Wednesday, August 15, 2012

White, poor and priviliged?

*Note...there WILL be profanity because THIS situation, which I just heard today...SUPREMELY pisses me off. 

  What set me off children is the following story.
A lovely young lady of my acquaintance ,yesterday,  went to enroll her young son in the Pre-K program at one of the elementary schools in the same school district I went to for my entire public school career. The same school district in which I still live, no less.   When she got there she was told she couldn't enroll the boy.  Why? guys are just gonna love this..
1. They [meaning she and the boy...and his daddy] SPEAK ENGLISH!

Holy shit someone call the press!  They speak English!   That's so rare and unprecedented it should be lauded and praised to high heaven.  Note...this IS the United States of America you syphilitic brainless twats...people are SUPPOSED to speak English as the primary language!

2. they weren't on food stamps...
well golly gee beaver!  That's just plum shockin ain't it!   I think we need to shout that to the world!   Of COURSE they're not on food and dad WORK THEIR COLLECTIVE ASSES OFF!

3.  They weren't on welfare..

*headdesk, headdesk, headdesk!*  Ow...that hurts. Now does anyone besides me notice a pattern emerging here?' s the real kicker...**

4. They weren't here illegally or here in the U.S.A. on a green card ..............................

(Hang on to your heads boys and girls because from here on out...I get really bold and profane. don't like cuss words? My bad...go away because it's MY blog and I really don't give a shit)

Yes germs and virii...if you are drawing the exact same conclusion I am from all this then it goes thusly...
So...BECAUSE she, her son, and husband are WHITE. BECAUSE they actually work and pay taxes. BECAUSE they ain't black or hispanic.[or asian for that matter] BECAUSE they are actually  ,TAX PAYING,  CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!.......  they can't enroll their boy..IN A GODDAMN MOTHER FUCKING ,PUBLIC SCHOOL PROGRAM?!   WHAT THE FUCK?!  We have brain damaged and diseased fuckwits in charge of the school system!  People who are only concerned with their paychecks and their quotas and being politically correct.  Welll...suck my bulging hairy nutsack, you diseased droppings from  syphilitic whores!  Oh and by the way....your mothers weren't just syphilitic whores...your daddys were goat fucking sheepherders! Which is probably how your mothers got boils on a camels ass!  I'm so pissed I'm of a mind to go to the local press...not that those mouth pieces for the liberal progressive agenda, those...paid propagandists for the democrat party...would give a flying fuck!  The only reason I don't is because I think if it's going to be done...the lass of my acquaintance should do's her family so it's her choice.  That and I don't feel like getting hit in the head with whatever solid object that's to her hand when I step into her presence again.  I'm livid over this. Some would say I'm crazy. I'm not stupid as to piss off any of the women in my life..THAT much. should be noted that the lass in question was apparently according to her...the ONLY white person in the place trying to enroll her child. Everyone else was either black, hispanic or asian.
Also from what she said...the person who told her those 4 things also felt it wrong but 'hey I just work here..nothing I can do about it'  Her response?  'I pay federal and state taxes and this a PUBLIC  school system that MY taxes pay for.  So you're telling me I can't use them?  That's reverse discrimination bub.'
*headdesk*  Yes there was you cowardly piece of shit. You COULD  report this heinous stupidity to   these guys  I think they'd be VERY interested.  With these kinds of people in power, in Congress as a whole, in the White House, In the State congresses in many places, in the city and town councils and in our schools....
with these kind of people in charge, and because YOU [or at least the apathetic and pathetic among your neighbors]haven't been paying attention, is it any goddamn wonder this country is in the truly FUBAR[Fucked Up Beyond All Repair] position  it's in?

If we don't fix this...SWIFTLY...this Nation will Cease. To. Exist.  Which I've been saying all along, what some people and organizations and other countries...WANT.   Frankly in the depths of the night, when I can't sleep. When all I can hear is the beating of my own angry and desperate heart....during those times...I start to think that it just might be too late. I've said this before but it bears repeating...I've studied and forgotten a whole lot more of history than most people I know...except those in the military that I know and they've studied even more than ME.   Unless we stop...right now, and return to the roots of our heritage and history of what made this country great, STILL makes it great in a lot of ways, unless we get this runaway, out of control dictatorial government stopped and pared down and return the functioning of it to the LETTER of the Constitution?   .................................
we're screwed.

TANSTAAFL and.....
I now return you to your regularly scheduled inanity and insanity.


  1. Hmmmm. You sound a little upset....

  2. "Whom the gods would destroy they first make mad."

    In this case, "mad" meaning insane...

  3. Larry, meaning Our government, the bureaucrats and those that keep putting the same dictatorial twits they keep putting in power?

    1. Them, and all of the rest of us that get to ride the flaming wreck to the ground as well. But boy, those deck chairs sure look nice arranged like that, don't they?

  4. want to see REALLY fucked up edumaction? Come to california, where teachers are EDUCATEURS and don't you forget it!


  5. See? I can't even spull edumacation!

    1. Leaper? your sarcasm is showing brother.

  6. For the price of a see the price of humanity today.


  7. Smile when ya say, @brudda from anudda mudder@ :)

    grouchy leaperman


    is techy feed musta been off:)



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