Wednesday, September 15, 2010

THIS is why term limits are necessary

Here is just one example why I have been in favor of pulling the trigger[in the most literal sense of the word] to enforce term limits..since I hit my majority.

He or a member of his family have held that seat for 75 YEARS. Or to put it another way 3/4's of a goddamn century. This should make you made enough to spit...if not mad enough to kill. The Kennedy's IIRC held their seat for 50 years or half a century IIRC. Other politicians aren't quite as bad but have been in their congressional seats for multiple decades. This is NOT what our founding fathers envisioned. Their vision was for citizen statesmen to come in and serve for 1 or 2 terms then get the hell out of the way. What we have now is an embedded elite aristocracy that does not give 2 shits about the people. This boys and girls is the reason the founders gave us the 2nd amendment..because they knew that power corrupts eventually and absolute power corrupts absolutely. They knew the day would come when we might have to over throw our own version of the english royal court eventually.
"Our own version of the English Royal court you say curly?"
Yes my friends..our own version of the royal court.
The House of Representatives=The House of the Commons
The Senate=The House of Lords
The President= the King..albeit a temporary duly elected one.

All Three of those bodies forget their place, what they are there for. The power has corrupted them to the point where frankly..I believe we no longer have a choice in the matter. It is time to throw off the yokes of a corrupt king and his lords yet again. Only this time that king and his lords aren't in a land over the ocean a couple thousand miles away. They are HERE on our own home ground.

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  1. Here’s a practical Tea Party type strategy to create a “Citizen Congress”

    A Congress of career politicians will never represent “We the People”, because their highest priority is getting reelected with the help of Big Money.

    But “We the People” have more votes than “Big Money” has, and thus can end Congress as a career for professional politicians by never reelecting incumbents.

    We can impose single terms every two years, by never reelecting Congress.

    Always vote, but only for challengers. Never reelect incumbents.

    Keep this up until Congress is mostly “one-termers”, a citizen Congress.

    Then keep it up every election, to make a citizen Congress a permanent reality.

    Every American’s only intelligent choice is to never reelect anyone in Congress!

    The only infallible, unstoppable, guaranteed way to get a truly new Congress,

    and a cleaned up new politics is


    Nelson Lee Walker of

  2. Nelson..thanks for your comment.
    Interesting the chinese curse sense of the word. OTOH we're already living it in the chinese curse sense of the word so. *shrug*
    It wasn't one of the past links I posted in this particular entry but if you dig through my archives you'll find one titled 'Constitutional Amendments' one of which imposes Term Limits. I want to say I did it back around March or February.
    BTW just curious'd you find me? google the words 'term limits'?


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