Wednesday, March 2, 2011

4 kids dead. Suspect Flees country..ooops

To be honest..this case has me so pissed off I'm seeing red. read on and find out why.

In an article in the local paper today a Houston Fire Dept spokesman said that They went to the DA's office last Friday with video tape evidence, that the woman left those kids unattended. For a full half hour according to the timeline I've seen. The DA's office said come back with more evidence before we go to a judge. They got the DA's office that evidence. Then they went to the magistrate sunday night. The Magistrate kicked it back and told them to redo the affadavit and request for an arrest warrant. They did that and the magistrate finally signed it. WELL after the woman had already left the country.

*headdesk* *snarl* This was a monumental fuck up from the word go. Starting with the DA's office. They had 3 DRT[Dead Right There] kids on the scene the day of the fire. A 4th died later. They had 2 eyewitnesses that put the woman coming back from the store, going into the house, then running back out and screaming "FIRE!" at the top of her lungs..NO she didn't even attempt to go back in after the kids after that. A 19yr old neighbor did but he couldn't get past the smoke and the heat. Good kid that one.
By Friday afternoon they had the timestamped fracking security tape from Target PROVING she wasn't at the house and had left the kids unattended. Yet none of this was good enough for the DA? *Double Facepalm* By the time the DA was satisfied and went to the magistrate the woman had ALREADY fled the country. THEN the magistrate dallied and delayed the warrant some more. We NOW have to *attempt* to get the Nigerian authorities to cooperate, to help up find the woman..and get her back to the US. That cooperation will probably come with the condition that we won't seek the death penalty or charge her with 4 counts of murder. *If* [very big if] the Nigerians cooperate and the US Marshall service delivers her up to us..I suspect what she'll be slapped with is 4 counts of Negligent Homicide and 3 counts of Reckless Endangerment of a
Child. and what I suspect the DA will ask for punishment wise is life without the possibility of parole. Oh wait..the magistrate set the bail at a measly $500,000, so all the family has to come up with is $50,000. 4 dead children and 3 still in the hospital and thats the best the Magistrate could come up with? I've got a better idea..remand her. Which mean no bail, and she sits in jail til, and through her trial.
I have this almost overwhelming urge to bitchslap several people.

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