Wednesday, September 1, 2010

with friends like this[poor dogs]

who the hell needs enemies. I don't know about needing enemies but I think the supposed friend who did this to a serving soldier and the pets that soldier entrusted to his care..needs a very thorough beating.

I have nothing but high praise for the Boulders Falls Pet Resort who took these dogs in, for free I might add, til we could find out the soldiers name, and assure him that his dogs were fine.

What's worse is the 'friend' refuses to give the soldiers name. Which makes me lean more towards killing the bastard outright than beating him into the intensive care unit. Un -fucking-believable

Edit 745pm:
you know the more I think on this the more this whole thing stinks to high heaven. Makes me wonder if there ever was a soldier. If the dogs actually belong to the guy that gave them to the shelter he was just too ashamed to admit it. In either case he still needs a kick in the balls.

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