Monday, March 7, 2011

Gangrape of an 11yr old. 17 people charged

Be warned here and now. This one is going to get ugly. If you don't like or can't stand profanity, I have just two words of advice because I'm pissed...Leave. Now.

Lets just start with the article that has set me off shall we?

An 11yr old? An 11yr old girl!! Are you fucking kidding me? Are you fucking people completely out of your never to be sufficiently goddamned minds? I EXPECT this sort of shit in places like Mexico, or in Africa. But in the United States of America? It's inconceivable! Where does anyone get the goddamned idea that it's a GOOD idea to gang rape a child? Are you animals fucking serious? Her captors and assaulters range in age from about the same age as the girl to a 27yr old.. 17 so far charged and arrested and may go as high as 28 people? *headdesk, headdesk, headdesk* ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGHHH!!!

You notice I call her rapists and captors 'animals' and not people? Good because it's a sharp and purposeful distinction. Why because these pieces of dogshit are just that, rabid, feral animals that need to be summarily put down. Not imprisoned..not castrated..just killed. And I'll not grant these animals with the title of "human" or "person"..not on the coldest motherfucking day in hell. With the possible exception of the middle schooler..there MIGHT be hope for him..possibly. I'm not holding my breath but it is possible.

"But the family's tiny gray wooden home off a long, dark forested road on the outskirts of town is no longer considered safe for the 11-year-old. Child Protective Services put the girl in a foster home for her protection and restricted her family from even speaking to her, the family said."

They can't even let the kid stay home with her parents because it's not safe..those involved and their friends/family are trying to find the child. Who are these pieces of shit? Seriously? What were they're parents? Camels who fucked syphilitic hookers? Just how fucked up is your upbringing as a child and young adult that you think it right to threaten a child like that?

You know what's completely lacking here? Aside from humanity and anything resembling common sense? Moral fortitude. The fact that not ONE of these people stood up and said "Wait...this is wrong" or "Sorry not my scene" then walked off and called the mindboggling.

I love this
"Local officials say the attack has devastated this close-knit community, leaving many to wonder who will be charged next."
How about any and everyone involved in this atrocity? Devatstated? You people are devastated? Where the fuck is your rage? Your "outrage"? Anyone in this town who isn't clamoring for all involved to be summarily shot..or dreaming of a lynch mob to hang all these animals from lampposts and trees, lacks any humanity or moral conviction in my book

Some are saying the kid brought it on herself. Again..since WHEN; you doghumping, cocksucking assbags, is the fact that the child was trying to act older than her actual age a justification for rape? That's like saying a woman who dresses in a short skirt, stripper heels and blouse, drunk and dancing provocatively was "asking for it" . Sorry that dog won't hunt.
Now some are asking
"where were her parents? I've got a better the case of any of the high school aged perps involved, as well of the parents of the middle school kid....Where were THEIR parents? Seriously, because by that point in life you CERTAINLY should have taught your child the difference between right and wrong now shouldn't you? Come on they taped it for crying out loud! Jesus Jumpin H. Mother Fucking Christ these animals thought it was COOL?! They're PROUD of what they did or it wouldn't have been recorded and photographed it in the first place.

Then we have the lawyer for 3 of the rapists coming out with this statement
"James D. Evans III, an attorney who represents three of the defendants, insists: "This is not a case of a child who was enslaved or taken advantage of."

Well that's rich because by LAW she's not capable of saying yes or no to sex therefore it's statutory rape. The fact it was a gang rape just makes it all that much more heinous on so many levels it's mindboggling. Personally I think that lawyer needs to roll a sanity check.

Words are actually starting to fail me...I've got to step away from this for a little while to gather my thoughts some more. I may very well leave the post as is..all I know is I can't type anymore without wanting to hurl something.

Edit 3/9/11 1025pm
Here's another close attention to what the lady known as Robin Smith says. brain damaged moron.


  1. WTF is wrong with those "people"??!?!??March 9, 2011 at 1:50 AM

    You are so right. It's totally sickening that so many "people" could have taken part in that shocking and vile act. I find the response of the local community even more sickening (blaming an 11yo girl for dressing and acting like someone in her 20s according to one quote: hello? Should this happen to women in their 20s either??? Hell no!!!!). The people making excuses for those lowlifes had plenty of time to weigh their words and that is what they come up with?????? A lot of people in that town (and plenty others no doubt) need to get their heads checked. The same feeling of lack of responsibility shown by blaming the victim is part of what shapes the monsters who committed this heinous act.

  2. Sign of the times. It's okay for Clinton to go about raping interns, must be okay for lowlife shitheads too. My opinion? Public, PUBLIC executions via impaling. See how they like the stick raping them. Videotape it too. Anyone that protests? Stick them also.
    This is wrong all the way round. Period.
    Our society is sick. Time for pruning.


  3. That was the best post ever!!! normall I don't agree with cuss words to get a point across but this was one of those times it needs to be used and was used perfectly!!!! I want to shake the hand of the man that wrote this!!! you rock I think you should consider running for president maybe if you ran our country we could finale get some justice!!!!!!! my prayers are with the victim and her loved ones!!

  4. John you and I have discussed the state of the world often enough to know we're pretty much of one mind about what needs to happen.

  5. Anon..ahh fan mail. It's good to get it. that being being President would be a profoundly bad idea.


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