Friday, March 15, 2013

Parse it out and define it. a series

That boys and girls is what I intend to do, with several of our Constitutionally enumerated rights, the opening of the Declaration of Independence and a few other things. Each and pretty much every word. This will be the first of several..maybe even a great many.  Why? because being woke up out of a sound sleep after 3hrs because you're body decides it must be so for various reasons..including the itching, irritating need for a shower I should have taken ohhh..8hrs ago; gives one time to deeply think upon things while in the shower in the wee hours.

Lets start with the Bill of Rights, shall we?  Keep something in mind.. Understand this, these rights[ something to which you have just claim, because they are your just due, the owed or owing of,] are not granted[bestowed, or given, or if a favor] they are enumerated[listed, specified] and protected[shielded, guarded from the destruction] by The Constitution.

1st Amendment.
Congress[a meeting of delegates, representatives selected by people to act in their stead] shall [will ] make[create, bring into being or existence] no [as used here none, not any] law [a rule as it regards actions, conduct, the negating there of, an oath binding on all]  respecting [ in reference to, what the act or action is about] an establishment [to bring into existence, to create,to make] of religion[ a set of beliefs in a god or goddess], or prohibiting[not allowing, restricting, preventing the act or action] the free [not subject to anything or anyone, to do something because you wish to, without fear of reprisal because someone might disapprove] exercise [to do something, to act] thereof; or abridging[curtail, to put limits upon] the freedom of speech[to converse with another person or body, to make your thoughts known to others], or of the press[journalists, reporters...someone who investigates things, people and places]; or the right[again something to which you have claim, to be owed, it's already yours] of the people [human beings, a group, the community to which you belong] peaceably[without violence, a state of calm and tranquility] to assemble[to form groups of like minded,  to come together] and to petition[to make a request of to ask a question of] he Government[the organization that a group of people creates for the minding of the larger concerns of all] for a redress [to make right, to remove the cause of] of grievances.[a complaint, a cause of suffering or offense]

In other words...this amendment states that the government is not allowed to form a state religion, not allowed to restrict the people in the practice of any worship in any religion they might wish to engage in.  The government is NOT allowed to tell us we can't speak, tell us what we are allowed to say or when and where we are allowed to say it.  The government can NOT unduly restrict the press' actions or access to information on the running of the government. It's our job, ours, we the people's job to hold our representatives accountable. However...sometimes they like to hide things from us because they know it's not what we want or something we wouldn't approve of. However...sometimes we miss things. So the press is supposed to be the ones who keeps the government on their toes, who holds the governments feet to the fire, to bring to light the government and our representatives there in's screw ups. Whether they be relatively minor in the grand scheme of things or heinous, unconscionable monumental cluster fucks. The government can NOT tell us when, where or how we can gather to speak our minds to each other, or to the government that is SUPPOSED to represent us. 

2nd Amendment.
A well regulated[uniform, controlled] Militia[a body of people that come together for their common defense], being [an existing thing]  necessary [required, absolutely essential, something that cannot be denied because of the nature of things, logical]  to the security [freedom from fear or danger] of a free [not encumbered, not restricted, without fear] State [a community of people], the right[again, something you are justly owed, to which you have claim...something that is yours and nothing and nobody can say otherwise] of the people [that means all of us, citizens, free beings, the community to which we all belong]  to keep [to own, to have in your possession] and bear [to use, to transmit, to bring forth, to possess] Arms [offensive or defensive implements of war], shall not [ will not be allowed to, cannot be countenanced]  be infringed. [limited, restricted, violated, to commit a breach against, to encroach or transgess against]
In plain english this means that Congress, the body politic of people selected to represent us, can NOT in any way, shape or form..touch our weapons, tell us what weapons we are allowed to have or not have, tell us or the business we own involved in the manufacture of said weapons, what weapons and parts we/they are allowed to manufacture!  In other words you imbecilic poltroons..SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP! This is NOT negotiable it is, with the lone narrow exceptions of criminals and those deemed to be a danger to both themselves and society at large... ABSOLUTE.

I'll do another post with the 4th and 5th amendments later. I'll probably include the 6th amendment in that one as well.

Remember, TANSTAAFL and...
I now return you to your regularly scheduled inanity and insanity


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