Friday, October 18, 2013

The "Government Shutdown" and political rhetoric

*Brief programming note first...sorry for the delay in more posts germs and virii. A storm fried the power supply on my pc and it took me several days to get it back up.* 

Seriously?  I'm getting sick and tired of it. So are many of the people I know.  When you have the PPM mouth pieces, pundits, sitting democratic senators and others; calling people who disagree with them and actually want the government to run the way our founding fathers intended.."Tea Party Terrorists".  Calling people like Ted Cruz, who got ELECTED on getting the brakes put on Obamacare for one thing, and having a government that actually listens to it's constituents for another "Tea baggers"...political discourse and reason are all down the crapper boys and girls. here's further proof. 

A bunch of fucktard ass maggots who have no CONCEPT of the way the government is supposed to work as set down in the constitution [here's a hint...look up the constitution. read article 1 section 7.]  are calling for arrest for sedition of sitting republican congress critters because these same people don't agree with the repubs in the house, actually doing their JOBS for once and trying to put the brakes on runaway spending; is asinine. 

For those too lazy to go look up Article 1 Section 7 of the US Constitution, it states:
"All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate may propose or concur with Amendments as on other Bills"

What that means boys and girls is that the HOUSE ,as you have been told repeatedly, holds the purse strings. To them falls the job of deciding "Hey we can't afford to fund this here, unless we make cuts over there, or over there.".  Or..."we flat out can't fucking afford this shit, stop spending money like a drunken sailor on shore leave in a whorehouse!"  *note..I apologize to all the naval and other personnel out there who this insults. because at least YOU folks can grasp the concept of 'when you're out of money...stop trying to spend what you don't have or borrow it from other people!'

Sadly this is reminiscent of one of my favorite tv shows. Came out almost 21years ago now. It's called Babylon 5. Sadly in that one, near the end of the second and beginning of the 3rd was considered sedition to disagree with the, and feel free to quote me on this "Head MotherFucker Who's Having Delusions of Grandeur".  

Anytime someone disagrees with the Dems or President Obummer about..

health care..its "you hate grandma, you want to shove her off a cliff!"

wanting to stop all this runaway spending and wanting the house to cut the purse's  "you teabagging, tea party terrorist! you can't dictate to the government!"  yeah actually...we can.

disagree with them about basically anything, or try and call them to the carpet it's "you old white racist asshole honkies!"  Uhmm Really? you still think racism is real?  Here...try reading this and open your mind to reality.

In Babylon 5 this story line didn't end well. See what happened was the rational people with functioning brains who actually gave a damn about the Constitution, and upholding it...ended up seceding. And of course the Government couldn't allow this so they started killing people who were protesting and seceding..including and especially civilians. Like now in reality, in the show the gov't basically owned the msm, lock, stock and both smoking barrels.  In the show we had the Psy Corp aka quite literally the "thought police".  Now we have Political Correctness and a willingness to destroy anyone who doesn't pander or kow tow to it. the time it was all over the good guys succeeded...but a shit pot full of people on BOTH sides had to die first. Now while the current political dissension may very well end up in blood shed, and people on both sides will likely end up dying in job lots...are we going to get the same 'happy' ending?   Stay tuned boys and girls because as I said in another post...the jury is still out on that one.

Oh I highly recommend the show. It's one of the few shows out there with an actual beginning, middle and end. It was slated to run a 5yr story arc and ended at the end of 5 seasons. That wasn't the end of the story however. the guy who created the show had this whole HUGE story line on the evolution and future of the human race. of which Babylon 5 is only the beginning. He started to continue it in another show called Crusade but alas...the studio execs being total dicks...they pulled the plug with only half a season worth of episodes in the can.  Oh well.

Remember, TANSTAAFL and...

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I aim to misbehave...

okay no politics. Just a geek SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

They are doing a showing at the local drafthouse cinema of Serenity.
This saturday night.   Me..I am now planning to be there...oh yes.  

If you haven't seen the film...I say unto thee..Go Watch It. Now. 

For those who've never seen the series it's based on[which the dipshits at the studio cancelled half a *13 episodes* in} Firefly. I commend thee to go watch the show.

Remember TANSTAAFL and...

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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Government shutdown, what it means and the future.

Some of you may not have seen some of the links I'm fixing to post of our petty Herr Fuhrer wanna be that currently resides in the Peoples House and his diktats in action.  Most of you though. Probably have.  That being said...perpend.

Homeowners forced out of their homes and off their land

Why because while they own the homes, the Federal Government holds the land. 

Here's some folks protesting the closing of parks.

Park Protest

Most everyone I expect heard the following one as it's been so widely covered..

WW2 memorial

Wait there's more to this one as of yesterday..

  Barricades at WW2 memorial now wired.

What? never heard of wire cutters?  Idiots.  What?
"OMG they might move to using CHAINS next? if we cut the wires wolf!" *snort* Depending on the thickness of the links then in that case I'd see their chains and raise them. Either bolt cutters or a goddamn blowtorch.  Oh by the way...this park was COMPLETELY privately funded by generous donations to the foundation who built it.  They raised 200 MILLION dollars for the project. They had a huge lump sum left afterwards and put those funds, into a federal trust, in trust to the government, so that maintenance of the park grounds would be paid for and taken care of.  they would have been better off asking for continued donations and paying a private company to do the maintenance. Hell if they'd asked...they'd probably have unpaid VOLUNTEERS that would come out and clean the park.

read it and weep if you don't believe me

Putting up cones blocking access to Mt Rushmore and the park.

Hmmm one friend suggested just running the cones over in a vehicle. I agreed but on second though...if you want to protest this one with a number of people...put some people in the backs of pick ups in front your convoy to the park. simply pick up the cones and stack them neatly in the back of the truck as you go. then dump them neatly  at the park gate when you get there, and go in.

more protesting at the Badlands Park

Someone else protesting the high handedness and payin the penalty.

So the rangers are blocking access to his business?  My and make a reservation for a party and ask if there are shrubs near the entrance way and if the property is fronted by a drainage ditch. If the latter anyway. come to the inn and go through the shrubs. bring enough money to be able to pay for replacement. Hell if you own a landscaping company bring the replacements in pots.  My other suggestion. Sue the park rangers in court for infringement of your constitutional rights. Because they are sure as shit violating them in this case.

Then there was this bit of gross stupidity....

Really? *facepalm* blows the mind don't it?   Or little Herr Fuhrer wanna be has really lost his mind this time. Of course that's always assuming he HAD a mind in the first place.

What it means is that the government in the form of the democrats have gone completely off the rails.  See they are throwing a temper tantrum and shit fit because the House of Representatives is surprisingly and amazingly enough...doing the JOB it was created for. Carrying out the purpose it was created for.  As a check and balance, a curb on the growth of government. A curb on the spending. The ultimate arbiters of the public's checkbook. They were supposed to be proposing budgets and forcing the government to stay within those budgets by saying "Nope we don't really need this all that badly and we can't afford it. try again next year' or ' we can give you this but you have to work with us to cut this, and this back'.   I'm stunned beyond belief that after all these years they are finally doing that goddamn job. 

Don't believe that was one of the House's reason for being?  I give Federalist paper 58...written by one of the framers of our Constitution...James Madison.

Understand me on something. ' WE The People' ARE the government.  WE own the land, WE own the roads.  The Government, be it the federal fuck ups, state or local are our employees, not our masters.  WE hired them to sanely and intelligently manage our assets while we went about our daily lives.  Again because this is important to understand the government is our EMPLOYEE; NOT our Master.  Everything they are up to right now in this temper tantrum being thrown by the Dems, the Senate and the Herr Fuhrer wanna be...are UN-Constitutional, UN-American and our forefathers would spit in the faces of their political office inheritors.

So in the case of people on Lake Mead being forced out for example?  They SHOULD HAVE, en masse said "Boy the people are the government, therefore the people own this land, therefore I own this get off my property"    See it would have forced the government to do something that really would not have set well with would have forced them to send in police or federal agents to remove those people by FORCE. Demonstrating out in the open yet again...what dictatorial asswipes our employees are turning into.

See those of us like me...understand this. We want to be free to live our lives without the diktats of a vindictive petty tyrannical overlord/government.  It's why our founders created the government the way they did.  To try to slow the creeping infestation of the power hungry.  I don't think frankly that our founding fathers ever believed that even the government system they set up could slow it down forever or stop it out right. I think they knew the latter was a pipe dream. However if the creep started they expected WE the People to step on it's neck and say "Uh uh. I don't think so junior."   We the people and the generations before mine...failed.   We failed our duty to keep our government in check and we failed abominably.  We the following generations, the inheritors of the legacy of our forefathers have squandered the fuck out of it. Those who sit in their political offices in undeserved splendor.  Spitefully and gleefully  thinking THEY are the lords and masters of us all.  They are WRONG.

There is a symbolic clock face, called The Doomsday Clock.  It's been in existence since the creation of nuclear weapons. As a  means by which, the committee that created it and runs it; the Science and Security Board of the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, can track what they say is how close we are to a Global Disaster or rather...a Global Thermonuclear War. It's original intent has now been corrupted to include "Climate Change" blah blah blah. I won't get into that now.
Suffice to say I believe that clock should also include the dissolution of governments.  For us I believe we are at 5mins to midnight or even closer than that to the brink.  There is still time step up to the plate to do our best to step back from the brink. It'll mean making and living with very HARD choices. it'll take decades of diligence and watchfulness to undo the harm that has been done to our country, our liberties and our freedoms.  It may even include some bloodshed.  Fore,  those who crave power of the magnitude now held by those in our government and the sycophants that run the various alphabet soup of bureaucratic agencies, seldom give that power up willingly.  History proves  and teaches us this lesson, time and time and time again.  Sadly some of We the People have closed our minds to that lesson and carry on in blissful ignorance.  Content to be....slaves,  so long as they don't have to be held responsible for, or live with the consequences of,  their own life choices.

The preceding are just some of the thoughts running through my mind recently.  Those thoughts and possible conclusions to which they lead me, frankly scare the shit out of me, some of them.


Remember TANSTAAFL and.....

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