Sunday, June 26, 2011

Business owners fight sanctuary city bill

In a move of supreme lunacy..not to mention unenlightened self interest. Two huge Houston business owners have thrown themselves into the fight against the "Sanctuary Cities" bill in the state senate.

What business owners, last names Butt and Miller[Butt owns HEB grocery chain. Miller I thin owns Miller Builders.] are fighting to get removed is the requirement that if you get pulled over you get your immigration status checked. Which to me again is lunacy. It's only going to happen IF they get pulled over, and the officers have to have a reason other than "race" to pull you over.Race is actually a misnomer but if you're a reader we've had this conversation before.

What is all this problem with having your immigration status checked? If you're a citizen, holding a green card, or have a visa you won't have a'll just be given a ticket or a warning for whatever inattentiveness you were up to and go on your merry way. Carrying your green card or your visa should be the same as carrying your should ALWAYS be on you if you're out and about..even if it's just a quick trip up to the corner stop and rob.

If your offended by this, I really don't care. If the government had been enforcing the goddamn laws for the last 20yrs or so and actually SECURING THE GODDAMN BORDER! *shrug* we wouldn't be having this conversation now, would we? I don't care if you're contributing to society. If you came across the border illegally, you need your ass thrown back over. You do not get the same privleges as those who actually went thru the system and are here and have their citizen ships legally.
It not only infuriates those of us who are natural born citizens but REALLY infuriates those immigrants who went through the system, of whom I've talked to many. You think I'm being pugnacious about this? Talk to one of the legal immigrants who went through the system to get their citizenship papers. They are so beyond pissed it ain't funny.

You know the fact that Butt and Miller are raising such a fuss makes me wonder if it's not time to raid their business. See how many who work for them are here illegally. Interesting thought ain't it?

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Anthony Weiner Scandal..

I've been, uncharacteristically for me, staying quiet on 2x4 on this matter. However now that it's all over with, I shall speak to it.

Anthony Weiner, among many others who shall remain unnamed, because that list is waaay too long not because I fear to name them; is a disgrace. He is endemic of what is wrong with the democrat party specifically and just politicians in general. Weiner is a liberal democrat, one of those fork tongued rats who is interested only in power and it's perks. Hence why he was sending pictures to all these ladies instead of just quietly staying at home and indulging in Rosie Palm and her Five Fingers, while his wife was away. He like all other liberal folk believe that THEY know what is best for you and the country and our way of life, better than you yourself do. He's also the classic,"do as I say not as I do" type of liberal. Weiner is also such an obvious narcissistic personality it boggles my mind as to why his wife, who is flat frickin gorgeous in case you haven't noticed; sees in Weiner. How can I say that he's Narcissistic? Geez people! Lets just take his resignation speech for example. Anyone notice that every other word out of his mouth was *I*?
Myself, I just loved it when he spoke on the values his parents instilled in him. Really? Does anyone doubt that he HAS no values?
I was not surprised as some others were in the members of the Democratic party all coming down so hard on him and saying he should resign. He's an embarassment, a distraction during what is rapidly coming up on election year They HAD to get rid of him before campaigning season really and truly ramps up in october/november. Otherwise he would have been a clear and present sledgehammer with which the Republicans could have driven home just how corrupt, useless and uncaring of the country the Democrats are. I'm not saying they don't have other arrows in the quiver, they do. Healthcare for one..but Anthony would have been a glaringly convient and present one to use.

Anthony Weiner is a perfect example of whats wrong with DC and a good number of our state and city governments. They are in it strictly for the power, perks, pay and the pussy.[or in the case of the women politicians..the penis.] These professional politicians do not care about the people. They do not even SEE the people, except to occasionally look down to find out what they're stepping on.

And that boys and girls is all I have to say on the subject of "WeinerGate"

I now return you to your regularly scheduled inanity and insanity.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Been awhile

I realize this. I meant to do some posts late last month but real life interfered. One thing after another. I won't even discuss Memorial Day weekend with you except to say it sucked. Which is putting it mildly. I will also point out that many of my fellow blogging friends have been saying pretty much what I'm thinking. Not with my flair and style of course but..*shrug* there you have it. That being said:
1. National Politics- it's still too early for me to really comment much on the current batch of candidates and likely candidates for the Republican Primary except to say I've got no use for all but maybe 3 of them at this point..other than as toilet paper; figuratively speaking.

2. Most of you know exactly how I feel about AGW, AGW supporters and they're cries for "Helping Mother Earth" such as Earth Day, and Lights out nights etc. It dawned on me recently that I'd skipped my usual Earth Day Counter Protest festivities. Tsk Tsk. I shall have to endeavor to fix this glaring error by at some future appointed weekend Doing all of the about to be listed in an 8-12hr period.
A. Wash both vehicles, probably with the sprayer head removed so the water is constantly running. Being as how Texas is in the middle of a bad drought and I'm not stupid I'll be doing the vehicle washing in my grass so as not to waste the water, and keep my yard somewhat moisturized.
B. Cut both front and back yard. Trim both..preferably by borrowing my neighbors evil gas powered trimmer edger to do it.
C. Since my big 4 burner propane grill went up in a ball of black smoke and flame recently[I'm still freakin depressed] and I've acquired a Brinkmann Vertical Barrel Grill/Smoker..spend a good chunk of the day slow smoking with wood chunks and charcoal, a nice brisket, biggest one I can fit in there anyway..
D. and of course..keeping on as many lights and pieces of electronic equipment as possible. Although considering my light bill due to the current heat wave I may skip this one.

There will be more at a later date. That is all
As always TANSTAAFL and I now return you to your regularly scheduled insanity and inanity.

Monday, June 6, 2011

June 6, 1944

On this day, 67 years ago we put 150,000+ American fighting men into a meat grinder invading German held France. To finally put American Foot to German ass and explain the facts of life to German people. That the systematic slaughter in death camps of civilians whose only crime was to be hated by a psychopathic, little Austrian fuckwad with a god complex and immense delusions of adequacy; To invade your neighbor who'd done nothing to you was a no no. So here we are 67 years later, you WOULD think that the news agencies and everyone else would be proclaiming this a day to remember in history and why. Now I'll grant you, I didn't watch a whole lot of tv today, but not ONCE did I hear mention of this day, this assertion of American greatness and friendship in history on that soil. Or that it should be remembered for all time. It wasn't talked about anywhere that *I* personally saw. How sad is that?