Friday, June 19, 2009

I present to you..

a new installment type of thing dealing with the world and news. Its called..You've got to be shitting me!. Today's installment:
1. Iran in internal turmoil..people have taken to the streets saying the election was rigged and it was a sham. They want whats his nuts gone. Is our president speaking out in support of the protesters? Nope.
2. We have a nuclear armed North Korea [this by the way is so seriously not happy making its inconceivable] Is our gov't doing anything to really stop this? or is the rest of the world for that matter? Nope. Hell, CHINA is supplying the damn NK's with materials and parts.

We've got subs..fucking sink the cargo ships on the high seas and make sure there are no survivors. Eventually the NK's and the goddamn chinese WILL get the point. And we'll have deniability.

These item and more and whats top of the news pile? PETA is perturbed because Pres. Obama killed a fly during a live interview. Said it was inhumane.

Now I say to you..You've GOT to be shitting me!!

[yes my friends I realize my posting has been sporadic..I'll try and pick up the pace a little bit.]

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