Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Kermit Gosnell, sentence pronounced!

Was just on the fb page of one of the affiliates up in Austin.  Apparently they pronounced Gosnell's sentence already.

"Wait...they weren't supposed to start deliberations on it til next week! How is this possible?" you ask?

Well my first thought was that maybe he waived the jury option and threw himself on the mercy of the judge...then I remembered Gosnelll called the judge a racist bastards so that left that out. Then I read the article.

Apparently either Gosnell told his attorney or his attorney convinced Gosnell to let the attorney go to the prosecutors and let the attorney bargain with them. The bargain?  Gosnell would waive ALL RIGHT to an appeal if they'd take the Death Penalty off the table.  Apparently the prosecutors office went for it. 

So Gosnell was sentenced to 2 life sentences without possibility of parole. Now, while I'm not thrilled with his deal I understand the reasoning behind accepting it.
   Gosnell with all the appeals would be long dead of old age anyway before sentence could be carried out. I know this to be a realistic possibility because there are some old fuckers here in Texas on Death Row that have been there since it's inception.  Put it this way...their prisoner numbers are double and triple digits as opposed to the mix of numerals and numbers it's been for years and years now. They've been in THAT long.

Now according to my old man who I chatted with briefly about this with a few minutes ago said that if that's the case,  shit just may get real interesting.  Roe V. Wade interesting..  According to some of the analysts it's possible conservatives may get their shit together and go to the United States Supreme Court [USSC] and try and get Roe V, Wade overturned and tossed out.  One of their star witnesses if they do this could probably be Gosnell himself and he'd testify in front of the USSC against Roe V. Wade.   That abortion is infanticide, murder on a grand scale because babies are viable human beings long before they leave the womb. evidence? video of a late term aborted baby that was cut out of it's mother swimming round in a toilet bowl before it died,  ultrasound pictures of babies in the womb[and how many of us haven't seen those..one my friends just put up one of her unborn child sucking it's thumb.] so on and so forth.

I said I'd post this here to keep one of my favorite other forums  away from what's considered an issue we never discuss[or as we call it a tarpit issue]  because it just leads to lots of hatred, vitriol, discontent, bannings and the occasional member leaving in a towering rage and never coming back.

I understand there's going to be hard or tumultuous feelings and a shitpot full of cussing probably going on during this discussion if you choose to have it here. So being that I cuss  a lot I'll tolerate quite a bit of  cussing from others in this,  or any other discussion. And I'll freely grant leniency up to a point on the tumultuous feelings.  However...I WILL delete your ass if you go too far. Attack the opposing argument...NOT the poster of the opposing argument. Do I make myself Clear?

I can't heearrrrrr yoooouuuuuu!  I said.. DO I MAKE MY SELF ABSOLUTELY MOTHER FUCKING CLEAR! 

Good...feel free to discuss.  Now return to your corners and await the ringing of the bell...


Remember..TANSTAAFL and...
I now return you to your regularly scheduled inanity and insanity.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Zero Tolerance strikes again Or..

The low IQ boys destroy a budding young scientist. *FACEPALM!*Yep the Curly Wolf is back and in fine fettle. Sorry folks family issues and then multiple other sidetracks took precedence.  I do apologize for the lack of posts for the last month and change. Anyway...on to the issue at hand.