Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Eco Nazi's are at it again...

watch this video

just the first 60seconds with the kids and school teacher is enough to make me want to vomit. Me..On 10/10 I'm gonna go out of my way to increase my carbon footprint. grill all day and send smoke up into the sky. use my evil gas powered lawnmower to cut my grass. borrow my neighbor's evil 2cycle gasmix trimmer to edge/trim the yard and his gas blower to blow it all clean. Hey I live in Texas so yeah..I can mow that late in the season. and then some. I'll have to figure out what else I can do to increase my carbon footprint for the day. run my ac/heater. [depending on weather] leave the computer on for 24hrs, even when I'm not on it. run the tv's all day..maybe run the stereo system in my room all day as well..even if all I do is turn it on and set it to tape player so it's not playing..just drawing power. keep the curtains closed and turn on most of the lights in the house..including the exterior ones...
If I lived out in the country..I'd chop down some trees to build a bonfire to light. and maybe some perimeter firepits around the bonfire. Yes boys and girls let us all do our part to increase our carbon footprint for the 1010 initiative. This oughta be interestin...

Yep according to my friends the original URL has been marked as a 'private' video. it's really convenient thought that one of my fellow AGW 'deniers' downloaded and archived it to his harddrive. since there is now a 'mirror' of it up here.

Nope can't have the sheep knowing what the AGW crowd REALLY thinks of them. Though if you've got a fully functional brain it ain't that hard to figure out. Remember your Orwell boys and girls "some animals are more equal than others"

Monday, September 27, 2010

A New..Muslim Superhero!

Oh...goody? Wait it gets better..the hero is not only a muslim teenager..he's disabled. Which means of course that anything derogatory I say about the new super hero will be consider anti muslim...well duuhhhh, and social inept, and hateful towards the disabled. Oh boy.

"The new superhero is the brainchild of a group of disabled young Americans and Syrians who were brought together last month in Damascus by the Open Hands Intiative, a non-profit organization founded by U.S. philanthropist and businessman Jay T. Snyder."

Now this here should be your FIRST warning. Yep a rich Philanthropist..who is also a Democrat Party activist.

"From 2000 to 2001, Mr. Snyder served as Public Delegate, United States Representative to the 55th United Nations General Assembly, functioning as a representative[7] on general policy matters, reform issues, and the Millennium Summit, and formulated and presented statements before the U.N. on a variety of public diplomacy questions."

Yep now why? oh why? does this not fill me with 'happy joy joy feelings"?

"Snyder says he was inspired by President Barack Obama's effort to reach out to the Muslim world in his January 2009 inaugural address. Last month, Snyder flew 12 disabled Americans to Damascus to meet their Syrian peers, and one of their main goals was to come up with ideas and story lines for the new superhero."

That was not an effort to reach out. That was opening ceremony of the "Apology Tour" and...I'm sorry but that did not go well. Everyone Obama 'reached out' to was either annoyed, laughing their asses off or hold us in complete contempt for showing weakness.

Oh and by the way..the Silver Scorpion? Someone should have pointed out the story of the Scorpion and the Frog to the children. It didn't end well.

Finally on the bad side of this:
"The new superhero is Muslim, who loses his legs in a tragic landmine accident and must learn to come to terms with the reality of his disability while learning to use his newfound power to fight for social inclusion, equity and justice."

How about the superhero fights for freedom, Liberty and justice. Sorry someone including you in their group, their life etc, is a personal decision. You can't FORCE'll just end up pissing people off and making them hate you.

This comic and it's follow ups will be used to push and preach a liberal/progressive agenda. This does not thrill me at all.

Now to end on a happier note.. kudos to the kids, for using their imaginations and NOT letting their disabilities completely control their lives, or dominate their spirits.

Friday, September 24, 2010

UAW Brew Crew and Chrysler/GM

I had a real good laugh at the video today..but I was also in awe. One of the chicago machine liberal talk radioheads up there..said 'drinking and drug use on the'll find it at every plant in america" o_O. I was laughing because she did have somewhat of a point. I was a great one for going and grabbing a brew at lunch at one time. Of course I was also grabbing lunch at the same time. These idiots weren't even grabbing a bite..just a brew. Slamming back 40oz in 10-15 mins and then back in time to go back to work on time on the other hand..with out even bothering to eat? Not good. 40oz is the equivlent of 3 normal beer can/bottles and change. The 40oz and 'kingsize' can one of them bought and slugged back, depending on whether it was an 18 or 24oz can..was a minimum of 580z or 5 cans of beer. basically almost an entire 6pack. Slamming that back in less then 20 mins on an empty stomach with no food involved is NOT a good idea.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The GOP's "Pledge To America"

I don't believe for one minute that the Republicans will adhere to the Pledge for one minute longer than it takes to get rid of the complete clusterfuck that is President Obama and the radical democrat congress.

Lets just take a few highlights shall we? my analysis/commentary is interspersed after each bullet point, at the --

Read The Bill: We will ensure that bills are debated and discussed in the public square by publishing the text online for at least three days before coming up for a vote in the House of Representatives. No more hiding legislative language from the minority party, opponents, and the public. Legislation should be understood by all interested parties before it is voted on

-- Great. Grand. So WHY pray tell have we not been doing this for the last ohhh..I don't know 20yrs, 50..hell the last HUNDRED years goddammit! This is something that should be standard procedure, and I suspect WAS for a good deal of time after our country was formed. After the bureaucracy started growing by leaps and bounds in the early 1900's, I believe it fell by the way side. Can't have people seeing, reading, comprehending and fully understanding what an abortion of a bill we're passing now can we?

Adhere To The Constitution: For too long, Congress has ignored the proper limits imposed by the Constitution on the federal government. Further, it has too often drafted unclear and muddled laws, leaving to an unelected judiciary the power to interpret what the law means and by what authority the law stands. This lack of respect for the clear Constitutional limits and authorities has allowed Congress to create ineffective and costly programs that add to the massive deficit year after year. We will require each bill moving through Congress to include a clause citing the specific constitutional authority upon which the bill is justified.

--Absolutely. Again..this is something that started to fall by the wayside in the early 1900's. Somewhere around 1920 or thereabouts I believe.

Make It Easier to Cut Spending: By forbidding amendments on spending bills, Democrats have denied lawmakers the opportunity to tighten Washington’s belt and slash wasteful and duplicative programs. Structure dictates behavior, so we will let any lawmaker — Democrat or Republican — offer amendments to reduce spending.

-- Lets make it simpler....You will vote on what the bill is about..NOTHING ELSE. There will be no additions to a bill which will make it what I refer to as an Omnibus Bill. You know..kinda like what Obama Care was. 3000 fucking pages? Really? If a bill can NOT be explained in simple concise language and written in 100 pages or does not even make it on to the house and senate floors. This will be made a new legislative rule of law.

Advance Legislative Issues One at a Time: We will end the practice of packaging unpopular bills with “must-pass” legislation to circumvent the will of the American people. Instead, we will advance major legislation one issue at a time.

--This one goes to congress overstepping it's constitutional boundries.

Here's the CBS Breakdowns....
- Stop job-killing tax hikes
- Allow small businesses to take a tax deduction equal to 20 percent of their income
- Require congressional approval for any new federal regulation that would add to the deficit
- Repeal small business mandates in the new health care law.

--Okay..stopping job killing's a novel concept..the tax system as it is now..gets flushed down the toilet. Everyone pays a new 10% flat tax. No exemptions
The corporate tax laws will be simplified as well..probably in a very similar way.
Congressional approval? must adhere to the constitution. And EVERYONE either must be present or no vote. Also...You MUST vote either yea or nay. No voting 'pass' or 'present' or 'not present'
Repealing the business mandates in the healthcare law. Uhmmm..NO. The ENTIRE abortion of a healthcare bill will be repealed.

Cutting Spending:
- Repeal and Replace health care
- Roll back non-discretionary spending to 2008 levels before TARP and stimulus (will save $100 billion in first year alone)
- Establish strict budget caps to limit federal spending going forward
- Cancel all future TARP payments and reform Fannie and Freddie.

--Healthcare? tired of repeating myself. Rollback on spending? We will not ONLY roll back spending to pre 2008 levels..there are any number of departments that will be immediately defunded and dismantled. To include just off the top of my head...
Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, The BATF[or as I refer to it. ..the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Fuck ups!] The FBI will be have it's funding cut back some, as will the US Marshalls. The Tennessee Valley Authority..defunded or at least cut back massively. The IRS..defunded, dismantled and rebuilt on a MUCH smaller scale after the Tax laws are tossed out and the new tax system is starting up. The goddman STATE Dept, will have massive budget cut backs..I think by oh..about 50 or 60% IOW they will only be about 40% of the size they currently are. Fannie and Freddie will be defunded, dismantled and everyone involved WILL be under criminal investigation. There are others [I have a list oh yes I have a large list]
Oh and by the will save more than a $100billion dollars since haven't spent all the Tarp and other bailout funds yet.

Reforming Congress:
- Will require that every bill have a citation of constitutional authority
- Give members at least 3 days to read bills before a vote

---Every bill will cite where in the constitution it gives the authority to them to DO what the bill proposes and will give their reasoning behind it. FACTS, NOT feelings gentlemen and ladies.
3 days? Oh that sounds reasonable to read what will be at most a 100page bill. [see my bullet point on no more omnibus bills.]

- Provide resources to troops
- Fund missile defense
- Enforce sanctions in Iran

--resources to troops? Absolutely. And will someone please explain the concepts of logistics to certain don't put your troops on the ground before you've got the supplies to keep them in in place or damn near there..and you don't put more troops down than you can supply. Supply is the tail that wags the dogs you idiots and stories of troops not having critical things like oh..FOOD, toiletries, etc that they need is not predisposed to making me happy. As a matter of fact, stories of troops not eating for 24hrs or more because the mess hall isn't 24hrs for the sake of the troops that aren't there and are on patrol when it's normally open for meals, and closing down and throwing out the places like McDonalds etc that opened in the safe zones and bases/forbidding the troops to go there..truly pisses me off.

--Funding missle defense is a necessity. The U.S.S.R. The Russian Bear is STILL the Russian Bear. New name either the Commonwealth or simply clothes same old shit. they are not a new and improved on their way to democracy country. Vladimir Putin runs that country. He's not nice. He hates our guts. He's exKGB and he still thinks that way. Therefore he has no....thoughts of happy endings for us. Bad ones on the other hand..oh yes. We also need missle defense because every terrorist nation under the sun either is working towards getting their hands on nukes and because contrary to popular belief..China, like Russia, is NOT our friend.
Enforcing Sanctions on Iran...are a complete and total waste of time and energy. They Do. Not. Work. Never have. Iran does NOT care what we think. Take out their Nuclear power plant for starters..because let them start producing nuclear materials and we will have mushroom clouds blossoming over American cities. Iran will give nuclear weapons to Terrorist groups..probably free of charge. You can take that to the bank.

After I've had a chance to read the entire 21 pages of the document and not just the highlights I'll speak my mind a little more.

Here is where I say...

I fracking told you so you mental midgets!
What is this about? Well lets just say I'm sick and tired of all the people being shocked by what the liberal/progressives are doing right now.
1. Calling names like racist, hate monger, right winger, scare spreading hacks, etc etc..has ALWAYS been the liberal/progressive way. It has been for 50 GODDAMN YEARS or more! Jesus Jumpin H. Christ you'd think no one reads history anymore.
2. Those of us who are called rightwing hatemongers, TOLD you people what was coming. We warned you what Obama was and what would happen if you put him in office and the democrats in control of congress. I screamed about it here and elsewhere for a solid year or more BEFORE the elections, what would happen. I got told I was being paranoid. I got told I was delusional. Told I needed to get back on my meds since I was obviously a mental patient.
Well...who is laughing now fucktards. Certainly not me. I and others like me, are even MORE unhappy than you are because we tried to fucking warn you and you DID. NOT. LISTEN!

My fellow blogger lawdog said of some of the effects of the Obamacare bill that are now coming into play "anyone with 2 braincells to rub together saw this coming"
Although I said I agreed with him..I'd have to say with a little more thought that those with only 2 brain cells to rub together are what got us into this mess, by electing Obama and the Democrats in the first place.

Anyone who thinks it's bad now? You have not seen anything yet. This is the beginning. The beginning of the complete and total destruction of the American Republic. We will become a...clone of the old Soviet Bear. The U.S.S.R. you remember known as simply Russia or the Commonwealth? Same bear, different name. Anyone who tells you otherwise is selling something.

I suspect that even if the Republicans take back the congress in 2months that it's already to late. They are saying a lot of stuff..but then again..they said a lot of stuff during their 'contract with America' days during the clinton era. Yeah we see how well they stuck to THOSE principles now haven't we. It's predicted that if and when[I believe WHEN, not IF] we go into the 2nd dip of this recession[which will be I believe much worse than the first dip], that it will take a DECADE to recover from it. basically get back to either where we are currently, or to where we were just before Obama and the Abominations took over. Does that not just fill your heart with gladness? We are going to head for record unemployment numbers again. numbers which are fundamentally flawed because they NEVER count the masses like me who've been long time unemployed and never took a dime of unemployment, and those who if they took unemployment finally just gave up and dropped out. I believe the current touted percentage for the Unemployment numbers in just a shade over 9%. Which is where the President said his programs would help because with his massive spending programs it would prevent it from going over 9%. Sadly, I believe that when you factor in people like myself the number of unemployed is closer to 15-16%. Sobering thought is it not?
Hell, and I'm not even counting the people who are even more paranoid than I that live off the grid. Survivalists. Those who trade and barter to get what they need to survive. Or as the left refers to them, homegrown, rightwing terrorists and whackjobs. I don't think anyone knows their true numbers.
A Chinese philosopher once came up with a curse that we use even today "May you live in interesting times" Well I for one am not enjoying it, and secondly..if I could travel back in time I think I'd like I can punch that philosopher in the jaw.....with a sledgehammer.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

why I don't have any respect for those on the left...

or at least those who are bussed in to protest...

I found this alternately sad, because they couldn't explain and funny as hell.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

A little light rambling today..nothin heavy

It's a good day today so I'd rather not get annoyed discussing the Politics and our politicians in particular. BTW The P word is on my list of 4 letter words..did you know that?

Just got back a little while ago from seeing the movie Easy A. Stars Emma Stone as a young previously...unnoticed and untalked about girl in school. Til she helps a gay friend get left alone by having..fake sex with him. which is of course appropos since they're reading The Scarlett Letter in english class. She shortly thereafter gets labeled the school slut and decides she's gonna own it, if they're gonna call her that. It situation devolves from there. The movie was funny, snarky and entertaining as all get out. I gives it a 5 outta 5. No, the fact that I find Emma Stone hotter than hell had NO involvement in my decision making process to go see this film. None at all.........

I'm going back to the theatre in a little while to see Resident Evil:Afterlife.

Did ya'll know I love blues music? I've always lamented there's not a station that plays it. I discovered recently a "Progressive" [see radical commie liberal] radio station that also has various music programs. I mention this because on sundays from 8am til..6 in the evening, they rocks a line up that starts with a show they call the music of new orleans. Some blues, zydeco..etc. then from 11pm-2pm is a show called best of the blues. I love the dj he gives you the backstory on quite a bit of the music he plays..and I love it. Then after that is another blues show called Howling the Blues runs til 4 or 5 and then they run an hour of blue grass. the radio station is called KPFT. The rest of the week I can't stand them but..sundays I listen most of the day. Hell if they went to nothing but; blues, bluegrass, zydeco and jazz programming 24/7 I'd die a happy man. not gonna happen but a man can dream.

now for a book plug or 6. Yes amazingly enough the curly wolf does like to read. Scifi predominantly.

Here's a few books with amazon links to check out if you like guns, girls, aliens, more guns, monsters, more guns, earthshattering KABOOMS....*grin*

Monster Hunter International by Larry Correia. First in a series. Probably the best authorial debut I've seen in recent years. The story is told with a sense of humor as well as deadly seriousness where the situation being described is concerned. I loves it my precious I LOVES it!
Here's the link..with the story line etc.

The follow up novel Monster Hunter Vendetta comes out in the next week or so and your favorite curly one will be rushing right out to buy it. Matter of fact think I'll check with my local borders to see if its out early.

Now another one I suggest you check out is another first of a series. The series is called Troy Rising. the first novel is called Live Free or Die. The author..John Ringo is nothing if not prolific..he's really close to having released 40 novels in the last decade. The frequency does NOT diminish from the quality of the story, the characters etc etc. Put it this way...I own EVERY novel he's written to this point...including books he's co authored with other authors.
here's the link to Live Free or Die. There ain't a bad one among them. there is one I like less than the rest but it's not bad.

the second novel Citadel is due the beginning of january. I'm personally betting it'll hit right around christmas..can we guess what the curly wolf wants for christmas? *grin* I've already read it because the nice thing about the publishing house that publishes all these novels I'm listing is you can get Electronic Advanced Reading Copies...several months before they come out on the shelves in all formats. So I have read Citadel already..but, did I mention this guy is goooood?

I'm feeling positively giddy because I found out recently that book 3 in the series The Hot Gate is due out right around my birthday.

Another interesting read is a novel called Ragnarok by Patrick Vanner. It's Patrick's debut novel and its a good one.

The only thing I found odd was that it was released as a Trade sized paperback as opposed to a mass market paperback.

I've also found myself reading Thomas Paine.

The constitution.

The Federalist Papers..

Rudyard Kipling: The Complete Verse..because as most soldiers will tell one says it better than Kipling.

Awww's a list with links of Authors I love to read..over and over again. I won't list Ringo or Larry Correia..since those two should be fairly obvious to you by now. :)

Wm Mark Simmons

Tom Kratman

David Drake

Lois McMaster Bujold

Michael Z. Williamson.

Mark L. Van Name

Elizabeth Moon

David Weber

Sarah Hoyt. Who also writes under a couple aliases. Chief among them Sarah D'Almeida,
Elise Hyatt and there's another one I can't think of right now.

Robert A. Heinlen.
The master of them all..he may be long dead but he's still so relevant it's scary.

Now if you have left leaning, liberal tendencies I will warn you now...Ringo, Williamson, Kratman...and most likely Drake and Correia, will make your heads explode. Do NOT come bitching at me and saying it's my fault, if your blood pressure spikes, after reading these authors. You were warned my loyal readers..that's all I gotta say on that

Oh for the EARCS and ebook copies of most of the books of these authors except for Some of Sarah Hoyt's stuff and Elizabeth Moon...go to and click on the webscriptions tab.

Also a good number of novels by the various authors are available in the FREE library on Again in all formats.

Knock yourselves out children.

we now return you to your regularly scheduled inanity and insanity.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

THIS is why term limits are necessary

Here is just one example why I have been in favor of pulling the trigger[in the most literal sense of the word] to enforce term limits..since I hit my majority.

He or a member of his family have held that seat for 75 YEARS. Or to put it another way 3/4's of a goddamn century. This should make you made enough to spit...if not mad enough to kill. The Kennedy's IIRC held their seat for 50 years or half a century IIRC. Other politicians aren't quite as bad but have been in their congressional seats for multiple decades. This is NOT what our founding fathers envisioned. Their vision was for citizen statesmen to come in and serve for 1 or 2 terms then get the hell out of the way. What we have now is an embedded elite aristocracy that does not give 2 shits about the people. This boys and girls is the reason the founders gave us the 2nd amendment..because they knew that power corrupts eventually and absolute power corrupts absolutely. They knew the day would come when we might have to over throw our own version of the english royal court eventually.
"Our own version of the English Royal court you say curly?"
Yes my friends..our own version of the royal court.
The House of Representatives=The House of the Commons
The Senate=The House of Lords
The President= the King..albeit a temporary duly elected one.

All Three of those bodies forget their place, what they are there for. The power has corrupted them to the point where frankly..I believe we no longer have a choice in the matter. It is time to throw off the yokes of a corrupt king and his lords yet again. Only this time that king and his lords aren't in a land over the ocean a couple thousand miles away. They are HERE on our own home ground.

I give you links to a few past posts...

we now return you to your regularly scheduled inanity and insanity.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

We the People, the Tea Party and November..

I was watching Megyn Kelly's show a little while ago, and she played a clip of Mr. Charles Krauthammer basically saying, that if the Tea Party backed candidates win their primaries; it would spell possible disaster towards the Republican party's chances for a "bloodbath" against the Democrats come November. With all due respect to Mr. Krauthammer, whose opinions I generally agree with by the way; this is no longer about which party runs congress. The fact that most of the candidates the Tea Party backs have an R before their names, means damn little to me and others. It's about 'we the people' putting into place, congresscritters who remember just who pays their obscene and wholly unearned salaries. Who truly understand the words Honor, Respect, Integrity, Personal Responsibility and Fiscal Responsibility. Congresscritters who don't just mumble these words in a speech as meaningless platitudes to get elected. Who understand that you do not make money, grow the economy and balance the budget by taxing the people to death and then spending that money like a drunken sailor in a whorehouse! At least when the drunken sailors money is gone he understands that there isn't going to be anymore booze, or pleasant interludes with the ladies. Well..the sailor understands if he isn't so far gone in the bottle that he can't walk straight, let alone think coherently. :)

This election is about we the people standing up and telling the politicians, and those who don't believe as we do on both sides of the aisle..'"shut the hell up, sit the hell down, stop acting like spoiled, thuggish brats in a candy store, and start acting like responsible adults goddammit!" The people are sick of it. Tired of all the endless bickering. Tired of all the finger pointing. We the people are weary almost unto death of it. Enough. No More. This country can no longer afford such willful, reckless, and abject stupidity.

Not if we are to truly remain and survive as the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Was it really almost a decade ago? is 9yrs as of today that some 3,000 innocent souls were snuffed out by 19 jihadists in 2 planes crashing into the Twin Towers of the WTC. Some this day will post videos that have been made as a memorial, some will post a roll call of the fallen. Me..I'll just point out that it's been 9yrs and the cancer still eats at our world. We aren't finished yet and may not be in a long train of years to come. This thought does not give me comfort, it doesn't give me pleasure.

I will give you the words of Kipling this day...
Recessional by Rudyard Kipling
God of our fathers, known of old --
Lord of our far-flung battle line --
Beneath whose awful hand we hold
Dominion over palm and pine --
Lord God of Hosts, be with us yet,
Lest we forget -- lest we forget!

The tumult and the shouting dies --
The Captains and the Kings depart --
Still stands Thine ancient sacrifice,
An humble and a contrite heart.
Lord God of Hosts, be with us yet,
Lest we forget -- lest we forget!

Far-called our navies melt away --
On dune and headland sinks the fire --
Lo, all our pomp of yesterday
Is one with Nineveh and Tyre!
Judge of the Nations, spare us yet,
Lest we forget -- lest we forget!

If, drunk with sight of power, we loose
Wild tongues that have not Thee in awe --
Such boastings as the Gentiles use,
Or lesser breeds without the Law --
Lord God of Hosts, be with us yet,
Lest we forget -- lest we forget!

For heathen heart that puts her trust
In reeking tube and iron shard --
All valiant dust that builds on dust,
And guarding calls not Thee to guard.
For frantic boast and foolish word,
Thy Mercy on Thy People, Lord!


September 11th, 2001
Never Forget
Never Forgive

Edit 16hrs later:

I woke up early this morning and forgot, for all of about the 10mins it took me to get dressed and head out the door for a little quick shopping trip. After the rubber met the road it hit me again and I remembered. After I got home I discovered the family was watching the various services and even briefly flipped it over to MSNBC's taped footage of their coverage that day.
I don't need to watch it. See...I've got 3-4 days worth of it on cassette. I taped it for posterity. Non stop 24 hrs..3-4 days of coverage. Lest I forget. Doing that however...I find I don't need to watch them to remind me. All I need do, is look up at the stack of VHS cassettes on top of my book case, and I can see it.

I remember where I was that morning. I was at work, at the sporting goods dept putting away merchandise off of 4 pallets from the day befores' delivery. After the first plane hit the was originally thought a bomb was exploded. Someone came over to say "Sean someone exploded a bomb at the WTC." I kept working for a minute then walked over to the electronics dept. Just in time to see the plane hit the 2nd tower. I remember thinking right after "Someone has got to pay for this. We're going to war" a heavy thought for so early in the morning. Several of us got into trouble that day..for neglecting our work and wandering over to electronics to watch the chaos. Me I didn't care if I got yelled at. We'd just been attacked. At some point in the few minutes after the 2nd tower was hit, I'd called my sister and told her to pop a blank cassette in the VCR, put it on any channel and hit record. It's 9yrs later..and I can still picture that day as clear as if I were there again.

I'll never forget. As for forgiveness..I'll forgive when all those who committed that act, and those who fight because they believe as the hijackers did, are all dead...or I am.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Quran burning on 9/11.

Yes my case you haven't been paying attention to the news..there's a Pastor in Gainesville, Fla planning a Quran burning on Sept 11th.

There is outrage and uproar over this...

The Vatican:
Burning the Quran would an "outrageous and grave gesture," the Vatican said Wednesday, joining a chorus of voices pleading with a small Florida church not to burn Islam's holy book on the anniversary of the September 11, 2001, attacks

Secretary of State Clinton:
U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said it would be a "disrespectful, disgraceful act." She was speaking Tuesday night at a State Department dinner in honor of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

Now..even Petraeus has said the burning will put soldiers in Afghanistan in danger. Give our enemies more ammunition in their rhetoric and recruiting efforts; and may very well spark a new round of violence

Now honestly? I am torn on this. On the one hand..I feel for Patraeus' point of view. Because as I pointed out in someone elses back and forth about this elsewhere "it ain't the church members asses on the firing line that might die"
Now on the OTHER hand....What? You really believe that it matters, in the grand scheme of things as to the amount of violence? I don't . The only ammo that the Islamapricks need against us is the fact that We're a free people, aren't muslims, and aren't under sharia law where we can be destroyed and enslaved. What WE do does not make one wit of difference. Or hasn't anyone been paying attention the bombings in the news lately?

Or in the rest of the world.

.... and that lads and lasses was just a few minutes work of cutting and pasting through the joys of the google search engine. Just bombings..I didn't google attacks with guns on crowds. So honestly..after reading those articles [and any other examples you might bring up through the use of googlefu] do you honestly believe that the Quran burning is going to give these Islamapricks Ammo? Or that they need "ammo"

If your answer is yes then I have some advice. Open your eyes, pull your head out of your ass and try living in the real world with the rest of us. If you do you might and I stress the word might survive what I believe is coming down the pike.

Lastly...I'm also of the mind of 'burn baby! burn!" fi you read my last post I shouldn't have to explain why. I don't know if I'll watch what I'm sure will be live coverage of the event. Since I intend to attend a burning and destruction of my own this weekend. Resident Evil: Afterlife. Also quite possibly Machete. I love the 1st amendment don't you?

I now return you to your regularly scheduled inanity and insanity

Monday, September 6, 2010

Islam, Liberalism and the same hat they both wear.

You folks may or may not find the idea the simple sentence of the title of this piece states..logical.
However let me break it down for you:
Liberalism..would have this country made "better" than we are. They would change us into a "socialist utopia". They are espousing ideals that have been proven time, and time again destroy a nation, make it's people slaves. If you don't like word slave to damn bad, I REALLY don't care. I will however give you another alternative word to use which in effect means the same thing. Serfdom. It is, as I've stated before, a return to some of the worst times, and places world wide. One would just subjugate us here at home. The other would subjugate the entire world.
Serf: a laborer who was not allowed to leave the land he worked. [socialism]
Slave: a person who is owned by another. [islam]
In the end it all ends up the same way. The poor get poorer, or STAY poor and are controlled with NO hope of ever being better than they are. Eventually the first generation of either one gives birth to the next generation of slaves. Thus the children, and the childrens children, and those who follow are born being owned by another right down into perpetuity. Used, abused, raped, beaten and then tossed aside like garbage when the kind and benevolent government of the socialist utopia/ Caliphate is done with them.

Socialism.liberalism would have you subservient to a great beureaucratic dictatorial nightmare of a government. Be chattel, serfs attached to the land for the 'greater good of the homeland. It doesn't work. Time and history prove that . It is not beneficial to the people as a whole but only to a few at the very top of the power structure. Don't believe me? Fine, study the histories of Russia, Hell of china. Names in history like Stalin, and Mao. Study and learn. Those men, what they espoused, the socialist ideals they tried to spread, killed millions upon millions of people. As though the people that died were kleenex, to be used and tossed aside. THIS is what the liberals would have America turned into? I don't think so.

Islam would do that to us as well. They make no equivocations about what they intend for America and the world. THEY will rule. It's their way or die. Anyone who would not convert would die. Most would be killed out of hand anyway. even those who "convert" or what they would call reverts, since they hold that Islam is the one true original religion, and the rest are just ideas and people who have strayed, are slaves. The women and children raped on a regular and repeat basis and tossed aside when the rapists are done. Beaten over and over again and if the beatee dies..tossed aside like so much garbage.

What they are really after isn't just the destruction of a people, of a country, in other words US! What they are after is the destruction of a belief, an Idea. That ALL men are created equal, and meant to live free. What they are after is an Iconoclasm, because they are Iconoclast.

Iconoclast: one who would attack cherished beliefs.

In other words...any knowledge of a life any other way would be destroyed. Books burned, historical records and texts, destroyed or rewritten. Anyone who in the first iteration of what they attempt who has memory of what has come before and holds hard to those ideas and ideals would be tortured and killed, as an object lesson that those ideas and ideals are wrong. abomination.
Abomination: destestable, loathsome, unpleasent.

The idea of being free, free to choose, free to not labor in the same way your fathers have done, free to disagree, free to love, free to choose and find your own beliefs. Free to marry whom you choose, and not have your choice made for you before your even old enough to think and make decisions for yourself. All of this is anathema to those who practice/preach the liberal/socialist way. It is also anathema, unholy and unworthy in the eyes of those who preach/practice the Islamic faith.

Think I'm wrong? study history. don't believe my definitions of the words I've given you? Then, GO. LOOK. THEM. UP. YOURSELVES!

Those who believe in liberalism/socialism would have you believe that every thing that makes this country great, everything that has made it what it is, allowed us to come further in just over 200 years, than other nations have come in more than a 1000 years. Those things are bad, are wrong, make us evil. America, where you are free to be who YOU choose. Americans who at the end of war, don't subjugate, deride and enslave our enemies; but build them back up at our own expense. Americans who give more in aid to various natural disasters, famines, hurricanes, earthquakes, than most every other nation in the world combined Yep we're evil alright. *snort*
Islam however, I think hates us because we have advanced, while they continue to live in an anywhere between 12th to 14th century mindset.

Let me leave you with another thought..another word:
Genocide:The systematic deliberate extermination of a nation or people. That is in the end what will become of us, if we surrender to either liberalism or islam.
Some people have called me genocidal for my beliefs about what must be done about islam. Am I after the deliberate extermination of a people? No..I'm after the deliberate destruction and erasure of an idea, a religion. The end effect would be Genocide because it would lead to the extermination of a metric fuckton of arab people, and the destruction of basically all the middle eastern nations. But arabs will not be the only ones to die in great numbers..their are practicing muslims in Russia, china and elsewhere. they are here in America as well. So is socialism, it's dressed up in the pretty clothing of the word liberalism, but it is socialism.
Frankly I think Islam will be the easier of the two to deal with in the end.
For liberalism to win, only requires that as we have been doing. We let the state and the schools indoctrinate our children. Teach our children subservience to the state as a grand idea from an early age. That is all liberalism needs to win. Eventually we will be gone and our children will remain. When we who believe in American greatness are gone...who will teach and show the children that what they've been taught is a perversion? A lie? I don't know that it's as bad in the elementary and intermediate schools as it is in the colleges. Our colleges tend to be bastions, fortresses of liberalism. If that thought doesn't give you nightmares it bloody well should. It gives me really bad ones. If it doesn't however...*shrug* dig a hole, you're probably gonna need it. As a spiderhole to hide in if nothing else.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled inanity and insanity.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Hallelujah! It's Here! It's Here!

Yes boys and girls your favorite curly furry one is leaping for joy, fore College Football season has arrived again. I watched my first game last night USC @Hawaii. You know for a while there I thought Hawaii might pull it out..their QB Moniz has a wicked arm. Game might have been closer had it not been for some of his receivers dropping the damn ball. They made up for it some but..damn..Had they actually completed some of the plays they made, I do believe Hawaii would have been the victor last night instead of USC. I am thoroughly looking forward to Saturday. Dad has to work, mom has to work and then she's taking little sis to bingo. Which means yours truly is gonna spend his saturday, ass planted in the chair in front of the big screen watching college ball. YeeeeeeHAWWWWWWWW!!! Hook Em Horns!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Discovery Channel hostage taker..

Jesus Jumpin H. Christ! What is it with these delusional folks? They act as if we're supposed to take them seriously. I don't know about you..but with a manifesto like his....not gonna happen. [gonna paste this they way I found it instead adjusting the font because, it's still early in the day and I'm feeling lazy]

The Discovery Channel MUST broadcast to the world their

commitment to save the planet and to do the following


1. The Discovery Channel and it's affiliate channels MUST have daily television programs at prime time

slots based on Daniel Quinn's "My Ishmael" pages 207-212 where solutions to save the planet would be

done in the same way as the Industrial Revolution was done, by people building on each other's

inventive ideas. Focus must be given on how people can live WITHOUT giving birth to more filthy

human children since those new additions continue pollution and are pollution. A game show format

contest would be in order. Perhaps also forums of leading scientists who understand and agree with the

Malthus-Darwin science and the problem of human overpopulation. Do both. Do all until something

WORKS and the natural world starts improving and human civilization building STOPS and is


2. All programs on Discovery Health-TLC must stop encouraging the birth of any more parasitic human

infants and the false heroics behind those actions. In those programs' places, programs encouraging

human sterilization and infertility must be pushed. All former pro-birth programs must now push in the

direction of stopping human birth, not encouraging it.

3. All programs promoting War and the technology behind those must cease. There is no sense in

advertising weapons of mass-destruction anymore. Instead, talk about ways to disassemble civilization

and concentrate the message in finding SOLUTIONS to solving global military mechanized conflict.

Again, solutions solutions instead of just repeating the same old wars with newer weapons. Also, keep

out the fraudulent peace movements. They are liars and fakes and had no real intention of ending the

wars. ALL OF THEM ARE FAKE! On one hand, they claim they want the wars to end, on the other,

they are demanding the human population increase. World War II had 2 Billion humans and after that

war, the people decided that tripling the population would assure peace. WTF??? STUPIDITY! MORE


4. Civilization must be exposed for the filth it is. That, and all its disgusting religious-cultural roots and

greed. Broadcast this message until the pollution in the planet is reversed and the human population

goes down! This is your obligation. If you think it isn't, then get hell off the planet! Breathe Oil! It is the

moral obligation of everyone living otherwise what good are they??

5. Immigration: Programs must be developed to find solutions to stopping ALL immigration pollution

and the anchor baby filth that follows that. Find solutions to stopping it. Call for people in the world to

develop solutions to stop it completely and permanently. Find solutions FOR these countries so they

stop sending their breeding populations to the US and the world to seek jobs and therefore breed more



population growth of the Third World and those human families are going to where the food is! They

must stop procreating new humans looking for nonexistant jobs!)

6. Find solutions for Global Warming, Automotive pollution, International Trade, factory pollution, and

the whole blasted human economy. Find ways so that people don't build more housing pollution which

destroys the environment to make way for more human filth! Find solutions so that people stop breeding

as well as stopping using Oil in order to REVERSE Global warming and the destruction of the planet!

7. Develop shows that mention the Malthusian sciences about how food production leads to the

overpopulation of the Human race. Talk about Evolution. Talk about Malthus and Darwin until it sinks

into the stupid people's brains until they get it!!

8. Saving the Planet means saving what's left of the non-human Wildlife by decreasing the Human

population. That means stopping the human race from breeding any more disgusting human babies!

You're the media, you can reach enough people. It's your resposibility because you reach so many


9. Develop shows that will correct and dismantle the dangerous US world economy. Find solutions for

their disasterous Ponzi-Casino economy before they take the world to another nuclear war.

10. Stop all shows glorifying human birthing on all your channels and on TLC. Stop Future Weapons

shows or replace the dialogue condemning the people behind these developments so that the shows

become exposes rather than advertisements of Arms sales and development!

11. You're also going to find solutions for unemployment and housing. All these unemployed people

makes me think the US is headed toward more war.

Humans are the most destructive, filthy, pollutive creatures around and are wrecking what's left of the

planet with their false morals and breeding culture.

For every human born, ACRES of wildlife forests must be turned into farmland in order to feed that new

addition over the course of 60 to 100 YEARS of that new human's lifespan! THIS IS AT THE

EXPENSE OF THE FOREST CREATURES!!!! All human procreation and farming must cease!

It is the responsiblity of everyone to preserve the planet they live on by not breeding any more children

who will continue their filthy practices. Children represent FUTURE catastrophic pollution whereas

their parents are current pollution. NO MORE BABIES! Population growth is a real crisis. Even one

child born in the US will use 30 to a thousand times more resources than a Third World child. It's like a

couple are having 30 babies even though it's just one! If the US goes in this direction maybe other

countries will too!

Also, war must be halted. Not because it's morally wrong, but because of the catastrophic environmental

damage modern weapons cause to other creatures. FIND SOLUTIONS JUST LIKE THE BOOK SAYS!

Humans are supposed to be inventive. INVENT, DAMN YOU!!

The world needs TV shows that DEVELOP solutions to the problems that humans are causing, not

stupify the people into destroying the world. Not encouraging them to breed more environmentally

harmful humans.

Saving the environment and the remaning species diversity of the planet is now your mindset. Nothing

is more important than saving them. The Lions, Tigers, Giraffes, Elephants, Froggies, Turtles, Apes,

Raccoons, Beetles, Ants, Sharks, Bears, and, of course, the Squirrels. The humans? The planet does not need humans.

You MUST KNOW the human population is behind all the pollution and problems in the world, and

YET you encourage the exact opposite instead of discouraging human growth and procreation. Surely


I want Discovery Communications to broadcast on their channels to the world their new program lineup

and I want proof they are doing so. I want the new shows started by asking the public for inventive

solution ideas to save the planet and the remaining wildlife on it.

These are the demands and sayings of Lee.

he was anti human to the core. thought Discovery should run shows, talking about how giving birth is evil, technology is evil, guns are evil, humans are destroying the planet and are there for evil...
I hope this guy doesn't have any kids. It's ironic[not to mention hypocritical] as all hell, that he thought guns were EVIL, yet he used a gun and homemade bombs to try and make his point.
Ironic and Hypocritical in the extreme that he wanted to use evil Technology to get his message out.
And the tip of the top, the cream of the crop of Hypocritical...he hated humanity and didn't just off himself. Unless you count his getting shot by the cops, suicide by cop. *shrug*
I really love how he ends it "These are the demands and the sayings of Lee."
Like we're supposed to give a shit and pay attention because he knows better right? *facepalm* EEEEEPIC FAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!

I really don't get why if these people Truly think humanity is evil, they don't all commit suicide, and leave notes behind explaining why they drank the arsenic laced koolaid, slit their wrists in the bathtub, splattered their brains all over the wall behind them with a pistol; or Any of the many and various ways they can kill themselves and they don't do it.
Now I have a theory..they don't think ALL humanity is any good liberal/progressive egotistical megalomaniac; they only think people who don't agree with what they espouse are evil. They only think people who call them on their hypocrisy are evil.
Do the world a favor you hypocritical asses..kill yourselves in your own homes...and spare us the aggravation of having to waste our own ammunition on your worthless asses.

That is all I've got for ya. I now return you to your regularly scheduled inanity and insanity.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

with friends like this[poor dogs]

who the hell needs enemies. I don't know about needing enemies but I think the supposed friend who did this to a serving soldier and the pets that soldier entrusted to his care..needs a very thorough beating.

I have nothing but high praise for the Boulders Falls Pet Resort who took these dogs in, for free I might add, til we could find out the soldiers name, and assure him that his dogs were fine.

What's worse is the 'friend' refuses to give the soldiers name. Which makes me lean more towards killing the bastard outright than beating him into the intensive care unit. Un -fucking-believable

Edit 745pm:
you know the more I think on this the more this whole thing stinks to high heaven. Makes me wonder if there ever was a soldier. If the dogs actually belong to the guy that gave them to the shelter he was just too ashamed to admit it. In either case he still needs a kick in the balls.