Friday, August 6, 2010

Illegal Aliens again..

On one of the boards I frequent 2 ladies were commenting on some of the vids they've seen of illegals jumping the various fences on the border and how entertaining it might be to go down there and play like your picking them off in a video game. shooting to scare..not to wound or kill.
I just posted a response. The response went thusly..
ladies? you do realize that I consider the use of ammunition expenditure just to let them know your there and 'scare' them, a colossal waste of good ammo? Why do I say this? Well..because eventually if all you're doing is shooting to scare them and deliberately shooting to miss..they'll realize you don't intend to hit them and then you have to start shooting to kill anyway. Better to start out shooting to kill. After you drop the first couple dozen..or hundred or so..they'll either stop coming across at that point and find someplace else. Or they'll shit their pants at the mere sound of a gunshot no matter how near or far away it may be. Then they'll sit their gibbering waiting to be picked up because they are afraid to move or jump/walk back over the border. So for my money if you want to go down there all means do so, it's something I've been advocating anyway. But do NOT deliberately miss, and aim only to scare.

Yes I realize this is going to upset and offend a great many people if it spreads that far but I really don't care.

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