Monday, June 13, 2011

Been awhile

I realize this. I meant to do some posts late last month but real life interfered. One thing after another. I won't even discuss Memorial Day weekend with you except to say it sucked. Which is putting it mildly. I will also point out that many of my fellow blogging friends have been saying pretty much what I'm thinking. Not with my flair and style of course but..*shrug* there you have it. That being said:
1. National Politics- it's still too early for me to really comment much on the current batch of candidates and likely candidates for the Republican Primary except to say I've got no use for all but maybe 3 of them at this point..other than as toilet paper; figuratively speaking.

2. Most of you know exactly how I feel about AGW, AGW supporters and they're cries for "Helping Mother Earth" such as Earth Day, and Lights out nights etc. It dawned on me recently that I'd skipped my usual Earth Day Counter Protest festivities. Tsk Tsk. I shall have to endeavor to fix this glaring error by at some future appointed weekend Doing all of the about to be listed in an 8-12hr period.
A. Wash both vehicles, probably with the sprayer head removed so the water is constantly running. Being as how Texas is in the middle of a bad drought and I'm not stupid I'll be doing the vehicle washing in my grass so as not to waste the water, and keep my yard somewhat moisturized.
B. Cut both front and back yard. Trim both..preferably by borrowing my neighbors evil gas powered trimmer edger to do it.
C. Since my big 4 burner propane grill went up in a ball of black smoke and flame recently[I'm still freakin depressed] and I've acquired a Brinkmann Vertical Barrel Grill/Smoker..spend a good chunk of the day slow smoking with wood chunks and charcoal, a nice brisket, biggest one I can fit in there anyway..
D. and of course..keeping on as many lights and pieces of electronic equipment as possible. Although considering my light bill due to the current heat wave I may skip this one.

There will be more at a later date. That is all
As always TANSTAAFL and I now return you to your regularly scheduled insanity and inanity.

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