Tuesday, August 31, 2010

if it walks, looks and quacks..

Then verily boys and girls..IT'S A GODDAMN DUCK!
Now..why can't our federal law enforcement figure this out. It's not rocket science. Oh wait you're probably wonder what has the palm of my hand itching for the proverbial clue x 4.

Very well..lets me explain..ahhh here read this..

Now they found a pepto bottle with a cellphone strapped to it, a shampoo bottle with a watch strapped to it and multiple edged weapons. Also not mentioned in this article but I seem to recall reading it in another article..or maybe hearing it via foxnews at some point today. Appparently one of them had multiple cellphones 'bundled' together as if to be distributed later?

while our own people are blowing this off, a major fracking mistake in my own not so humble opinion, the dutch are proceeding with further investigation so they can figure out exactly how to prosecute them..if they can. Now perhaps our ever so wonderful 'officials' will remember that one of the ways multiple terrorist cells work, is that one hand often doesn't know what the other is doing. Since these two 'apparently' didn't know each other it suggests multiple cell involvement to me. or our own officials don't know as much at they think they do. Me? Paranoid? not hardly.

As to the other bit of news that annoyed me...
The report our own State Dept. in it's infinite wisdom gave to the UN council on "human rights violations" in America. A body I might add..populated by countries whose own human rights violations are so heinous they defy logic; and who I might add HATE OUR GUTS!! Although that pretty much describes 95% or better of the members of the United Nations to be blunt. What's worse is they included the Arizona Immigration Law in that report. Excuse Me?!
I like Jan Brewer's response that she wrote to Sec State Clinton
""The idea of our own American government submitting the duly enacted laws of a state of the United States to 'review' by the United Nations is internationalism run amok and unconstitutional,"
here's the link to the story on Foxnews..
You know what I can't figure out? Anyone with any brains whatsoever will freely admit that the United Nitwits is the most useless body on the face of the earth. I can't figure out why America did not tell the UN to "stick it up your ass where the sun don't shine" and then as impolitely as possible tell them all to get the fuck out. Seriously..all but a handfull of the members of the UN hate us, want nothing but our destruction. They also want us...subservient to them. NOT gonna happen by the way. They treat us like crap, treat our people with extreme distrespect and contempt and run up so many parking tickets I believe the fines are in the millions. So really..why have we not shown them the door, with a steel toed boot in the ass to propel them as the leave? It's inconceivable to me.
So my solution..is to hang every single member of the State Dept for treason as an object lesson. Oh, to evict the UN with extreme prejudice. Might I also suggest we fumigate the building the UN has occupied for lo these many years..... with napalm?

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