  However...just in case you can't, let me spell it out for the hysterical fools among us...


 Is that plain enough english for you?

Yeah I know this post was short. I'll probably have another regular to longish post up soon.

Until then......

Remember TANSTAAFL and.....

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Monday, March 4, 2013

Anti Gun, Zero Tolerance Hysteria..

*be forewarned..I am..unamused so harsh language will follow. You've got to the count of 3.







If you're still hanging around and get offended at the harsh language to NOT come whining to me. You were goddamn well warned!

Okay fucking SERIOUSLY? This shit has gotta stop people.


Okay so because this teacher Delarme is a hysterical fool, who believes  the liberal progressive line, and talking what he said in the following article...he completely freaks out at just the sight of a picture of an airsoft rifle!  For those who don't what an air soft rifle's a plastic, toy gun, that shoots little plastic pellets. Outside of a choking hazard in regards to the plastic pellets it kitchen butter knives are more fucking dangerous!  How can I say this?  I've been shot at close  range with them. Had a boss once on a bet..put his airsoft pistol right up against my leg and pull the trigger. Stung like a bitch for a few minutes, but other than that? *shrug* Meh.

Now that we've clarified what has this drooling, hysterical fool's knickers in a twist...lets continue.  So because he's an hysterical fool, he freaked upon sight of the picture, confiscated the camera and scrolled through every photo ON the camera. he then asked the kid if he felt anger towards any of his classmates *rolls eyes*  he also threatened the kid with the police, and told the lad he was keeping the camera to which the kid told him. 'Oh no you're not. I have rights' .  So...hysterical assboy gave the kid back his camera and the father didn't even hear about this til 5 days later when his son finally told him about it.

After sending a letter to the principal..he got a response and a visit, not from the principal but from the vice principal. Who basically told him..'Mr DeLarme did the right thing...he was protecting students from a potential danger'  *headdesk, headdesk, headdesk*  OW  *rubs head* I've really got to stop letting such rank stupidity affect me that way. On the other hand my reaction gives blatant physical proof that such rank abject willfully blind stupidity really DOES HURT!.

This story is not the only one that fills me with great annoyance. There is also the story of a lad who, upon witnessing a student [a football player it turns out IIRC] pointing a pistol at the head of yet another student and threatening to kill him, bursted into action and wrestled with the stereotypical musclebound moronic jock...and got the gun away from him.  For saving the life of a fellow student and not in return shooting the moronic miserable vomitous would THINK that the kid would have been lauded, cheered from the rafters to the basement and rewarded., for being a fine example of what a man should be. Nope. He was suspended.
Sigh...nope...not gonna do it again. I am NOT gonna bang my head on this damn desk again.

Then there was the 7yr old kid in Baltimore who was suspended for nibbling  a pastry into the shape of a gun...,0,161022.story

Also from Baltimore...a couple of 6 year olds, were suspended after playing around on the playground. Playing "Cops and Robbers" and making guns with their fingers. Whoa! Can't have kids being kids!  They might learn to use their brains besides something as a hatrack.. Hell they might even learn how to THINK on their own, to question authority boldly, to not take every word uttered by the idiots who are supposed to be teaching the kids to think, at face value.  Can't have that.

The 5 year old girl suspended for "making a terroristic threate" with a pink toy Hello Kitty" gun that shoots bubbles! 
*headdesk, headdesk*

ENOUGH of this bullshit you cowering toady pieces of shit masquerading as men!  Enough of this fucktardery you Quivering Gelatinous Masses who are supposed to be examples for our young girls on how to act like strong women!  ENOUGH GODDAMMIT!  Stop this bullshit right now! 

Ladies and Gents...might I suggest that you logical common sense men and women run for your local and state school boards and departments of education?  It's the only way we're going to take the education system from over emoting, goosestepping, hysterical marionettes; who are trying to indoctrinate our kids and make them think their lot in life is to be victims, whose only recourse for anything is to cower, beg and plead at the feet of a government that sees our kids as just tools to destroy this country

Remember TANSTAAFL and...
I now return you to your regularly scheduled inanity and insanity.


He CAN'T be serious

Okay so he is

Anyone remember the old Beatles tune that's been redone  over and over again?  One of my favorite versions is the Stevie Ray Vaughn version but...lyrics....perpend...
Let me tell you how it will be
There's one for you, nineteen for me
'Cause I'm the taxman, yeah, I'm the taxman

Should five per cent appear too small
Be thankful I don't take it all
'Cause I'm the taxman, yeah I'm the taxman

If you drive a car, I'll tax the street,
If you try to sit, I'll tax your seat.
If you get too cold I'll tax the heat,
If you take a walk, I'll tax your feet.

Don't ask me what I want it for
If you don't want to pay some more
'Cause I'm the taxman, yeah, I'm the taxman

Now my advice for those who die
Declare the pennies on your eyes
'Cause I'm the taxman, yeah, I'm the taxman
And you're working for no one but me.

And if you want to be a bit healthier and more energetic; buy and ride a bike? yep we'll tax that too.

From a Huffington Post article...
"As the Seattle Times notes, Washington's bike tax was part of a 10-year, $10 billion transportation package that was introduced in February by state House Democrats -- legislation that would also impose a tax on purchases of cars, trucks and gasoline. The bicycle tax is expected to raise $1 million throughout a 10-year period"

So for a measly million dollars you're going to make people pay a penalty for wanting to get out there and exercise?  Or for you "greenies" out there...he's wanting to tax you for doing the right thing and going green, as much as possible.  I personally think "going green" is a crock of crap...but that's my personal opinion on the matter.  So for all you bikers out there. feel free to call this moron, AND the morons who presented this particular bill, and tell them to shove it up their ass.  OR you can pay all the absurd fees and taxes that are a part of this bill.

You're  I'd call and tell them to stick it up their ass.

And the recant sent to the editor of the BikePortland blog:
First of all, let me apologize for the carbon emissions line of an e-mail which has caused so much concern within the bicycle community. It was over the top and I admit is not one which should enter into the conversation regarding bicycles.
Although I have always recognized that bicycling emits less carbon than cars, I see I did a poor job of indicating that within my e-mail. My point was that by not driving a car, a cyclist was not necessarily having a zero-carbon footprint. In looking back, it was not a point worthy of even mentioning so, again, I apologize – both for bringing it up and for the wording of the e-mail.

Rep. Ed Orcutt.
Second, please understand that I have not proposed, nor do I intend to propose, any tax – and certainly not a carbon tax – on bicyclists. There is little in the Democrat tax proposal that I support. However, the one aspect of the Democrat tax plan that has merit is their proposed $25.00 tax on the purchase of any bicycle $500.00 or more. I am willing to consider this because I’ve heard requests from members of the bicycle community that they want more money for bicycle infrastructure. The idea of bicyclists paying for some of the infrastructure they are using is one which merits consideration.
Since I have heard concerns about doing this via sales tax due to the impact on bicycle shops, I am very willing to work with the bicycle community to determine an appropriate way to enable bicyclists to pay for some of the bicycle-only lanes and overpasses. It is my intent to seek out your advocates in Olympia to see if there are other ways to accomplish this.
Again, I do apologize for the carbon line in the e-mail and any confusion it has created. I look forward to working on reasonable solutions to the problems cyclists are having with infrastructure.
Representative Ed Orcutt
20th Legislative District

Again...the HURTS.

Remember TANSTAAFL and...
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