Friday, January 29, 2010

OBL and the Green Agenda

Okay, apparently Osama 'goatfucker' bin Laden came out with a video today with the Green/Global Warming agenda. Agreeing with such green weenies as Algore, and Pres. Obama's former 'green job czar' Van Jones; in saying it's all our fault. Our as in The U.S. and the other western nations, and it's our fault that Global Warming exists. I haven't googled to find the video yet..and I won't bother since my puter is acting so..hinky lately. Now would someone hand me the brain bleach so I can clean the mental stench of OBL agreeing with green weenies, out of my head? And hand me the dice..I may need to roll a sanity check while I'm at it, to make sure I'm not hallucinating that little bit of news.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

State of the Union

I didn't even bother to watch it last night because I KNEW it would have no connection with reality. I got a good buzz going while grilling some fajitas instead. A more productive use of my time IMNSHO.
I was right too. no connection to reality at all. Just the Head Retard in Charge flapping his asscheeks and blowing hot smelly wind.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Guns, teachers and self defense

Okay I came across the link to this article while going through one of the threads on a webboard I belong to:

Now I must say, my initial reaction is "words fail me"

I mean the whole thing makes me want to vomit. then there was the final sentence
"But as a progressive, I would sooner lay my child to rest than succumb to the belief that the use of a gun for self-defense is somehow not in itself a gun crime."

Holy Hell! The thought processes behind that sentence, behind the whole letter, boggle the mind. It simply does not compute. Now the discussion in the comments section got appropriately interesting. With some people actually agreeing with this mental midget.
One of the commentators suggested that this idiot be removed from the teaching profession and have his kids removed from his care. I'll fervently second the 1st...don't know that I'd favor the second. Although explaining the true facts of life to his kids 'could' possibly be beneficial.

These are the kinds of idiots in charge in D.C. and elsewhere. It is people who think like this who are part and parcel of the bureaucracies that run most schools and their districts. These are the kind of people we want teaching our children? I think not.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Haiti and the stupids

Look, what has happened is a tragedy. No one denies that. However some of the responses to it...I'll even grant my own initial response wasn't logical so much as cynical. I'd heard that one of the buildings that fell down was the UN HQ. I clapped and said very sacrastically 'oh gee..ain't that a shame?' that has more to do with my complete lack of respect for the UN, possibly the most useless body on the face of the earth.
However by now everyone has heard of Pat Robertson's response that it was punishment for a making a deal with the devil in the late 1700's; as well as Daniel Glover's response that it was basically the earth responding to the LACK of us getting anything accomplished in Copenhagen in regards to global warming. Also that the United States has oppressed Haiti[as well as other carribean nations] and needs to stop oppressing Haiti. *facepalm, headwall*

First to the right Rev Pat Robertson: Paddy boy..I think that, like the terrorists and radical islam extremists that want to destroy are gonna be sorely disappointed come judgement day. I have this vision of St Peter kicking Pat in the balls right before he tosses him off the cloud. 'Message from the BOSS Patrick. you were an EPIC FAIL! Have a nice trip, seeya next fall' *shove and the sound of Pat screamin as he falls*

AS far as Daniel Glover's remarks are concerned: Oppressed? Really? Is THAT how you feel Dannyboy? *says da wolf with a dangerous gleam in his eyes* REALLY? okay fine. you don't want Haiti to be oppressed? Bring home all the US Soldiers that are currently flying and already have flown in to provide help. Repack, and recall the planes full of supplies and aid. Tell the Carl Vinson group they can come home. Oh and put out a general press release to the American People that we can no longer continue to oppress the Haitian people so don't get together materials and money to give them since we REALLY don't want to seem as if we're oppressing them. Oh and if the Haitians want to know why we're pulling out? set up a gas generator with a tv and dvd player before we leave, and play a disc of Mr Glover's remarks.

Lets get something straight. I'm willing to bet money I don't even HAVE that when the final tally is done; that the United States and her people by ourselves, will have contributed as much, if not *more* aid and money than ALL the other countries *combined*!and in the middle of an economic down spiral no less.
There was a story I heard from an online friend, that at one local church alone, they have already bought and stuffed full of materials, 4 CONEX SHIPPING CONTAINERS.[thats the big ribbed cargo containers you see stacked up on the big cargo ships and hauled around by trains and big rigs or sitting in wally world parking lots for extra storage]
That's just one church boys and girls, just ONE. Yep we're really oppressing the Haitian peoples. Anyone wanna bet just how much of that stuff is going to get where it's supposed to go? As in the Haitians that need help..and NOT the black market to stuff some greedy, corrupt little fucktard's pockets full of cash?

Is my rant a rational reaction to the idiots like Robertson and Glover? No but it's an entirely human one. I'd like to kick em both right in the ass.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

What's wrong?

We've gotten...inventive at being lazy. In the last 20yrs the 'infomercials' have just exploded. Hawking what I consider to be useless crap.
like some of Ronco's stuff. their stupid countertop oven. Hey numbnuts..I've GOT a perfectly good oven. What the hell do I wanna pay you 2-300dollars for another one for? It cooks faster? Uhmm hello..microwave?

Or the knives that never need sharpening. I personally call horseshit and even if they work..why in the hell would you want to pay for that when you can just be NOT lazy and buy a sharpening rod? Helloooooo.

One of the latest? The Slapchop. *facepalm* Why..on god's green earth do I want to add another useless plastic piece of shit to my kitchen utensils. Especially one that will almost certainly break with in a year or two? Helllloooo..that's what a knife is for.

The Jupiter Jack? Okay that one I can see the utility of..but I've got a better about not spending so much damn time on the PHONE and pay attention to where your driving? Also with the jupiter jack I've talked to several people who actually bought it. They all decry it unanimously as a useless piece of crap.

Now I'll grant you there have been some of these kinds of things for repairs that catch my interest and I think would probably be worth it if they actually work?
Some of the tools and such hawked by the late Billy Mays mostly.

We're so concerned with getting there faster, we don't slow down to enjoy life anymore. So ease up. don't buy into or just flat out buy something because it's supposed to be the latest and the greatest. After all whats wrong with the OLD way of doing whatever the newfangled jibberjobber is supposed to replace?
there in lies the destruction of the American Way of life..we're more concerned with buying the latest toys than actually DOING/BUILDING anything lasting.

Just some food for thought.