Thursday, September 23, 2010

Here is where I say...

I fracking told you so you mental midgets!
What is this about? Well lets just say I'm sick and tired of all the people being shocked by what the liberal/progressives are doing right now.
1. Calling names like racist, hate monger, right winger, scare spreading hacks, etc etc..has ALWAYS been the liberal/progressive way. It has been for 50 GODDAMN YEARS or more! Jesus Jumpin H. Christ you'd think no one reads history anymore.
2. Those of us who are called rightwing hatemongers, TOLD you people what was coming. We warned you what Obama was and what would happen if you put him in office and the democrats in control of congress. I screamed about it here and elsewhere for a solid year or more BEFORE the elections, what would happen. I got told I was being paranoid. I got told I was delusional. Told I needed to get back on my meds since I was obviously a mental patient.
Well...who is laughing now fucktards. Certainly not me. I and others like me, are even MORE unhappy than you are because we tried to fucking warn you and you DID. NOT. LISTEN!

My fellow blogger lawdog said of some of the effects of the Obamacare bill that are now coming into play "anyone with 2 braincells to rub together saw this coming"
Although I said I agreed with him..I'd have to say with a little more thought that those with only 2 brain cells to rub together are what got us into this mess, by electing Obama and the Democrats in the first place.

Anyone who thinks it's bad now? You have not seen anything yet. This is the beginning. The beginning of the complete and total destruction of the American Republic. We will become a...clone of the old Soviet Bear. The U.S.S.R. you remember known as simply Russia or the Commonwealth? Same bear, different name. Anyone who tells you otherwise is selling something.

I suspect that even if the Republicans take back the congress in 2months that it's already to late. They are saying a lot of stuff..but then again..they said a lot of stuff during their 'contract with America' days during the clinton era. Yeah we see how well they stuck to THOSE principles now haven't we. It's predicted that if and when[I believe WHEN, not IF] we go into the 2nd dip of this recession[which will be I believe much worse than the first dip], that it will take a DECADE to recover from it. basically get back to either where we are currently, or to where we were just before Obama and the Abominations took over. Does that not just fill your heart with gladness? We are going to head for record unemployment numbers again. numbers which are fundamentally flawed because they NEVER count the masses like me who've been long time unemployed and never took a dime of unemployment, and those who if they took unemployment finally just gave up and dropped out. I believe the current touted percentage for the Unemployment numbers in just a shade over 9%. Which is where the President said his programs would help because with his massive spending programs it would prevent it from going over 9%. Sadly, I believe that when you factor in people like myself the number of unemployed is closer to 15-16%. Sobering thought is it not?
Hell, and I'm not even counting the people who are even more paranoid than I that live off the grid. Survivalists. Those who trade and barter to get what they need to survive. Or as the left refers to them, homegrown, rightwing terrorists and whackjobs. I don't think anyone knows their true numbers.
A Chinese philosopher once came up with a curse that we use even today "May you live in interesting times" Well I for one am not enjoying it, and secondly..if I could travel back in time I think I'd like I can punch that philosopher in the jaw.....with a sledgehammer.

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