Monday, August 6, 2012

Another "Mass" Shooting?

Okay seriously?  Another one?  I know it's a full moon and shit, but who the fuck opened the doors to the asylum and let the loons out? Oh wait...I forgot we don't have insane asylums anymore.  Probably a colossal fubar on our ancestors part  I'm interested to see where the media goes with this. Though I can take a guess.  Nor really rocket science.  I expect to wake up later today to shouts of "ban the assault weapons and evil black pistols!"  blah blah blah.   I expect if I had the stomach for their bullshit I could go over to visit the website, or rather FB page of my favorite bunch of fracking retards.  The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. Which was originally named the Coalition to Ban Guns. 

 Okay...scenarios I had in mind.
1. Some lackwit mistakes the Sikhs for Muslims and decides to take a few out.
2. Some idiot suffers a slight, be it real or imagined by a member of the Sikh community[imagined most likely] and instead of confronting the one who slighted him; again be it real or imagined] decides to shoot a bunch of innocent people to get his mad out.
3. A muslim decides to take out the members of a Sikh temple. Sihs and Muslims...don't get along.  I knew this one didn't hold water from the get go. Why?  A. the shooter was white. B. the shooter was armed, from all reports, with a single semi automatic pistol, a muslim would have used one of the EBIL BLACK ASSAULT RIFLES! You know just once, just ONCE I'd like the fuckwits to use an AR or AK or variant there of, that's been pinked out Hello Kitty style.  Just to be different. *grumble*.  C. A muslim would have likely walked in strapped and blown the whole temple..suicide bombing is the way they prefer to go for massive acts like that.  Now there's a thought.  Would it not be even mildly entertaining to catch a suicide bomber before he can go BOOM!?  Catch him, dope him, dye his robes hello kitty pink...maybe paste some hello kitty iron on's all over it to boot, give him a dainty set of  high heels...white with pink bows, and reset the bomb so it works off a timer?  dump him back in front of the  mosque that sent him, or the home of the imam for that matter;  with the bomb set for...oh 60 seconds, and drive off while he wanders in to the mosque...still fairly doped and ...BOOM!?   Yeah I know...I have a weird turn of mind. OTOH what's good for the goose is good for the gander.
4. Some lackwit decides  "Hey today is a good day to die. I'm tired of living!"   Having made that decision he decides "Hey I'm gonna go take out a bunch of innocent people, wait for the cops to show up and suicide by cop!  Yeah that's a plan!"   Which all things being equal is a high probability for this one in my mind.

By the way...what the fuck is the goddamn fbi doing sticking it's nose into a local shooting. Are they suddenly going to be involved in the investigation of every shooting and murder across the USA?  That ain't their jobs. They are only supposed to get involved when crime crosses state lines.


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  3. This morning on the news they were calling it a act of domestic terrorism. Yet when Hassan killed a bunch of soldiers that was "workplace violence".

    1. I know, and you have no idea[or maybe you do if it hit you the same way] how much that pisses me off.

  4. beats a rope a dope

  5. Have you read what the lawdog wrote about it?



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