Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Distraction from Destruction

Whats in the news? Michael Jackson and what a great human being he was and Farrah Fawcett and the same. Sadly this country has focused too much on this shit. The news is concentrating so much on this crap that they aren't really discussing the Destruction of our Country. Cap and Trade? I call bullshit. Bailouts.I call get the fuck out of my wallet you bastard. Gov't run Healthcare...oh now THERE'S a good idea. Look at how well the GOV'T takes care of our soldiers..in the form of the VA. On and on. Geez we're fucked

Friday, June 19, 2009

I present to you..

a new installment type of thing dealing with the world and news. Its called..You've got to be shitting me!. Today's installment:
1. Iran in internal turmoil..people have taken to the streets saying the election was rigged and it was a sham. They want whats his nuts gone. Is our president speaking out in support of the protesters? Nope.
2. We have a nuclear armed North Korea [this by the way is so seriously not happy making its inconceivable] Is our gov't doing anything to really stop this? or is the rest of the world for that matter? Nope. Hell, CHINA is supplying the damn NK's with materials and parts.

We've got subs..fucking sink the cargo ships on the high seas and make sure there are no survivors. Eventually the NK's and the goddamn chinese WILL get the point. And we'll have deniability.

These item and more and whats top of the news pile? PETA is perturbed because Pres. Obama killed a fly during a live interview. Said it was inhumane.

Now I say to you..You've GOT to be shitting me!!

[yes my friends I realize my posting has been sporadic..I'll try and pick up the pace a little bit.]

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I submit to you that..

if you have the wherewithal..to buy land off the grid..or better yet an island off the shipping lanes large enuff that you can equip it with tidal power generators, a desalinization plant,a mountain in which to bury your abode and stock with several decades worth of supplies..leave the country now. Because this power grab will end in one of two ways. Either in civil war [stupid phrase that one..WAR is by definition NOT civilized. Its bloody, ugly, demoralizing and for some..soul destroying] Or in our country becoming a fascist.socialist utopia. I give it not much more than a decade at most.

[no I'm not in a dark and forboding mood. what gave you that idea?]

Monday, June 8, 2009

here's news....

my computer doesn't like me. of course the feeling is mutual. the fact that I haven't taken a sledgehammer to my motherboard is a testament to my vat patience. Okay that last bit is a lie its a testament to the fact that I don't have a $1000 dollars to rebuild this bitch from the ground up since I'd have to replace everything but the fans, case and power supply. Hence why there's been no posts from the curly wolf.
Oh btw if anyone has a direct line to bin laden...tell him if he nukes dc tomorrow I'll kill him quickly and mercifully. Our supposed representatives are seriously pissing me off.