Wednesday, August 29, 2012

It's called Self Reliance numbnuts!

You know...I'd say the reason for the following post left me speechless, but I'd be lying.

I came across the following link on Facebook not 10 mins ago as I start to write this.  Really?

In it is a short piece about how the government was trying to be more helpful in getting more people on government assistance programs. How they were lamenting that basically...there weren't enough people accessing the system because *gasp* they turned to their Families for help instead?!   Shocking! Unamerican!.  Okay...not really.  It's the way it's always been done in America.  Self Reliance, Self Respect, Personal Responsibility.   Meaning you debase yourself for no one.  You go to your family and ASK for some temporary help if you need it. Or Hell, you stay with the family long term so long as you're pulling your weight and not being a drag and a drain.  It's part of being a family. Part of being a human being. Part of being a responsible citizen. You do NOT make yourself a burden to your fellow citizens and EXPECT them to pay the freight for your fuck ups.    You do anything you can do be an honest, honorable individual so as not to become a leech. Sucking the lifeblood out of people who work hard enough already.  Whose burdens may be as great or even greater than yours.

Self Reliance. Self Respect. Personal Responsibility. Honor and integrity. Other words like them I can set down in this piece but wont, you should know them already.  See at one time they were the very fabric, the beating heart of this great nation, it's people and it's government.  Back then they understood that it was the individuals RESPONSIBILITY to bear the consequences of his own actions. If he fell on hard times through no fault of his own...his fellow citizens, his family, could help them out if they so choose. It was called back then "christian charity" among other things.  It wasn't expected of the government; that it would take up the burden of taking care of this down trodden person.  Hell the government wouldn't countenance such a thing.  It was anathema to everything our founding fathers; and the citizens of this nation at the time, and for a long time there after.

That spirit...that founding forge fire of principles and beliefs has, I think in the deeps of the night, sputtered out.  Then I think to myself."No if that were true there wouldn't be so many people flat out enraged over what has been done to this great nation". What has been allowed to transpire,  the  rot, the festering puss filled boil, that others have created of our government.    That rot? Part of it anyway, The Entitlement Mentality.  Too many people have been those who would wield power over them, that the world owes them a living. They've been told they're entitled to this or that.  News flash...your not entitled to anything, except for what you've earned.  I's an ugly truth, but don't you feel better for hearing it?  No?  *shrug*  Oh well, life is a bitch and then you die.

It's time to restore that fire to people...even if we have to kick em square in the ass to do it.  Government, was not, is not, and will  not EVER be the damn answer.

Government is the other part of the ingredient of the rot. As I've harped upon before...government  positions were not meant to be life long careers. When I say this I speak of our politicians. There's at least 2-3 seats in congress that have been held my by the same Family "Political Dynasties"for the last 50-80 years. Well 1-2 since that useless piece of shit Kennedy died.  Political office was never supposed to be a CAREER, it was supposed to be "citizen statesmen"  You got elected..did your term of service and then went back to your life. Now we have people who come in paupers and leave millionaires and make a 6 figure a year salary. This is NOT what our founding fathers intended.  It's supposed to be a government "of the people, BY the people, FOR the people".  Now we have Career Politicians.  I suspect if our founding fathers were brought forward in time they'd puke their guts out to see what their predecessors, and "we the peope" who put the predecessors there over decades, have done to this nation. Then they'd get hopping mad.  It pisses me off just to talk about our government.


Remember TANSTAAFL and..
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Monday, August 27, 2012

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Food for thought.

There's a meme going around facebook. It's a picture of George Carlin and a quote of his.
The quote being "Governments don't want a population capable of critical thinking.  They want obedient workers, people just smart enough to run the machines, and just dumb enough to passively accept their situation."

It got me to thinking.  Okay so lets assume that you are a human being, capable of critical thought.  If this is so, then why for the love of everything you hold dear; would you trust a government as bloated, corrupt and inept to take charge of your healthcare? Why would you trust this government to to watch over, manage and eventually dole out your monthly retirement fund?  Why would you trust a government this provably and obviously corrupt to take a portion of your pay in the form of Taxes, and expect this same bunch of screw ups to spend it wisely?  WHY, for the love of whatever God or Gods you believe in, would you EVER trust this never to be sufficiently damned and completely fucked up corrupt bunch of assholes to look to your defense?  Especially as they have proven time and time again over the years that they can't be trusted to do the right thing? To defend our borders?  to reject, round up and deport invaders?  When they won't even enforce half the goddamn laws on the books unless it benefits them either monetarily or in attribution of secular power?!   

I personally wouldn't trust the current bunch of walking advertisements for birth control,to wipe their own ass! Let alone mine.

Just an idle thought that occured to me.

Remember TANSTAAFL  and.......

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Politicians, Rape and...damn.

I'm now gonna cause a SHITPOT full of hate and discontent, I expect.  There's been a lot of brouhaha over the comments of some politicians in regards to rape and pregnancy. I'll freely admit they were EXCEEDINGLY stupid ones.   Boy were they ever!

There was a study released in 96, that was done in 95.  They found back then that an average of 32,101 pregnancies result from rape each year.  There were 97,470 rapes back in 95 btw.  Of those ...
"Only 11.7% of these victims received immediate medical attention after the assault, and 47.1% received no medical attention related to the rape. A total 32.4% of these victims did not discover they were pregnant until they had already entered the second trimester; 32.2% opted to keep the infant whereas 50% underwent abortion and 5.9% placed the infant for adoption; an additional 11.8% had spontaneous abortion."

So almost 50% of those raped, received no medical attention at all related to the rape..  Sigh..damn. I wonder if they meant that that 47.1 percent refused treatment? 47.1% didn't get treatment because the doctors[ were loathe to bring it up for one reason or another, so didn't?

In the case of the latter I can understand. Rape (like politics) is a nastily contentious subject. ESPECIALLY among women. I hate to tell you how nasty some of my female friends over the years have been about it. Be it because they themselves were raped or a close friend or family member was.  The general consensus was either A. You're a man, you're a part of the problem.  B. It's not your fault but..You're a man, you can't experience rape, be a victim of it like women.  So you can't possibly understand.  In having a conversation about this in a group of women...I generally get a combination of both.
 Lets take A Shall we?  I'm a man so I, and every other swinging dick on the planet, bear full communal and shared responsibility for all the crimes committed by our gender?  WOW...THAT is a logical attitude. Sounds a bit like a socialist or in this case, generalist attitude to me.  This is gonna sound cruel and heartless to some people but..... Sorry, just because you were raped and I'm a man does NOT make it MY fault.  It lies squarely at the feet of the useless piece of shit who raped you, NOT mine. 
B.  Have I been a victim of it?  No. can men be raped?  Yes. google male rape and watch the articles that pop up ladies.  It just doesn't get much play, partially because most of those who are raping men and the men being raped are behind bars.

In the case of women refusing treatment...sometimes ya gotta ponder why. A big part of it I expect is as mentioned before, shame; along with fear and rage.  Some are probably god fearin good folk,[and among the 5.9%]  so as loathe as they are to carry a child that's a product of rape, they'll do it anyway.  They will then give the child up for adoption................

I had a thread I was following with this line of thought and I just lost it...nuts!

I'll move on...As for the rapes that DON'T result in pregnancy...a percentage will be because the rapists were sterile or have a serious case of ED, a percentage will be that the rapists wore condoms because they know DNA will get them hung....figuratively speaking. (Tis a pity that it doesn't get them hung in the most literal sense of the word.)  Another percentage I wouldn't be surprised is because the women who were raped just weren't at the most...gravid?  Fertile?...period in their cycle so not as likely to get pregnant.
Now THERE is a hell of a thought. How many rapes, in the last few years at least; aren't being reported[due to the aforementioned shame factor] and the victims are taking advantage of the "morning after" pills that are available on the market now? Thereby averting the pregnancy?

Frack wandering again. I'll just post it as is and change the title to express the WTF feeling I get at my wandering mind...probably do some more thinking on and additions to the post later to make it a little less...wanderey. {Yes ther eIS such a word! I just made it up on the spot..hush!)

Remember TANSTAAFL and....
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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

More Zero Tolerance ...

Or to put it more accurately...yet another politically correct, overly sensitive, microdicked, pissant little  pussnuts on a power trip.
Here's the Story

*wrings hands together*  Oh my god she said H E double hockey sticks!  Whatever shall we do? We can't have that it's a bad word! snort!*

   Really ? Read your Bible lately you intolerant prick?  The book is FULL of the word HELL!  HELL! HELL! HELL!  Oh no mustn't use that  word. It might offend someone!  Seriously if you're going to go through life being worried you MIGHT offend someone, you're going to go through life looking over your shoulders, living in fear and shackled by chains of your own making. Forged from your own MASSIVE ignorance and intolerance old boy.

So because of have refused to give a young lady with perfect 4.0 grade average, having met all her academic requirements in spades....her diploma? Just because she said a word that everyone uses at some point or another?   Wow...I'll be you're a registered democrat, who votes the party line, believes everything he sees on the news and believes all the blatant lies he's told by politicians.

You sir, need to get on your hands and knees, give this wonderful young lady a FULL ass kissing apology, hand her her diploma and pray to whatever god or gods that you believe in that she doesn't take you AND your peckerwood school district to trial and eviscerate you in the court room.  BTW? you're a School Principal, NOT God you cowardly little lickspittle.  NOW,KNEEL you maggot and apply lips to ass!!!

Unbelievable.  Boys and girls, we need to get our country back, and bring the government to heel or put it down.  THIS is the result of letting the government get too big. Hell this is the result of letting Government run anything.  It used to be funding for schools was strictly a city, state and county thing.  Or was run by churches.  Now because the FEDS have dictated standardization, and hand out money so long as you comply? *headshake*
We didn't have these multi million dollar air conditioned buildings that have become by and large...a warehouse for the young to learn absolutely nothing in, except narcissism and apathy.  We had smaller school districts and classrooms where the kids were by and large, better educated.  Hell did you know that back before the Feds took over that by and large most kids knew their maths up through trigonometry by the time they left primary school? What we refer to as K-12 nowadays.

Which brings me to a minor nit that happened to yours truly yesterday.  I belong to a website for an author run on a day to day basis by a couple moderators. The author in question does actually post there from time to time. I won't name him, but suffice to say he's a well known popular thriller writer.  Now over on that board I censor myself greatly because I've been taken to task before for swearing.  So outside of being occasionally very descriptive I don't get grotesque.

Now a month ago in the "news" forum I posted the following link and commentary:

I don't know. Is is just me or is it that irregardless of how bad things are between the parents [IOW doesn't matter if things were better between them] was this a real Douchbag thing to do or not?  I'm leaning towards major league d-bag myself.

Now a MONTH later one of the other members wants to come across all preachy and shit? The following is what he wrote:
"s it possible for you to write a post without using harsh language (misspelled harsh language)? Just make your point like a grown up. This is a discussion forum and lots of the members are women. People don't come here to throw around profanity like this is some youtube comment section. It's not like your comments are spontaneous spoken words, you're typing. And there is no such word as "irregardless"

*snort*  My more temperate reply to him on the board was to tell him to that if he didn't like what I had to say, simply ignore it and move a normal human being,  Had I been able to post what I wanted.....
A. As a matter of fact irregardless IS a's common usage and doesn't have a definition but Websters does acknowledge it's existence thank you very fucking much
B.  Wow there are women on this board too?  Holy Shit! Well, Golly Gee Beaver, I never fucking noticed! Not. At. All.
C. That post and comment have been up for a MONTH! Yep it was so offensive the moderators didn't even bother to take me to task for it or edit it/delete it, themselves! Yet you wanna come up all butt hurt and holier than thou a month later? And say how how harsh my language is?  Hahahahahahaha, hahahaha. haha,...ha!  Now that's funny!  Annoying but still funny.   If you're going to go through life getting offended at anything descriptive [and in this case wholly accurate] I or anyone else might say in a derogatory way in regards to a story...I feel sad for you dude. I'll tell you what..from now on...just ignore anything I might post because it might offend you.  Grow the fuck up and leave me the hell alone.

Seriously though lads and lasses?  All this "holier than thou, politically correct, can't freely speak your mind for fear of offending someone" bullshit annoys the living hell out of me. So I like to rub peoples noses in it, in as deeply an offending manner as possible. In the hopes they might wake the hell up.

Remember  TANSTAAFL and....
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WTF?! of the Day

This picture was taken by a friend of mine about an hour or so ago and posted to his FB wall from his phone.   You'll notice that it's a Gas Station I'm sure...what you may not see is what's BURNING is the Taco Truck in the entrance drive.   My friend observed as he drove past this, some people going into the store as if nothing was wrong...just casually strolling along.

This is a DOUBLE WHAMMY What the Fuck?! 

First off...okay so your driving a Taco Truck. You notice your truck is burning all the sudden.  What do you do?  You pull your truck, which has a tank full of highly explosive propane on it, into the parking lot of a Gas Station with pumps that dispense equally highly explosive gasoline.   Really?   There wasn't open field where you could have ditched it and started a grass fire instead?  WTF?

In regards to calmly walk across the street, into the parking lot of a gas station with a vehicle on fire parked in it, and walk into the store front to make a purchase?

My question here is 3 fold.  Are you really that stupid?  Do you have a deathwish?  Finally...or was this just Darwin pushing someone in the right direction so he could harvest them?

Remember..TANSTAAFL and....

I now return you to your regularly scheduled inanity and insanity.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

One last post for the day. people think a march protesting violence against women will solve anything?  Really?
Wow.  Understand something my friends. PROTESTING violence against women be it rape or some other form of violence..accomplishes exactly nothing.   Why for do I say such a mean, heartless thing?  Because it's true, you well meaning idiots.  Violence against women be it abuse or NOT a political issue, it's a criminal one.  If you want your daughters, your wives, your sisters, your aunts, your nieces, your mothers...hell ANY woman in your life, to be safe?  There is only one option. TEACH THEM TO FIGHT BACK AND DEFEND THEMSELVES FROM THE BASTARDS!  Get them the gift of a class of  a self defense type.  Be it martial arts or Krav Maga. Get them interested in firearms, because a self assured woman with a gun in her hand, intimate knowledge of how to use it, and a willingness to pull that trigger...will make the perpetrator run screaming like a little bitch. Or he'll stick around, not believing she has the will.....and end up a corpse. In either case he ceases to be an immediate problem.  Frankly I'd rather she make the bastard a corpse because then he ceases to be a problem for anybody, outside of the mortician, and the burial crew.

In all seriousness...get them interested in guns.  Guns aren't evil. They are simply a tool. Neither good bad or indifferent. They don't, contrary to the popular belief of the anti gun crowd, have a will of their own.  Plus, they are FUN to shoot!  A 100lb woman with knowledge of self defense, a gun, knowledge of same  and a will to pull the trigger is the BETTER of, not just the equal of, of any 280-300lb mugger or drunk asshole who thinks he's gonna get laid, who cares to be stupid enough to lay a hand on her or threaten her life.

Welcome To the Revolution....

The GENETIC one.

What brought this on?  An article in the Telegraph in which an Oxford Professor says......

"that creating so-called designer babies could be considered a "moral obligation" as it makes them grow up into "ethically better children".

Whoa! Stop right there dude.  Hold the Phone. Stop the Press.  We have a moral obligation to genetically engineer "ethically better children"?  Well how...pray tell do you propose to do that?
Don't they get that sense of ethics from how and where they're brought up/raised, as opposed to genetically predisposed

"The expert in practical ethics said that we should actively give parents the choice to screen out personality flaws in their children as it meant they were then less likely to "harm themselves and others".

"He explained that we are now in the middle of a genetic revolution and that although screening, for all but a few conditions, remained illegal it should be welcomed."

Okay first?  An expert in practical ethics?  Only if his name is Joseph Mengele!
Second? We're NOT in the middle of the genetic revolution. We're in it's infancy.  Thirdly?
Nope...outside of crippling medical conditions in which the child will basically HAVE no chance at a normal, full and active life should we be genetically screening for ANYTHING...or altering the genetic code.

"In the end, he said that "rational design" would help lead to a better, more intelligent and less violent society in the future."

"Surely trying to ensure that your children have the best, or a good enough, opportunity for a great life is responsible parenting?" wrote Prof Savulescu, the Uehiro Professor in practical ethics.

Rational design?  These are people you over educated buffoon, not machines that need to be redesigned to be made better. Made to fit some...preconceived notion, and badly preconceived at that, of a perfect person.  Differences are what make us who we are. Differences in the environment we grow up in.  Differences in how our parents bring us up. Differences in how and what we learn.  All of these are major factors in how we grow up, what we become and what we do with our lives.  Now again...I will go this far and no farther...tampering in the womb or before insemination.. shouldn't be allowed...unless it's medically relevant and urgent for the well being of the child and/or mother!

In the end this professors way of thinking, of the way he wants to tamper with the basic stuff of to me repugnant.  His way will lead to....well...the best example I can think of for what it will lead to for those who aren't geeks is the movie Demolition Man.  For those that are geeks and like to read...Ever read the Stainless Steel Rat books?  People will be no better than automatons. Play things for those in power who WILL NOT allow themselves and their progeny to be "genetically engineered" to be made into a more "perfect" human being.

For you fools and damn fools out there who think this would be a good go right ahead and volunteer  you and yours to be lobotomized, to be  mindless robots. Me?  I prefer for me and mine to remain free thinking beings.  Which means in all likelihood one of my progeny should I have any, will end up OWNING several hundred to several hundred million of your  progeny

Here's the link to the story by the way..

Here in lies the end of this entry.

So, remember...TANSTAAFL! And as always...
I now return you to your regularly scheduled inanity and insanity.

Crucifixion is making a comeback

Don't believe me? Read!

Oh for those who will sneer because it's WND...the sources for the story were several ARAB papers.
Who confirmed it.

Okay...during the overthrow of the previous dictator...a man and his army who were beholden to the U.S. and nominally on a leash..I among others said that this can only end badly.   Replacing someone we nominally control with a government with ties to a known terrorist organization will blow up in our face.  So...we've got  members of the Muslim Brotherhood going around and crucifying, in the most literal sense of the word, anyone who bad mouths the current regime  

I don't relish this but I TOLD YOU!  So someone want to explain to me again what a good idea replacing someone we control with a  government run by a terrorist organization, that like all the rest hates our guts, is?  Please explain this. 


Well?  I'm waiting you idiots. 

*crickets chirping*

Still nothing?  Yeah that's what I thought.

Now on to the second piece of this.  Anyone besides me notice a startling parallel between what the Brotherhood is doing, and what the Main Stream Press, lefty pundits, and lefty self help groups like Code Pink, CSGV and others do to ANYONE who dares criticize our Lying Fuckwit In Chief?   

He's destroying the economy.......
"you don't understand economics you idiot."

He's an inept asshole who's lying through his teeth and doing THAT badly......
"You're full of hatred and a bigoted asshole"

He's literally destroying the country and shredding the constitution
"You're a racist"

He needs to be impeached
"You disgraceful fascist wouldn't be saying this if it was Bush!"
Which would be wrong by the way...I had my bones to pick with GW as well...I'd personally love to kick him right square in the ass for  the creation of The Department of Homeland Security, among other things.

The preludes to the quotes are what I have said...
The quotes by the way are just a FEW of the less volatile things that have been said to ME personally. it any wonder when dealing with such willful stupidity that I spend so much of my time facepalming and headdesking?

Anything else I can say on this subject will end up becoming a profanity filled diatribe so I'll leave it here.

Edit-8/19/12 11am.  Well boys and girls here's a few MORE clips to peruse on the subject..

Yep...putting actual terrorist religious extremists in charge is SUCH a good idea...NOT!
Remember TANSTAAFL and.....
I now return you to your regularly scheduled inanity and insanity.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

White, poor and priviliged?

*Note...there WILL be profanity because THIS situation, which I just heard today...SUPREMELY pisses me off. 

  What set me off children is the following story.
A lovely young lady of my acquaintance ,yesterday,  went to enroll her young son in the Pre-K program at one of the elementary schools in the same school district I went to for my entire public school career. The same school district in which I still live, no less.   When she got there she was told she couldn't enroll the boy.  Why? guys are just gonna love this..
1. They [meaning she and the boy...and his daddy] SPEAK ENGLISH!

Holy shit someone call the press!  They speak English!   That's so rare and unprecedented it should be lauded and praised to high heaven.  Note...this IS the United States of America you syphilitic brainless twats...people are SUPPOSED to speak English as the primary language!

2. they weren't on food stamps...
well golly gee beaver!  That's just plum shockin ain't it!   I think we need to shout that to the world!   Of COURSE they're not on food and dad WORK THEIR COLLECTIVE ASSES OFF!

3.  They weren't on welfare..

*headdesk, headdesk, headdesk!*  Ow...that hurts. Now does anyone besides me notice a pattern emerging here?' s the real kicker...**

4. They weren't here illegally or here in the U.S.A. on a green card ..............................

(Hang on to your heads boys and girls because from here on out...I get really bold and profane. don't like cuss words? My bad...go away because it's MY blog and I really don't give a shit)

Yes germs and virii...if you are drawing the exact same conclusion I am from all this then it goes thusly...
So...BECAUSE she, her son, and husband are WHITE. BECAUSE they actually work and pay taxes. BECAUSE they ain't black or hispanic.[or asian for that matter] BECAUSE they are actually  ,TAX PAYING,  CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!.......  they can't enroll their boy..IN A GODDAMN MOTHER FUCKING ,PUBLIC SCHOOL PROGRAM?!   WHAT THE FUCK?!  We have brain damaged and diseased fuckwits in charge of the school system!  People who are only concerned with their paychecks and their quotas and being politically correct.  Welll...suck my bulging hairy nutsack, you diseased droppings from  syphilitic whores!  Oh and by the way....your mothers weren't just syphilitic whores...your daddys were goat fucking sheepherders! Which is probably how your mothers got boils on a camels ass!  I'm so pissed I'm of a mind to go to the local press...not that those mouth pieces for the liberal progressive agenda, those...paid propagandists for the democrat party...would give a flying fuck!  The only reason I don't is because I think if it's going to be done...the lass of my acquaintance should do's her family so it's her choice.  That and I don't feel like getting hit in the head with whatever solid object that's to her hand when I step into her presence again.  I'm livid over this. Some would say I'm crazy. I'm not stupid as to piss off any of the women in my life..THAT much. should be noted that the lass in question was apparently according to her...the ONLY white person in the place trying to enroll her child. Everyone else was either black, hispanic or asian.
Also from what she said...the person who told her those 4 things also felt it wrong but 'hey I just work here..nothing I can do about it'  Her response?  'I pay federal and state taxes and this a PUBLIC  school system that MY taxes pay for.  So you're telling me I can't use them?  That's reverse discrimination bub.'
*headdesk*  Yes there was you cowardly piece of shit. You COULD  report this heinous stupidity to   these guys  I think they'd be VERY interested.  With these kinds of people in power, in Congress as a whole, in the White House, In the State congresses in many places, in the city and town councils and in our schools....
with these kind of people in charge, and because YOU [or at least the apathetic and pathetic among your neighbors]haven't been paying attention, is it any goddamn wonder this country is in the truly FUBAR[Fucked Up Beyond All Repair] position  it's in?

If we don't fix this...SWIFTLY...this Nation will Cease. To. Exist.  Which I've been saying all along, what some people and organizations and other countries...WANT.   Frankly in the depths of the night, when I can't sleep. When all I can hear is the beating of my own angry and desperate heart....during those times...I start to think that it just might be too late. I've said this before but it bears repeating...I've studied and forgotten a whole lot more of history than most people I know...except those in the military that I know and they've studied even more than ME.   Unless we stop...right now, and return to the roots of our heritage and history of what made this country great, STILL makes it great in a lot of ways, unless we get this runaway, out of control dictatorial government stopped and pared down and return the functioning of it to the LETTER of the Constitution?   .................................
we're screwed.

TANSTAAFL and.....
I now return you to your regularly scheduled inanity and insanity.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Geez people! a short rant.


Ow.  What brought that on?  Well all these commercials for Fast Unsecured or Payday loans are nothing but legal loan sharking.  Do you people who do this shit EVER read the fine fucking print?

Lets take my favorite one right now. Western Sky Loans

Now if you've seen the commercials you know they claim, no credit checks, no this no that.

      But if you read the fine print...if you take a $10,000 loan and just make monthly payments...thats 84 monthly payments at 89.9% interest for $743.99 per month.  IOW you borrow $10 are repaying them to the tune of almost $62,500   If you could AFFORD to pay back the loan in full before you have to make the monthly payments...would you borrow it in the FIRST place?

Then there's Loans for your Car Title.  Understand something you halfwitted apes. You are in the simplest terms...offering up your car to them as collateral.  As assurance that you will pay the debt. They then, if they decide to give you the money your asking for...put a lien against your car.  If you don't pay back the money they loaned lose your car!  It's THEIRS now. Got it?  So now you are out what is probably your sole means of transportation and any money you'd managed to repay to them.

Those are just two in particular that piss me off big time. So ask either of those ideas, considering the consequences, sound like real good ideas to you?  No?  Me either.

Remember boys and girls

I now return you to your regularly scheduled inanity and insanity.

Monday, August 6, 2012

The right to throw off the yolk of a repressive gov't

And here's an article postulating what would be needed to do so. Note who the bad guys are boys and girls.  If this doesn't piss you off and open your eyes...there's just no hope for you. READ the following article

Another "Mass" Shooting?

Okay seriously?  Another one?  I know it's a full moon and shit, but who the fuck opened the doors to the asylum and let the loons out? Oh wait...I forgot we don't have insane asylums anymore.  Probably a colossal fubar on our ancestors part  I'm interested to see where the media goes with this. Though I can take a guess.  Nor really rocket science.  I expect to wake up later today to shouts of "ban the assault weapons and evil black pistols!"  blah blah blah.   I expect if I had the stomach for their bullshit I could go over to visit the website, or rather FB page of my favorite bunch of fracking retards.  The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. Which was originally named the Coalition to Ban Guns. 

 Okay...scenarios I had in mind.
1. Some lackwit mistakes the Sikhs for Muslims and decides to take a few out.
2. Some idiot suffers a slight, be it real or imagined by a member of the Sikh community[imagined most likely] and instead of confronting the one who slighted him; again be it real or imagined] decides to shoot a bunch of innocent people to get his mad out.
3. A muslim decides to take out the members of a Sikh temple. Sihs and Muslims...don't get along.  I knew this one didn't hold water from the get go. Why?  A. the shooter was white. B. the shooter was armed, from all reports, with a single semi automatic pistol, a muslim would have used one of the EBIL BLACK ASSAULT RIFLES! You know just once, just ONCE I'd like the fuckwits to use an AR or AK or variant there of, that's been pinked out Hello Kitty style.  Just to be different. *grumble*.  C. A muslim would have likely walked in strapped and blown the whole temple..suicide bombing is the way they prefer to go for massive acts like that.  Now there's a thought.  Would it not be even mildly entertaining to catch a suicide bomber before he can go BOOM!?  Catch him, dope him, dye his robes hello kitty pink...maybe paste some hello kitty iron on's all over it to boot, give him a dainty set of  high heels...white with pink bows, and reset the bomb so it works off a timer?  dump him back in front of the  mosque that sent him, or the home of the imam for that matter;  with the bomb set for...oh 60 seconds, and drive off while he wanders in to the mosque...still fairly doped and ...BOOM!?   Yeah I know...I have a weird turn of mind. OTOH what's good for the goose is good for the gander.
4. Some lackwit decides  "Hey today is a good day to die. I'm tired of living!"   Having made that decision he decides "Hey I'm gonna go take out a bunch of innocent people, wait for the cops to show up and suicide by cop!  Yeah that's a plan!"   Which all things being equal is a high probability for this one in my mind.

By the way...what the fuck is the goddamn fbi doing sticking it's nose into a local shooting. Are they suddenly going to be involved in the investigation of every shooting and murder across the USA?  That ain't their jobs. They are only supposed to get involved when crime crosses state lines.

Sunday, August 5, 2012


I went to the theater and saw a couple movies today. first time I've been to the movies in a while. Anyway...when I came out of the 2nd one I was thinking these really deep thoughts.  I started composing this entry in my head. I got home, got into a conversation with the family I can't remember what the entry was  or was supposed to be about. *grrrrr*

All I remember was that it was deep and philosophical.  Sigh...merde