Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Monkey's Fist..finally!

I went back yesterday and watched Stormdrane's youtube vid on this particular knot. Between that..working on it some last night on the couch, reading and calming myself with much simpler stopper knots today and jacking with it while at mom's work waiting for her to be able to finally close up the shop and leave.....
tonight I have succeeded in tying a monkey's fist. 2x. Although...I think I may have added an extra wrap in there, or missed one..because it came out kind of catty wampus. the other thing is I'm using 1/4" rope and I think it would go much smoother with paracord so tomorrow..I needs to go buy some. I was in the hobby shop today looking for nylon cord but...hobby shop no hab. Did have a slightly smaller version of a model I wanted to build many years ago. A model of a B-29 with a 2ft fuselage and a 3ft wingspan. the one I wanted to build many years ago was a 3ft fuselage and a 4ft wingspan. all the chaos going on and I may have to get back into modeling, along with the tinkering I'm doing in knot tying.

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