Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wisconsin Repubs to Dems:F and U!

In a move that has the left SCREAMING at the top of their lungs the Wisconsin State Legislature Republicans separated out the clause having to do with stripping the Public Sector Unions of Collective Bargaining power from the Fiscal bill that the Wisconsin Democrats have been hiding in Illinois to avoid debating for 3wks and change; and that the Public Sector Unions have been screaming about. They separated out just that part of the bill..created it as it's own bill and passed it..all in a span of about 4hrs from what I hear

Now the Dimwitocraps are screaming blue bloody murder, saying that the Republicans can't act unilaterally with out them like that. Uhmmm Hello? Isn't that EXACTLY what they've been doing by hiding in another goddamn state and REFUSING to come home to act like adults and do the job they were HIRED to do? On MSNBC Chrissy Matthews and Ed what's his nuts were having a mutual masturbation of outraged blubbering session over it. I find this EXTREMELY gratifying. I find their whinging like 2yr olds over what the Republicans have done this evening to be hypocritical in the extreme. Let me point out something that the Democrats acted on basically unilaterally while the nation by and large screamed loudly and forcefully "No Goddammit! Stop!" I give you Obamacare as that example.

Now some retards are saying that the state workers unions need to take this to the Supreme Court. Nope..sorry it's a state matter..not a federal one. Therefore as some of my black friends say in hebonics "Youse be fucked" For 3weeks..lets say that again..3WEEKS, the Republicans in Wisconsin have tried to get the Democrats to come home and discuss this like adults. They even made a few overatures saying come home and we'll go this far and compromise this much. They tried to give an inch and the Dems and Unions tried to take a mile and a half.

I find this corncobbing they've just been subjected to exceedingly amusing to tell the truth.
To the Democrat state legislators of Wisconsin and the Unions..You reap what you sow people. You reap what you so. You've sown hate and discontent for more than 3weeks..well you just got it back in spades boys and girls. Now sit down and eat your meal like good little boys and girls and SHUT THE FUCK UP!

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