Monday, March 14, 2011

Teen robbery suspect shot..dies.

In a tale of Woe, Marciel Silva Jr..was tragically [or maybe that should be untragically] killed while robbing a mans business on friday night.

I love this bit from one of his friends...

"Why couldn't you just tell 'em stop, shoot 'em in the leg or something?" Warn 'em, so he could still have his life. Now homeboy is dead in heaven," Silva's friend, Chase Gomez, said."

Well geee Chase...maybe your friend and his friends shouldn't have been taking something that belonged to someone else. Things that that some else actually WORKED for. Sadly...I doubt this is a concept you can understand youngling since I doubt you have a job. Yes I know the economy sucks donkey balls young grasshopper..but that's no excuse.

And these words of wisdom from Silva's 15yr old cousin..
Just up the street, we ran into Silva's 15-year-old cousin, who was with him Friday night. He was arrested, released and is awaiting his court date. "Why'd you guys break into that place?" we asked him.
"I dunno," he replied.
"You don't know?"
"Trying to make money."

Again youngling..try EARNING that money instead of TAKING it from someone who actually worked for it.

This is a lesson our current youth are going to learn the hard way..assuming they actually live through the lesson. It makes me mad..and more than a little sad...that so many youth today still don't get it..and have to learn the hard way.

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