Monday, March 14, 2011

4 Texas legislators pocket 10s of thousands in scam

Now be still my heart, as we have yet another story of corrupt politicians..

"Texas lawmakers overseeing insurance issues pocketed tens of thousands of dollars in windstorm-related fees and commissions, even as their committees were responsible for overseeing the state-run Texas Wind Insurance Association — an agency under fire for being inefficient and allegedly corrupt."

Obviously..because if I've said it before I'll say it again. If it's run by the government it's inevitably a colossal clusterfuck.

"Rep. Craig Eiland, D-Galveston, current vice chair of the House insurance committee, got $627,000 in legal fees by participating in a class-action lawsuit against TWIA last year that involved homeowners who lost everything down to the slab, documents show. He also shared another $11.5 million of legal fees awarded to him and six other law firms as part of another Ike-related settlement and participated in dozens of other TWIA cases."

So the title header on the article is a misnomer..This one corrupt piece of shit alone pocketed a probable million dollars from the two instances described. Where's the representation we paid you for Rep Craig Eiland? Because as far as I can tell the only one your truly representing is your own wallet. If your constituents in Galvestone are stupid enough to re elect you yet again during the next cycle they fucking well deserve you.

Then we have another one who doesn't see a conflict of interest when he makes almost $400,000 selling insurance policies for the TWIA...while he's a serving fracking 'legislator'.

Sigh...seriously? When you have people like this as politicians and We the People keep electing makes me wonder.........

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