Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Eco Nazi's are at it again...

watch this video

just the first 60seconds with the kids and school teacher is enough to make me want to vomit. Me..On 10/10 I'm gonna go out of my way to increase my carbon footprint. grill all day and send smoke up into the sky. use my evil gas powered lawnmower to cut my grass. borrow my neighbor's evil 2cycle gasmix trimmer to edge/trim the yard and his gas blower to blow it all clean. Hey I live in Texas so yeah..I can mow that late in the season. and then some. I'll have to figure out what else I can do to increase my carbon footprint for the day. run my ac/heater. [depending on weather] leave the computer on for 24hrs, even when I'm not on it. run the tv's all day..maybe run the stereo system in my room all day as well..even if all I do is turn it on and set it to tape player so it's not playing..just drawing power. keep the curtains closed and turn on most of the lights in the house..including the exterior ones...
If I lived out in the country..I'd chop down some trees to build a bonfire to light. and maybe some perimeter firepits around the bonfire. Yes boys and girls let us all do our part to increase our carbon footprint for the 1010 initiative. This oughta be interestin...

Yep according to my friends the original URL has been marked as a 'private' video. it's really convenient thought that one of my fellow AGW 'deniers' downloaded and archived it to his harddrive. since there is now a 'mirror' of it up here.

Nope can't have the sheep knowing what the AGW crowd REALLY thinks of them. Though if you've got a fully functional brain it ain't that hard to figure out. Remember your Orwell boys and girls "some animals are more equal than others"


  1. Two things wolfie...
    One, I wonder how many/type of gasses were generated by exploding the non believers?
    Two, I want an explody-person-button! COOL!!!!


  2. John...
    1. I don't know.
    2. Would be nice but guns work just as well. *shrug*

  3. I feel compelled to jump on the dog pile,
    I have several old car tires I'd like to burn.

    May have to do it at night so people don't know the origin of all that billowy, black, obnoxious smoke.

  4. Piccalo..feel free. If anyone decides to run with my bonfire idea and an eco nazi shows up to protest..*shrug* hey it's another log for the fire.

  5. I have to go to a school filled with them and taught by them every day.


  7. Just cut and paste the above on the address bar.


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