Monday, June 6, 2011

June 6, 1944

On this day, 67 years ago we put 150,000+ American fighting men into a meat grinder invading German held France. To finally put American Foot to German ass and explain the facts of life to German people. That the systematic slaughter in death camps of civilians whose only crime was to be hated by a psychopathic, little Austrian fuckwad with a god complex and immense delusions of adequacy; To invade your neighbor who'd done nothing to you was a no no. So here we are 67 years later, you WOULD think that the news agencies and everyone else would be proclaiming this a day to remember in history and why. Now I'll grant you, I didn't watch a whole lot of tv today, but not ONCE did I hear mention of this day, this assertion of American greatness and friendship in history on that soil. Or that it should be remembered for all time. It wasn't talked about anywhere that *I* personally saw. How sad is that?

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