Monday, April 27, 2009

Nope..this isn't a divisive bill..

nope, not at all.

A bill to study the feasiblity of reperations to the black community for racism and civil rights violations from the past. Nope..our government representatives are complete and utter fucktards. YES THEY ARE!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Interesting times..

Lets see a War against Terrorism on multiple fronts, escalating drug violence in Mexico, A sitting US President and Congress hellbent on turning America into another of the worlds Socialist Utopia's, A new outbreak of Swine flu thats killed around 70people in Mexico, the fact that.,.this particular swine flue is a genetic mix of Avian/Swine/Human flu, and my own personal belief that at least SOME of the aforementioned are inextricably linked [as in I think there's someone behind the misery actively seeding it] and you get the idea that I'm not a happy camper? Well that was a good guess.

Sigh...I HATE the chinese curse conotation of the title phrase. Why? Well, because we ARE living in interesting the chinese curse sense of the phrase; and I'm not enjoying it..thats why.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

How I Celebrated Earthday 2009

Well..I started a day early actually. I started celebrating yesterday. Let me go through how I spent the day worshipping...
First I used my gas powered 5hp mower [oooh evil fossil fuels!] and cut the grass all the while listening to the yard screaming in abject terror and pain. I then took out the weed eater and added insult to injury by edging the yard and listening to the dirt and grass moved by it scream. I then fired up my leaf blower and blew it all either into the yard or out in the street. [pollute pollute pollute!..hehehehehehee] I then wasted water and actually washed *gasp!* my fathers car, followed by drying it and using unenvironmentaly friendly chemicals to clean the windows. After that was done. I fired up my 4burner propane grill and spent 2 glorious hours sending smoke into the sky burning wood chips...for added flavor..and environnmental terror...and listening to the sound of various vegetables and pieces of animal flesh sizzle as they hit the hot grill. Smelled the glorious smell of various bits of vegetable matter and flesh charring on the grill. Sent [as aforementioned] glorious billows of smoke up into the sky..thereby pleasing the fire AND sky gods.
What got murdered on the grill you ask?I hall tell you..
a couple of 1/3lb burger patties, 2lbs or thereabouts of chicken fajita, another 2lbs or thereabouts of steak fajita meat, a couple of ears of corn[left in the husk and soaked first], 2 zuchin,[covered with EVOO and sprinkled with various spices, a half an onion and 3 bell peppers done the same as the zuchini.

I will continue in this vein tonight[in about 35minutes as a matter of fact]
I'm doing a nice little roast [about 2lbs..dry rubbed with various and sundry things] and a couple baked[read grilled] potatoes. In about 10mins I will be turning on the flames and putting on the woodchips to start screaming in abject pain and terror. *evil chuckle* followed by the simpering and sizzling of said roast and potatoes.

Hmm seeing as how I have to take my evil fossil fueled SUV and go grocery shopping tomorrow.. I may be inspired to get enough meat and edible things, that I can keep it up all week....hmmmm..a nice slowcooked brisquet for dinner on Sunday sounds like a slamdunk grand finale I think..[nom nom nom]

Ahhh meat is murder..TASTY, TASTY murder. nom nom nom nom *evil chuckle*

Hmmm maybe I should have titled this entry how I infuriated the eco-freaks? *shrug* oh well..calling me politcally correct is like putting a telephone in an outhouse....I'll leave you wondering..What the Hell?

TTFN my friends

Monday, April 20, 2009

what the hell?

You know..all this crap coming down the pike. I mean cyber czar, border czar, drug czar etc etc ad nauseum. I wonder how many people understands what that word truly means. then you've got these reports..the one that was leaked out of the DHS, targeting and branding with the same brush all conservatives, war vets or anyone who opposes the government and is standing up to say 'what the fuck do you people think you're doing?' as radical rightwing extremists. Operation Vigilant Eagle with targets specifically war veterans. These people are pissing me off.
But then someone said something to thats got me to thinking..what if 'pissing people off' is exactly the desired effect of these "reports" What if they are being 'leaked' or released to get precisely that reaction. Is the government trying to provoke a violent reaction so they can clamp down completely and toss away the bill of rights and the constitution for 'the good and safety of the nation'?
Government controls, power and reach have been expanding more and more over the last couple of Decades. So is it just a conspiracy theory and I'm a nut for even wondering about it?

I honestly don't think I'm nuts. As to whether this 'conspiracy theory' is just that a theory being bandied about instead of jury is still out and at the moment is deadlocked.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tea Party Protests

Awesome possum dude! The local one was anywhere between 3-5k depending on which news station you listened to. No drama, no arrests, no effigy burnings, not a lot of hate. Just a bunch of folks listening to good music, several good speakers and expressing themselves in a civilized manner. The expected ACORN plants never materialized at ours. The cops were pretty cool, lots of mounted officers. Playing with horses is fun! I stayed about 2hrs would have stayed longer but had to catch my ride. as it was the pictures some of my group members have posted are time/date stamped and any number of them were still out there at 830..4 and a half hours after the speakers started and stopped. I was contemplating a 2nd amendment support protest/party but wasn't able to make it to that one.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

ahhh a tea party protest.

Hmmm..I was gonna make a sign and go. Still might. However rumor mill has it that ACORN members will be out amidst the protesters with signs with racist slurs and epithets. I'm now of a mind to go...but get on the outside of the main crowd and try and get snapshots of these people with my digital. It ain't no SLR but it should suffice.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

ATTN Smokers

Our government is going after the tobacco industry again

I've been reading the findings section..its quite interesting.

they intend to set "regulatory controls" on the tobacco industry. Those two words "Regulatory Controls" should scare you. I don't have a problem with a general rule as to setting watchdogs on industries..but with the current government..anything with the word "CONTROL" in it scares the living shit out of me.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Yes I know friends

I've been a offblog for a while..but..I'm baaaaaaaack.