Friday, September 3, 2010

Hallelujah! It's Here! It's Here!

Yes boys and girls your favorite curly furry one is leaping for joy, fore College Football season has arrived again. I watched my first game last night USC @Hawaii. You know for a while there I thought Hawaii might pull it out..their QB Moniz has a wicked arm. Game might have been closer had it not been for some of his receivers dropping the damn ball. They made up for it some but..damn..Had they actually completed some of the plays they made, I do believe Hawaii would have been the victor last night instead of USC. I am thoroughly looking forward to Saturday. Dad has to work, mom has to work and then she's taking little sis to bingo. Which means yours truly is gonna spend his saturday, ass planted in the chair in front of the big screen watching college ball. YeeeeeeHAWWWWWWWW!!! Hook Em Horns!

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