Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Energy Independence, Fossil Fuels, Jobs and Importation

Hold on to your heads my children because your favorite curly wolf is about to bite them off. Since no one seems to pay attention I think I'm going to start with the ears....

What pray tell has your favorite lupine dude in a tizzy? Well I'll tell you cublings. Just what the title says. Everyone is always SAYING we need to stop being dependent on other countries for our energy supplies of fossil fuels. Predominantly oil. Then you've also got the left and the eco freaks; pissing and moaning about how fossil fuels are evil and that we need to..wean ourselves off of them.
So that we can stop raping our mother earth. Sigh...*HEADDESK* [at this point if they're are children in the room cover their ears and eyes] Note to the eco freaks. Would you simpering, whinging, puling, pussies do the rest of the world a favor? Say..FUCK OFF AND DIE! Let me point something out. If Fossil Fuels were inherently evil and not to be used, would Nature, Gaia, God, Buddha, The Universe, The Sacred Khumquat or whatever fuzzy wuzzy you happen to believe in...provided such an abundance of it?! For my readers let me say this yet AGAIN. The Ecofreaks, the left etc..they don't really give a good goddamn about the planet itself. What they care about is CONTROL and imposing THEIR whim and will on the rest of us. So do like I do..on a daily basis and tell them to F.O.A.D.

Now on to Energy Independence. I don't know WHY we keep having to have this conversation but we're going to have it again. We can shut off the oil importation spigot anytime we want. That's right. I said we never have to import oil again. Why? Let us START with the fact that there is an estimated 86 BILLION barrels of oil in undiscovered fields yet to be found offshore:

There is an estimated 1.5 TRILLION barrels locked up in Oil Shale in the midwestern states.

And yes they've lowered the estimate in theAlaskan NPRA reserves by 90% to something like 1.5 billion barrels of oil:
but read further into the article and it's because the rest of those reserves are NATURAL GAS!
Depending on who you listen to or read there is an estimated[if you read between the lines] 80Billion barrels or more, of oil in the ANWR. Of which about 10 billion is currently feasibly recoverable.


Now if you look at the 5th chart down from the above link and add up all the oil reserves in Alaska, the pacific, the atlantic and the gulf of mexico.. we have...104.6 BILLION barrels of offshore reserves. add in the known onshore reserves and...thats 116 billion barrels of oil.
Now according to that same chart that's enough to power 65million cars for 60yrs. here's the kicker in the ass. that 1.5 TRILLION barrel estimated reserve in oil shale is 225 years of oil...that's right a combined total of almost 3 CENTURIES of oil..so all this talk about running out of oil is a crock of shit. All this talk of gaining independence from foreign oil is a crock of shit unless your willing to DRILL ON OUR OWN SOIL! We need to get the Federal Government the fuck out of the way.

Now lets talk about Natural Gas for a minute. We can become more dependent and make more use of our Natural Gas reserves than we do. Let's look at that same chart again shall we? If we add up the numbers for natural gas...we have 650 + TRILLION cubic feet of recoverable natural gas. These numbers represent the amount of natural gas mixed in with or next to oil deposits.now this number by the way, this chart does not include this little tidbit about coal bed natural gas. That is the amount of natural gas mixed in with our coal, that can be extracted from our coal mines....[blows my mind this one does] That number is 700 TRILLION cubic feet. Of which at the moment only about 100 Trillion cubic feet is economically recoverable. That is STILL a...shit load of of natural gas.

Now here's one for you to do your own research. Coal Reserves. but I'm a nice guy and will provide a link:
But if you do the research we have the largest known reserves of coal IN THE WORLD

Do some digging around..do you people realize that just by opening up the ANWR, contracting for and buying upkeep and replacement/upgrade work on the Alaskan pipe line you could create THOUSANDS of jobs..probably 10's of thousands? If we drill baby drill offshore and build more refineries to process all that oil, and tap the Shale Oil. you're looking at an estimated several hundred thousand? Think about it.
Another way to get more independence is building Hydro power plants on the shores of our country. Wave power people wave power. The sea is eternal and is ALWAYS in motion. It's labor intensive to build the plants too.
Wind? Wind isn't THAT viable. Because it doesn't always blow all the time and something that doesn't get mentioned much though you can find out about it if you research it like I have is that if the wind speeds get up above 50mph you have to feather/fold/retract the blades on the wind turbines because past that point of windspeed the blades will break/shear off and tear the turbines and their towers apart; and if you've got a field of them? *shudder* I don't want to think about it.
Solar is also not really that viable as far as major supply of power. Why? because for example in California you'd have to cover a good chunk of the Death Valley Desert in giant Solar Mirrors to provide even a small percentage of just L.A.'s needs.

So lets review for a second shall we? We've discovered that "Hey we don't have to import oil and can shut off the spigot anytime we want" We've discovered that we CAN be energy independent, and that we can knock off by my own WAG's and others around 1.5-2 MILLION people from the ranks of the unemployed; and put them in the EMPLOYED column. To me this is all a very good thing. So why pray tell aren't we doing it? The Government. It has gotten huge and out of control. They wish to continue to grow in their power. To control every facet of our lives and tax us for everything we use and do. Never heard the song "The Taxman"? Go google it and listen to the lyrics. That's what we're already headed for and long since started down the path towards. I am sick of it. I will grant you one thing..even after subtract from the unemployed we're going to make more unemployed when we disemploy all those faceless government bureaucrats, politicians, lawyers and drones. So what are we going to do with them? [While the idea of rendering them into fertilizer is appealing it might end up being just a bit contra indicated..there ARE other uses for them] I'll do another short post on employment, unemployment, and how we can grow the economy later. For now I think this is quite enough to ponder on.

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