Sunday, April 29, 2012

People who shouldn't be allowed to drive.

Look...I get tired of the near misses I'm involved in every damn day. I know my truck driving friends are waaay passed aggravated about this and have been for a long while now.
What is one of the most BASIC rules of driving you should learn, memorize and follow if you want to avoid fender benders?
How about the Speed/distanced maintained rule. Or as some call it the 2 [or 3] second rule.  What it amounts to is this. For every 5mph of speed you drive, you must maintain a car length of separation distance between you and the car in front of you. So in most urban areas where the speed limit tends to be 30-35mph on those surface need to maintain at least 7 car lengths between you and the car in front of you.  On the Freeways, where here in Texas the freeway speed limit runs at 65mph most places you need to keep 13 car lengths of separation between you and the car in front of you. I try but it ends up being pointless because people take it as an invitation to fill the space.  Which so long as I can maintain at least 7 car lengths...I really try not to stress about it too much.  I know that even at 7lengths @ 65 mph I'm still gonna likely hit the stupid bastard who cut me off then slammed on his brakes...but it also might give me just enough time to SWERVE. 
Lets look at another rule of the road.  STAY RIGHT. What this means is that if your on a divided 2 lane highway[one lane going either direction] in order to keep from head onning with oncoming traffic you STAY RIGHT! IOW you stupid twits STAY IN YOUR GODDAMN LANE!  It also means on surface roads you need to do this, in regards to medians...
 holy crap! common sense?

Hell if people would just follow those 2 simple rules and A. stay off the goddamn cellphones/ B.stop putting on your makeup while you drive...ladies. C.stop eating and driving. ...okay mea culpa, mea culpa on that last one...but not often...

I'd be willing to bet that everyone following those 5 simple stupid little rules of the road...would probably drop traffic fatalities by at least 1/3, if not by half.

So everyone...lets follow these little rules of the road and not be dickheads shall we?

If you CAN'T at least TRY?  give your license back, sell your car and stay home.

*small footnote on the distance maintained rule. It also depends on whether you have wet or dry conditions. [if the road is wet  DOUBLE the distance] and what kind and how heavy/long a vehicle you drive.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Earth Day Celebration.

So what are you doing to be anti celebratory about Earth Day, friends?

Let's see I started celebrating earlier this week by cutting the back yard.  Yesterday I anti celebrated some more by starting to hack on the big tree out in my front yard with a  pole saw.  I will do some more of that today.  I will also if I have the energy afterwords hack on the chunk of tree that over hangs waaaay low from my neighbors yard into mine.  After that I'm going to grill some steaks.  If I have energy left after that?  I might wash the cars. 

What are YOU going to do?  Get out there and ANTI celebrate Earth Day you pikers! Cut the grass and edge and trim with EVIL gas powered movers, edgers and trimmers.  Get out there and wash your cars with EVIL harmful chemicals like *gasp!*.............................. 
SOAP!   Get out there and cut down a tree! Or at least Prune it some.   Hell get out there and GRILL some MEAT on a charcoal or gas grill dang it!  Make the Earth Day twerps outraged and make the Fire God[and your tummy] happy!

Yep lets all be EVIL, logical, inventive tool using human beings! Rape, Loot, Pillage and THEN Burn! 

the point being children I don't mind "conservancy", not at all.  I do however absolutely loathe the "Earth First, Humans a distant second"  back stabbing elitist halfwits who seem to have this delusion that technology is a bad thing. all the, like the lamentable and hypocritical "occupy" movement spread their messages of ignorance using computers and phones, while sipping on triple iced latte frappes from Starbucks.

This concludes my Maniacal,
Evil, Anti Earth post for the day..

I now return you to your regularly scheduled inanity and insanity.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Freedom. A short post

Someone on one of the communities I frequent who was a former coastie and is now a Medic in the Military,, started a post about Communism which led another member to ask the question of "
OTOH, it pains me to say that I see something similar in the US. We have 
the Patriot Act, TSA Inspectors, our government attempting to dictate 
policies of the church through unconstitutional rules, and yet the mantra 
remains "We're free." I have to wonder do we even know what it means to 
be free anymore."

A very Good question. Are we as  FREE as we think we are?  As a nation? As a people?  On a personal level? Do we even understand what the word free means any more?  For the 1st two, I just don't know. As the quote above indicates with all the stuff that come down the pike in the past 10yrs, and even more so in just the last 3 years, (The Healthcare Bill, the repeated attempts to regulate and control the 'net,  some other stuff which I may post links to later) I'm not so sure any more.  I haven't been sure in years frankly.  
The one thing I'm absolutely dead certain about is that if we allow our government to continue down the path it's on, be it under Obama, or Romney..we're screwed. It's not all the President's fault though.  Clinton for his first 2 years, Bush from 2001 on, and Obama from the beginning, have had mostly willing accomplices en masse in the Body of Government we refer to in general, simply as...Congress
The House of Representatives, in the past, now and always has controlled the nations purse strings if you will.  Which is a good thing generally.  At the moment though it seems that, that historical fact and point of law is ignored and our government just spends, spends, spends.  Seriously?  Not a single budget passed for the last 3 goddamn years?  

Ach..I've gone to rambling again.  So much for a short post. :p
Back to the matter at hand.  So long as our current president in particular and especial, and our "government of, for and by the people" continue to ignore the people who provide the funds and pay their salaries...our current path can and will end only one way........badly. We will NOT be free.

As for on a personal level, freedom to me has a different meaning that it does to, it seems, the population at large.  Freedom to me is the ability, the freedom if you will, to make my own choices and decisions.  It means that I will freely, honorably and with integrity accept the responsibility for my actions.  In other words I'll live with the consequences. I won't and will never say I won't bitch unmercifully about those consequences and my own stupidity in bringing about the bad ones.  I can and will however accept responsibility for my own screw ups.

To too many people it seems to me the word freedom means
1.Never taking responsibility for your own situation. It's always someone else's fault.
2. Never working a day, letting other people pay your bills, pay your debts and pay for your 6 kids by 5 different baby daddy's.

I could continue to make an itemized list but I won't bother since most of you know the list as well as I do.

So anyway, that's my thoughts on FREEDOM today.

Remember TANSTAAFL and as always...
I now return you to your regularly scheduled inanity and insanity.

Friday, April 20, 2012


I present a "me me me" post for your un enjoyment. Some days I wonder why I bother. I get frustrated, speaking out, over and over again, about the EXACT SAME SHIT that happens over and over again to deaf ears. I get exceedingly frustrated trying to pound common sense into thick skulls. I get down right tired of trying to make the willfully blind, see the blindingly obvious.
Nowadays I feel like I'm beating my head into a brick wall for no return. It's why my posts here have been so sporadic lately. I feel like a broken record, or a cd locked into 'repeat track.' I feel that way in so many of my online communities and electronic homes away from home, now. So sorry boys and girls but my posts will continue to be sporadic for a while.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Trayvon Martin Case

I have been commenting elsewhere on this case vociferously. I have come to the conclusion that I'm not commenting anymore. Why? A couple reasons...
1. The MEDIA is distorting the few facts of this case that are known.
2. The "race" baiters are trying..I swear, to start a "race war." Good luck to you if you succeed boys..if you succeed in starting that war...your names WILL be at the top of someones kill list...THAT you can bet on. If they do succeed it will never end and it will completely tear this country apart. The USA would likely end up being no more. Which is what I believe what certain people want.
3. NONE of us were there. So arguing about it is a pointless waste of time...which is in itself a point
4. as previously mentioned many people, the "race" baiters, Trayvon Martins' family lawyer and the main stream media as well as others on the left are COMPLETELY distorting everything.
5. Newsflash We don't have all the facts children.
So seeing as how 5 is definitively true, and the rest as far as I'm concerned is absolutely accurate....I have a suggestion for BOTH sides


That is all.

Edit 4/4/12 @5:25pm- Okay I changed my mind.
Read it and weep race haters...