Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wisconsin ain't over yet..

In a move that infuriates me..and it bloody well SHOULD infuriate anyone who [unlike me] lives in the state of Wisconsin. The Wisconsin state court of appeals upheld an earlier judges injunction against the enactment of the budget repair bill.

Unconstitutional to keep outside agitators out of the states deliberations? How the fuck do you figure? Because make no mistake.. A great many of the "protesters" we outsiders.
Also how the fuck do you figure it's unconstitutional for those state legislators that BOTHERED to stay at their do their jobs? Seriously?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Energy Independence, Fossil Fuels, Jobs and Importation

Hold on to your heads my children because your favorite curly wolf is about to bite them off. Since no one seems to pay attention I think I'm going to start with the ears....

What pray tell has your favorite lupine dude in a tizzy? Well I'll tell you cublings. Just what the title says. Everyone is always SAYING we need to stop being dependent on other countries for our energy supplies of fossil fuels. Predominantly oil. Then you've also got the left and the eco freaks; pissing and moaning about how fossil fuels are evil and that we need to..wean ourselves off of them.
So that we can stop raping our mother earth. Sigh...*HEADDESK* [at this point if they're are children in the room cover their ears and eyes] Note to the eco freaks. Would you simpering, whinging, puling, pussies do the rest of the world a favor? Say..FUCK OFF AND DIE! Let me point something out. If Fossil Fuels were inherently evil and not to be used, would Nature, Gaia, God, Buddha, The Universe, The Sacred Khumquat or whatever fuzzy wuzzy you happen to believe in...provided such an abundance of it?! For my readers let me say this yet AGAIN. The Ecofreaks, the left etc..they don't really give a good goddamn about the planet itself. What they care about is CONTROL and imposing THEIR whim and will on the rest of us. So do like I do..on a daily basis and tell them to F.O.A.D.

Now on to Energy Independence. I don't know WHY we keep having to have this conversation but we're going to have it again. We can shut off the oil importation spigot anytime we want. That's right. I said we never have to import oil again. Why? Let us START with the fact that there is an estimated 86 BILLION barrels of oil in undiscovered fields yet to be found offshore:

There is an estimated 1.5 TRILLION barrels locked up in Oil Shale in the midwestern states.

And yes they've lowered the estimate in theAlaskan NPRA reserves by 90% to something like 1.5 billion barrels of oil:
but read further into the article and it's because the rest of those reserves are NATURAL GAS!
Depending on who you listen to or read there is an estimated[if you read between the lines] 80Billion barrels or more, of oil in the ANWR. Of which about 10 billion is currently feasibly recoverable.

Now if you look at the 5th chart down from the above link and add up all the oil reserves in Alaska, the pacific, the atlantic and the gulf of mexico.. we have...104.6 BILLION barrels of offshore reserves. add in the known onshore reserves and...thats 116 billion barrels of oil.
Now according to that same chart that's enough to power 65million cars for 60yrs. here's the kicker in the ass. that 1.5 TRILLION barrel estimated reserve in oil shale is 225 years of oil...that's right a combined total of almost 3 CENTURIES of all this talk about running out of oil is a crock of shit. All this talk of gaining independence from foreign oil is a crock of shit unless your willing to DRILL ON OUR OWN SOIL! We need to get the Federal Government the fuck out of the way.

Now lets talk about Natural Gas for a minute. We can become more dependent and make more use of our Natural Gas reserves than we do. Let's look at that same chart again shall we? If we add up the numbers for natural gas...we have 650 + TRILLION cubic feet of recoverable natural gas. These numbers represent the amount of natural gas mixed in with or next to oil this number by the way, this chart does not include this little tidbit about coal bed natural gas. That is the amount of natural gas mixed in with our coal, that can be extracted from our coal mines....[blows my mind this one does] That number is 700 TRILLION cubic feet. Of which at the moment only about 100 Trillion cubic feet is economically recoverable. That is STILL a...shit load of of natural gas.

Now here's one for you to do your own research. Coal Reserves. but I'm a nice guy and will provide a link:
But if you do the research we have the largest known reserves of coal IN THE WORLD

Do some digging you people realize that just by opening up the ANWR, contracting for and buying upkeep and replacement/upgrade work on the Alaskan pipe line you could create THOUSANDS of jobs..probably 10's of thousands? If we drill baby drill offshore and build more refineries to process all that oil, and tap the Shale Oil. you're looking at an estimated several hundred thousand? Think about it.
Another way to get more independence is building Hydro power plants on the shores of our country. Wave power people wave power. The sea is eternal and is ALWAYS in motion. It's labor intensive to build the plants too.
Wind? Wind isn't THAT viable. Because it doesn't always blow all the time and something that doesn't get mentioned much though you can find out about it if you research it like I have is that if the wind speeds get up above 50mph you have to feather/fold/retract the blades on the wind turbines because past that point of windspeed the blades will break/shear off and tear the turbines and their towers apart; and if you've got a field of them? *shudder* I don't want to think about it.
Solar is also not really that viable as far as major supply of power. Why? because for example in California you'd have to cover a good chunk of the Death Valley Desert in giant Solar Mirrors to provide even a small percentage of just L.A.'s needs.

So lets review for a second shall we? We've discovered that "Hey we don't have to import oil and can shut off the spigot anytime we want" We've discovered that we CAN be energy independent, and that we can knock off by my own WAG's and others around 1.5-2 MILLION people from the ranks of the unemployed; and put them in the EMPLOYED column. To me this is all a very good thing. So why pray tell aren't we doing it? The Government. It has gotten huge and out of control. They wish to continue to grow in their power. To control every facet of our lives and tax us for everything we use and do. Never heard the song "The Taxman"? Go google it and listen to the lyrics. That's what we're already headed for and long since started down the path towards. I am sick of it. I will grant you one thing..even after subtract from the unemployed we're going to make more unemployed when we disemploy all those faceless government bureaucrats, politicians, lawyers and drones. So what are we going to do with them? [While the idea of rendering them into fertilizer is appealing it might end up being just a bit contra indicated..there ARE other uses for them] I'll do another short post on employment, unemployment, and how we can grow the economy later. For now I think this is quite enough to ponder on.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Are we going the way of the Roman Empire?

I have to give this one serious thought. So should you.
Especially when you hear stuff like the following on the news:

then there was THIS one from 2009:

Hell even the NY Post talked about it in December. As soon as Obama and the Democrat congress took their oaths of office..they started spending money like it was fucking free. What's worse is they started PRINTING it like it was free. Creating massive inflation. We're heading for major Stagflation. Sadly I said the money hasn't been worth the paper it's printed on since we came off the gold standard. IOW if you have no assets, be it gold, silver, diamonds and other precious gems, back the money in circulation; and you start spending and printing the shit like it's get our current crisis. Our money becomes worth less and less as every week passes

Then you've got a government that tells us we need universal healthcare and our healthcare system needs a major overhaul. They tell us "We'll have to pass it to find out whats in it." *headdesk* If you don't know what's in it, why is it even on the floor for a vote? Here we are a year later and it's already having an impact. A bad one.

You've got Gov't Employee Unions telling our local and state governments that THEY run things..not us. Sorry..if my tax dollars DIRECTLY pay your salary you don't GET to have unions. You've got GIANT unions like SEIU working to destroy us.

Sigh..okay its late, I'm tired and this is depressing as hell. I truly don't like where we're headed people. And after we get there..neither will you. My rant about money earlier? WHEN the system collapses[No I don't believe it's a matter of IF. It's gone to far for that I believe. It's a matter of when]the 3 most valuable things you can have is not gold and silver coins and other stuff like that. The 3 most valuably useful things to have are:
1. Guns
2.Ammunition[and LOTS of it]
3. Food. [Long storage food, seed stock, a viable working garden..etc]

Monday, March 14, 2011

Idiocy in Action

My this is a prolific early am for everyone's favorite Curly Wolf.

In another tale of outright stupidity..aww heck with it..just read the article..

His supporters say he should go to jail. Hell even HE admits he should do some time to make amends for the pain he's caused. So to his supporters I say..'seriously people. what's the problem? even he admits he was stupid and is willing to do some time. So what is your major malfunction people?'

"Nolan and Muskegon County Prosecutor Tony Tague are discussing a resolution that would include Emory pleading no contest next Monday to a lesser offense, if a circuit judge approves. The proposed deal would include county jail time, probation and community service, but no sex offender registration, Tague and Nolan both said."

Seems fair to stop whining already.

Teen robbery suspect shot..dies.

In a tale of Woe, Marciel Silva Jr..was tragically [or maybe that should be untragically] killed while robbing a mans business on friday night.

I love this bit from one of his friends...

"Why couldn't you just tell 'em stop, shoot 'em in the leg or something?" Warn 'em, so he could still have his life. Now homeboy is dead in heaven," Silva's friend, Chase Gomez, said."

Well geee Chase...maybe your friend and his friends shouldn't have been taking something that belonged to someone else. Things that that some else actually WORKED for. Sadly...I doubt this is a concept you can understand youngling since I doubt you have a job. Yes I know the economy sucks donkey balls young grasshopper..but that's no excuse.

And these words of wisdom from Silva's 15yr old cousin..
Just up the street, we ran into Silva's 15-year-old cousin, who was with him Friday night. He was arrested, released and is awaiting his court date. "Why'd you guys break into that place?" we asked him.
"I dunno," he replied.
"You don't know?"
"Trying to make money."

Again youngling..try EARNING that money instead of TAKING it from someone who actually worked for it.

This is a lesson our current youth are going to learn the hard way..assuming they actually live through the lesson. It makes me mad..and more than a little sad...that so many youth today still don't get it..and have to learn the hard way.

4 Texas legislators pocket 10s of thousands in scam

Now be still my heart, as we have yet another story of corrupt politicians..

"Texas lawmakers overseeing insurance issues pocketed tens of thousands of dollars in windstorm-related fees and commissions, even as their committees were responsible for overseeing the state-run Texas Wind Insurance Association — an agency under fire for being inefficient and allegedly corrupt."

Obviously..because if I've said it before I'll say it again. If it's run by the government it's inevitably a colossal clusterfuck.

"Rep. Craig Eiland, D-Galveston, current vice chair of the House insurance committee, got $627,000 in legal fees by participating in a class-action lawsuit against TWIA last year that involved homeowners who lost everything down to the slab, documents show. He also shared another $11.5 million of legal fees awarded to him and six other law firms as part of another Ike-related settlement and participated in dozens of other TWIA cases."

So the title header on the article is a misnomer..This one corrupt piece of shit alone pocketed a probable million dollars from the two instances described. Where's the representation we paid you for Rep Craig Eiland? Because as far as I can tell the only one your truly representing is your own wallet. If your constituents in Galvestone are stupid enough to re elect you yet again during the next cycle they fucking well deserve you.

Then we have another one who doesn't see a conflict of interest when he makes almost $400,000 selling insurance policies for the TWIA...while he's a serving fracking 'legislator'.

Sigh...seriously? When you have people like this as politicians and We the People keep electing makes me wonder.........

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wisconsin Repubs to Dems:F and U!

In a move that has the left SCREAMING at the top of their lungs the Wisconsin State Legislature Republicans separated out the clause having to do with stripping the Public Sector Unions of Collective Bargaining power from the Fiscal bill that the Wisconsin Democrats have been hiding in Illinois to avoid debating for 3wks and change; and that the Public Sector Unions have been screaming about. They separated out just that part of the bill..created it as it's own bill and passed it..all in a span of about 4hrs from what I hear

Now the Dimwitocraps are screaming blue bloody murder, saying that the Republicans can't act unilaterally with out them like that. Uhmmm Hello? Isn't that EXACTLY what they've been doing by hiding in another goddamn state and REFUSING to come home to act like adults and do the job they were HIRED to do? On MSNBC Chrissy Matthews and Ed what's his nuts were having a mutual masturbation of outraged blubbering session over it. I find this EXTREMELY gratifying. I find their whinging like 2yr olds over what the Republicans have done this evening to be hypocritical in the extreme. Let me point out something that the Democrats acted on basically unilaterally while the nation by and large screamed loudly and forcefully "No Goddammit! Stop!" I give you Obamacare as that example.

Now some retards are saying that the state workers unions need to take this to the Supreme Court. Nope..sorry it's a state matter..not a federal one. Therefore as some of my black friends say in hebonics "Youse be fucked" For 3weeks..lets say that again..3WEEKS, the Republicans in Wisconsin have tried to get the Democrats to come home and discuss this like adults. They even made a few overatures saying come home and we'll go this far and compromise this much. They tried to give an inch and the Dems and Unions tried to take a mile and a half.

I find this corncobbing they've just been subjected to exceedingly amusing to tell the truth.
To the Democrat state legislators of Wisconsin and the Unions..You reap what you sow people. You reap what you so. You've sown hate and discontent for more than 3weeks..well you just got it back in spades boys and girls. Now sit down and eat your meal like good little boys and girls and SHUT THE FUCK UP!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Gangrape of an 11yr old. 17 people charged

Be warned here and now. This one is going to get ugly. If you don't like or can't stand profanity, I have just two words of advice because I'm pissed...Leave. Now.

Lets just start with the article that has set me off shall we?

An 11yr old? An 11yr old girl!! Are you fucking kidding me? Are you fucking people completely out of your never to be sufficiently goddamned minds? I EXPECT this sort of shit in places like Mexico, or in Africa. But in the United States of America? It's inconceivable! Where does anyone get the goddamned idea that it's a GOOD idea to gang rape a child? Are you animals fucking serious? Her captors and assaulters range in age from about the same age as the girl to a 27yr old.. 17 so far charged and arrested and may go as high as 28 people? *headdesk, headdesk, headdesk* ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGHHH!!!

You notice I call her rapists and captors 'animals' and not people? Good because it's a sharp and purposeful distinction. Why because these pieces of dogshit are just that, rabid, feral animals that need to be summarily put down. Not imprisoned..not castrated..just killed. And I'll not grant these animals with the title of "human" or "person"..not on the coldest motherfucking day in hell. With the possible exception of the middle schooler..there MIGHT be hope for him..possibly. I'm not holding my breath but it is possible.

"But the family's tiny gray wooden home off a long, dark forested road on the outskirts of town is no longer considered safe for the 11-year-old. Child Protective Services put the girl in a foster home for her protection and restricted her family from even speaking to her, the family said."

They can't even let the kid stay home with her parents because it's not safe..those involved and their friends/family are trying to find the child. Who are these pieces of shit? Seriously? What were they're parents? Camels who fucked syphilitic hookers? Just how fucked up is your upbringing as a child and young adult that you think it right to threaten a child like that?

You know what's completely lacking here? Aside from humanity and anything resembling common sense? Moral fortitude. The fact that not ONE of these people stood up and said "Wait...this is wrong" or "Sorry not my scene" then walked off and called the mindboggling.

I love this
"Local officials say the attack has devastated this close-knit community, leaving many to wonder who will be charged next."
How about any and everyone involved in this atrocity? Devatstated? You people are devastated? Where the fuck is your rage? Your "outrage"? Anyone in this town who isn't clamoring for all involved to be summarily shot..or dreaming of a lynch mob to hang all these animals from lampposts and trees, lacks any humanity or moral conviction in my book

Some are saying the kid brought it on herself. Again..since WHEN; you doghumping, cocksucking assbags, is the fact that the child was trying to act older than her actual age a justification for rape? That's like saying a woman who dresses in a short skirt, stripper heels and blouse, drunk and dancing provocatively was "asking for it" . Sorry that dog won't hunt.
Now some are asking
"where were her parents? I've got a better the case of any of the high school aged perps involved, as well of the parents of the middle school kid....Where were THEIR parents? Seriously, because by that point in life you CERTAINLY should have taught your child the difference between right and wrong now shouldn't you? Come on they taped it for crying out loud! Jesus Jumpin H. Mother Fucking Christ these animals thought it was COOL?! They're PROUD of what they did or it wouldn't have been recorded and photographed it in the first place.

Then we have the lawyer for 3 of the rapists coming out with this statement
"James D. Evans III, an attorney who represents three of the defendants, insists: "This is not a case of a child who was enslaved or taken advantage of."

Well that's rich because by LAW she's not capable of saying yes or no to sex therefore it's statutory rape. The fact it was a gang rape just makes it all that much more heinous on so many levels it's mindboggling. Personally I think that lawyer needs to roll a sanity check.

Words are actually starting to fail me...I've got to step away from this for a little while to gather my thoughts some more. I may very well leave the post as is..all I know is I can't type anymore without wanting to hurl something.

Edit 3/9/11 1025pm
Here's another close attention to what the lady known as Robin Smith says. brain damaged moron.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

4 kids dead. Suspect Flees country..ooops

To be honest..this case has me so pissed off I'm seeing red. read on and find out why.

In an article in the local paper today a Houston Fire Dept spokesman said that They went to the DA's office last Friday with video tape evidence, that the woman left those kids unattended. For a full half hour according to the timeline I've seen. The DA's office said come back with more evidence before we go to a judge. They got the DA's office that evidence. Then they went to the magistrate sunday night. The Magistrate kicked it back and told them to redo the affadavit and request for an arrest warrant. They did that and the magistrate finally signed it. WELL after the woman had already left the country.

*headdesk* *snarl* This was a monumental fuck up from the word go. Starting with the DA's office. They had 3 DRT[Dead Right There] kids on the scene the day of the fire. A 4th died later. They had 2 eyewitnesses that put the woman coming back from the store, going into the house, then running back out and screaming "FIRE!" at the top of her lungs..NO she didn't even attempt to go back in after the kids after that. A 19yr old neighbor did but he couldn't get past the smoke and the heat. Good kid that one.
By Friday afternoon they had the timestamped fracking security tape from Target PROVING she wasn't at the house and had left the kids unattended. Yet none of this was good enough for the DA? *Double Facepalm* By the time the DA was satisfied and went to the magistrate the woman had ALREADY fled the country. THEN the magistrate dallied and delayed the warrant some more. We NOW have to *attempt* to get the Nigerian authorities to cooperate, to help up find the woman..and get her back to the US. That cooperation will probably come with the condition that we won't seek the death penalty or charge her with 4 counts of murder. *If* [very big if] the Nigerians cooperate and the US Marshall service delivers her up to us..I suspect what she'll be slapped with is 4 counts of Negligent Homicide and 3 counts of Reckless Endangerment of a
Child. and what I suspect the DA will ask for punishment wise is life without the possibility of parole. Oh wait..the magistrate set the bail at a measly $500,000, so all the family has to come up with is $50,000. 4 dead children and 3 still in the hospital and thats the best the Magistrate could come up with? I've got a better idea..remand her. Which mean no bail, and she sits in jail til, and through her trial.
I have this almost overwhelming urge to bitchslap several people.