Friday, April 20, 2012


I present a "me me me" post for your un enjoyment. Some days I wonder why I bother. I get frustrated, speaking out, over and over again, about the EXACT SAME SHIT that happens over and over again to deaf ears. I get exceedingly frustrated trying to pound common sense into thick skulls. I get down right tired of trying to make the willfully blind, see the blindingly obvious.
Nowadays I feel like I'm beating my head into a brick wall for no return. It's why my posts here have been so sporadic lately. I feel like a broken record, or a cd locked into 'repeat track.' I feel that way in so many of my online communities and electronic homes away from home, now. So sorry boys and girls but my posts will continue to be sporadic for a while.


  1. WE are listening...
    I post your comments all the time...and make sure your link is there.
    WE ARE listening.

    Don't stop.

  2. I understand. I've had to back away from the politics and the news for a while, for health reasons. It was causing me to have real bad headaches. I see that you understand.

  3. Well in that case Anonymous...I present two more. The freedom one is self explanatory and the Earth Day one is just my yearly knee jerk reaction to the stupidity of the movement.

  4. Curly...

    I despise the Occupy movement...paid for by such as Soros.
    Fuck Social legislation and Action Item Diktats.
    Sorry, but I believe in Freedom..
    True freedom is such as we know...not as the Denominator.



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