Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Chic Fil A brouhaha, geez.

What a crock of shit. And I don't mean the remarks as "reported" by the seriously dishonest media.  What the media REPORTS the CEO of Fil A's president as having said and what he actually said taken in context...are two entirely different things.  As usual.
It's been no great secret for a long time that the company is run based upon christian principles. As stated in many many articles, it's being closed on Sunday to give people time with family, among other things, is proof positive of that.

Here is what was said and in context....
The company invests in Christian growth and ministry through its WinShape Foundation ( The name comes from the idea of shaping people to be winners. It began as a college scholarship and expanded to a foster care program, an international ministry, and a conference and retreat center modeled after the Billy Graham Training Center at the Cove.
“That morphed into a marriage program in conjunction with national marriage ministries,” Cathy added.
Some have opposed the company’s support of the traditional family. “Well, guilty as charged,” said Cathy when asked about the company’s position. “We are very much supportive of the family — the biblical definition of the family unit. …
“We are very much committed to that,” Cathy emphasized. “We intend to stay the course,” he said. “We know that it might not be popular with everyone, but thank the Lord, we live in a country where we can share our values and operate on biblical principles.”

*** an honest and completely open statement of how you try to live your life, run your company, give back to people, and what you believe is now hate speech? What the hell is wrong with you people?  Have you been so brain washed by the media, the politicians and the education system that you've forgotten or never learned how to actually engage your brain and THINK about what you're being told? To actually CRITICALLY think?  The answer I'm afraid in a lot of cases is probably Yes.  Of course the answer I believe in many cases, especially with the younger generation coming up behind me is that the schools no longer TEACH the kids to think critically and think for themselves. Kids are no longer taught I swear,loudly and profanely I might add, how to work problems out for themselves.  They are being taught answers by rote memorization, and that those are the only right answers.  
I better stop that line of thought right there, otherwise this is going to devolve into a diatribe and profanity filled rant against the education system.

The schools, the media and the politicians over the last 10,20...hell for as long as  I've been alive, have conditioned those of us that depend on react a certain way, the way they want us to react,  to stimuli they provide. So long as your a good cutout cookie, and do exactly what your told, think what your told to think and speak what your told to speak...your in the rubber stamped, government mandated mainstream.   Speak, think or do things any other way than the "approved" way, and you're an aberration. The proof is in the pudding as they say. The quoted material above is what Chik Fil A owner Dan Cathy actually said, in context; it's not just part of it, taken completely out of context and warped to fit the propagandist line being spouted by the media. 

Freedom of Speech and Tolerance have morphed...the definitions have been rewritten by progressives.  Tolerance USED to mean that even if you didn't agree with someone, you respected their differing opinion and live and let live.  Now?   Now what it has come to mean is that if your opinion differs from what is deemed as the new normal by the government and it's paid mouthpiece, the press, you're a hate mongering, intolerant asshole, who must be castigated and cut off from society. Made an outcast.  Oh my fucking god! Cathy and the company he runs supports TRADITIONAL families and family values therefore he must be an intolerant troll that hates gays and must be soundly castigated, separated and eliminated!.  No..I don't THINK so means exactly what Cathy SAID it means. They believe and support traditional doesn't mean they hate the LGBT community.   You know? Now that I'm sitting here HATE has been redefined the same way as tolerance. Either you think the way the "group" thinks or you hate the group. You must be "punished" and "educated" so you can join the goddamn hive mind!
It's the "groups way, or the hard way.
I think the following video says it best and it really is apropos in that it's the way the government and the press run things...and how those who are brainwashed into thinking that everything those two entities do is always right. there's an idea. I think I'll get naked, cover myself in green jello...and walk down the street reading a playboy.......

Seriously?  I agree with Dennis. It's come to the point now, that I'm so frustrated with stupidity of the masses..that I wanna sink ALL of them up to their necks in shit and let em think happy happy thoughts. Oh wait...never mind, they already ARE up to their necks in shit and still thinking happy happy thoughts because the gubbermint and the MSM (Mainly Sewage Media) don't let them think any differently.  Look around people! Do some goddamn research....sheesh!

Oh and if you want to support Chic Fil A...but don't necessarily like their food. Buy a meal and pass it on to a homeless person, someone down on their luck.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled inanity and insanity.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

*Yawn* Murder prt 2

Sigh...all these people calling for Gun Control? do the math people! I have. Crime rates, or rather the NUMBER of crimes go up...with population growth. but the PERCENTAGE of total population that was killed so far as I can ascertain for last 40+years...has stayed within, by and large that 4-9 THOUSANDTHS of a percent of the population Case in point? 1960. Population 179,323175. Number of murders? 9110. percentage of the total population? 5 THOUSANDTHS of a percent of the population. Mind you the following are just pulling random years out of the statistics and doing the percentages
Year Population murders PoP[percentage of population]
1970 203,235,298 16000 8 THOUSANDTHS of a percent.
1976 214,659,000 18780 9 Thousandths of a percent.
1984 236,159,000 18690 8 thousandths "
1989 248,239,000 21500 9 thousandths "
1997 267,367,000 18208 7 thousandths "
2003 290,690,788 16528 6 thousandths"
2010 308,745,538 14748 5 thousands "

Other crimes also grow and drop in cycles. The differences in numbers of say Robberies or Larcenies will make your head swim. Hell the number of Burglaries in the US is back down to 1960's numbers and that's with twice the population back then. Actually when you look at the numbers with 1960 population vs 2010 population...the percentage differences are staggering.The number of Robberies is back down to 1970's levels and thats with half again the population we had then.However, since we're talking about murders and guns...those numbers I've given are the only ones that matter. Oh and by the way? The percentage of mass murders in all these statistics? LESS than 1% of the THOUSANDTHS of a percent, for 20yrs and more.

Okay I think I've beat the shit out of this enough in the last 48hrs here and all over the inter netz. Next up?  I'm not real happy with Penn State and the NCAA so I think I'll beat the shit out of them for a while. Look for that post later tonight or tomorrow

Friday, July 20, 2012

*Yawn* Murder.

Let's talk about Murder boys and girls. With all the hoopla and the calls for gun grabbing again I just can't keep my mouth shut, because such stupidity deserves bitch slapping.
As of last Census there were  310,000,000 people in the US.  The murder rate for the last 12 years has been anywhere between 14,700 and 17,000.  That 3000 point leeway hasn't varied for more than that 12years..closer to 15..  On the low end 14,748 in 2010[the last year I can find numbers for.] and on the high end of that scale 17,030 in 2006.  The highest the murder rate has EVER been was in 1991 when there were 24,700.  The number of of citizens in the US for those years are 308,745,538 in 2010, 299,398,434 in 2006, and finally 252,177,000 in 1991.   So lets take those numbers as a percentage of population  14,748 is .005% of the population. Or for those of you who have forgotten your basic math as it pertains to decimal points. that's 5 THOUSANDTHS of a percent of the population..  In 2006 with 17,030 murders...that's .005% or 5 THOUSANDTHS of a percent. Now for 1991. 24,700 is .009% or 9 THOUSANDTHS of a percent of population.  Now how many of those are mass murders?  AGAIN less than 1%...that hasn't changed in more than 2 decades.   So really do we have THAT big a problem or are people just seeing the numbers and saying Oh my god!, having an intensely emotional reaction and forgetting to think logically.  Now are large percentage of those deaths caused by gunshot wounds?  Ain't gonna lie...the answer is Yes.  Here's 1 of 3 questions though.  Is it REALLY worth endangering 300 MILLION+ lives a save upwards of 17,000 maximum a year?   It's a cold numbers game and for the gun grabbers the numbers...just don't add up.  So with this newest shooting in's another  question.  Who are you going to trust more with your family's safety?  Yourself and your family and close friends?  Or some dude you've never met who won't get to the site of a crime til well after the deed is already done? The dead are already slain, The women and children already raped, the house already ransacked for valuables and those valuable taken and your life destroyed.

Remember boys and girls even the courts will tell you
 "The constitution is a charter of negative liberties. It tells the state to let the people alone, it does not require the federal government or the state to provide services, even so elementary a service as providing law and order."  So...having said that....

Ben Franklin wrote that he who would give up essential liberties for a little temporary safety deserves NEITHER.  So do you really expect more than 40% [last I checked I think the number was closer to 47% and the numbers have been climbing for years] of the population of the United States to give up their right to bear arms, or have infringed upon for the sake of  at maximum...9 THOUSANDTHS of a percent of the population? 

Now some of you can say "well look at other countries" 
A. I don't give a damn about other countries...just this one right here. The United States of America.  B. The latest facts and figures you can find for murder rates unless you go searching country by country in their own newspapers....are more than 5-7yrs old. There is one map that's only 2yrs old and do you wanna know what it shows?  The highest murder rates in the world are found in South and Central America(which given my last post isn't that shocking), oh and surprise, surprise, surprise!  The African Continent.

So if you really think we have it that tragically bad here...why don't you put your money where your mouth is, and move to a country where it's really ugly.  I give you about a 1 in 10 chance[that's 10%] of surviving more than a year in those other places. Because in those HAVE no rights.  They are the dictatorial shitholes of the world. Where talking against the government will literally get you disappeared or gunned down in the street.  Where even looking at the wrong person will get you killed.

Now someone I'm sure will come behind me and say that the percentages I quote are off and that they're actually much higher.  Here's the problem...those percentages aren't calculated by the population total as a whole. They do 100,000 person increments to enlarge the numbers. It's called a "per capita" calculation.  It's just a tad dishonest in my own not so humble opinion.

That is all
I now return you to your regularly scheduled insanity and inanity.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Ahhh gun control.

Lets look at a place that makes california look like a gun owners paradise by comparison. Benevolent Dictator Hugo Chavez closed all the gun stores and has and is enacting draconian gun laws.  Venezuela.  Population? A little over 28 million. Murder rate?  9500 murders in the last 6 MONTHS!  A country with only 2.5 million  more in population than the State of Texas...and has 9 times the murder rate.  I want you to think about his boys and girls.  9500 murders in just 6 months!  if they continue on at that rate...then by end of 2012 They will have had  19,000 murders in a year. Might go as high as 20.
Now as I said the population of Venezuela is only 2.5 million more than the Great State of Texas. Now with a population of 25.7 million many murders did we have in 2010? 1249. . That's it. just 1,249 murders in the State of Texas.  Now lets look at the US. 310 million currently in population...that's 11 times  the population. Now the latest figures I can find for murders in the US are from 2009.  2009 the population was 281 million...just a shade over actually.  How many murders did we have in the entirety of the US in that year?  16,400. That's it. This in a country with an estimated 270 million guns in private hands. In a country where Gun Stores are everywhere.  Where you can with in 7 days in most places, there are a few exceptions, can walk out of the store with a pistol of your choice. IIRC as a general rule you can walk out of the store with gun in hand if it's a rifle or shotgun...right then and there.   So really, do we need more "gun control" laws and restrictions on weapons ownership?   I don't fucking think so junior. 

For those who are gun control advocates who are going to tell me that the numbers are actually higher and that's its 30,000 plus.  A. No, they arent.  B. The numbers  You are going to site include accidental deaths and suicide.  Sorry you disingenuous , delusional halfwits; but suicides and accidental deaths while tragic...are not MURDER!  that is all

Yeah boys and girls...gun control works SOOO well...*snort*  NOT.

Remember boys and girls..TANSTAAFL!

 I now return you to your regularly scheduled inanity and insanity.

* re edited 7/14/12.

Friday, July 6, 2012

A mish mash

Okay  a mish mash, a hodge podge, a higgldey piggledy...a potpouri of things today..
Let us start with...the supreme court decision on ObummerCare.  I'll not say much on this because many others have said it better than me and explained it better than me to boot.  Suffice to say that it's my own personal belief that Roberts failed miserable. ACA doesn't just violate 1 article of the violates several...including the 13th.   Roberts and the 4 he agreed with are legislating from the bench. That's not their job. Their  JOB boys and girls is to act as a check and balance on the power of the US government.  In this one they failed not just miserably but abominably.

Next up the Unspeakable Nitwits, aka United Nations.  A hat tip to my friend the Bluegrass Pundit  for this one. The enemies of our nation have come up with yet another  idea to save the world and to promote globalization.  Taxes on pretty much everything you'd expect from the collection of America hating halfwits. Global Taxes. On everything from air flight{carbon tax to "fight globull warming"]  to currency transactions, to a Tax on Billionaires. *sneer* Since as everyone knows billionaires NEVER pay their "fair share", of course.
You know..I've always said that if Al queda had taken out the UN while it was in full session instead of the twin towers...I'd have kissed their maggot ridden and pus filled foreheads and pinned medals on them before putting a bullet between their eyes. Since if they'd done THAT, they'd have been doing the world a massive favor.  Yes as a matter of fact I do realize that this sentiment doesn't make me popular.  BFD.

Next up?  A hat tip to my friend Larry over at Last Refuge of a Scoundrel. for this bit
 Ahh Ricky sweat from a diseased camels balls.

So "freedom" is a "rightwing" catch phrase designed to dupe the masses hmmmm?  Thats right Ricky because if everyone was as free thinking as many of those of us on the right or even in the center...they'd leave the unions, start thinking for themselves and *gasp* might even begin to question your decisions and integrity! Can't have that. Can't interrupt the group think mind wash. Sigh...Ricky Ricky Ricky.  You know what? When your mother and father created you?  The best part of their DNA ran down her leg as they wanted no part of what was coming....

Yet another hat tip to my buddy Bluegrass Pundit for this one.
Geez, liberal politicians are stupid.
It amazes me the lack of intelligence in liberal politicians in general and politicians in California in particular.  They make slugs look intelligent. Which is probably an insult to the slugs. Unfortunately these particular slugs you can't just pour salt on...

Okay that's the mish mash for today. I'm off.
I now return you to your regularly scheduled inanity and insanity