Friday, July 13, 2012

Ahhh gun control.

Lets look at a place that makes california look like a gun owners paradise by comparison. Benevolent Dictator Hugo Chavez closed all the gun stores and has and is enacting draconian gun laws.  Venezuela.  Population? A little over 28 million. Murder rate?  9500 murders in the last 6 MONTHS!  A country with only 2.5 million  more in population than the State of Texas...and has 9 times the murder rate.  I want you to think about his boys and girls.  9500 murders in just 6 months!  if they continue on at that rate...then by end of 2012 They will have had  19,000 murders in a year. Might go as high as 20.
Now as I said the population of Venezuela is only 2.5 million more than the Great State of Texas. Now with a population of 25.7 million many murders did we have in 2010? 1249. . That's it. just 1,249 murders in the State of Texas.  Now lets look at the US. 310 million currently in population...that's 11 times  the population. Now the latest figures I can find for murders in the US are from 2009.  2009 the population was 281 million...just a shade over actually.  How many murders did we have in the entirety of the US in that year?  16,400. That's it. This in a country with an estimated 270 million guns in private hands. In a country where Gun Stores are everywhere.  Where you can with in 7 days in most places, there are a few exceptions, can walk out of the store with a pistol of your choice. IIRC as a general rule you can walk out of the store with gun in hand if it's a rifle or shotgun...right then and there.   So really, do we need more "gun control" laws and restrictions on weapons ownership?   I don't fucking think so junior. 

For those who are gun control advocates who are going to tell me that the numbers are actually higher and that's its 30,000 plus.  A. No, they arent.  B. The numbers  You are going to site include accidental deaths and suicide.  Sorry you disingenuous , delusional halfwits; but suicides and accidental deaths while tragic...are not MURDER!  that is all

Yeah boys and girls...gun control works SOOO well...*snort*  NOT.

Remember boys and girls..TANSTAAFL!

 I now return you to your regularly scheduled inanity and insanity.

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