Thursday, March 24, 2011

Are we going the way of the Roman Empire?

I have to give this one serious thought. So should you.
Especially when you hear stuff like the following on the news:

then there was THIS one from 2009:

Hell even the NY Post talked about it in December. As soon as Obama and the Democrat congress took their oaths of office..they started spending money like it was fucking free. What's worse is they started PRINTING it like it was free. Creating massive inflation. We're heading for major Stagflation. Sadly I said the money hasn't been worth the paper it's printed on since we came off the gold standard. IOW if you have no assets, be it gold, silver, diamonds and other precious gems, back the money in circulation; and you start spending and printing the shit like it's get our current crisis. Our money becomes worth less and less as every week passes

Then you've got a government that tells us we need universal healthcare and our healthcare system needs a major overhaul. They tell us "We'll have to pass it to find out whats in it." *headdesk* If you don't know what's in it, why is it even on the floor for a vote? Here we are a year later and it's already having an impact. A bad one.

You've got Gov't Employee Unions telling our local and state governments that THEY run things..not us. Sorry..if my tax dollars DIRECTLY pay your salary you don't GET to have unions. You've got GIANT unions like SEIU working to destroy us.

Sigh..okay its late, I'm tired and this is depressing as hell. I truly don't like where we're headed people. And after we get there..neither will you. My rant about money earlier? WHEN the system collapses[No I don't believe it's a matter of IF. It's gone to far for that I believe. It's a matter of when]the 3 most valuable things you can have is not gold and silver coins and other stuff like that. The 3 most valuably useful things to have are:
1. Guns
2.Ammunition[and LOTS of it]
3. Food. [Long storage food, seed stock, a viable working garden..etc]

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