Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Obama seeks broader seizure powers


Pay attention children..your witnessing a textbook example of seizing complete and total power.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Welcome to My Nightmare

I've copied and pasted this from another blog of mine because frankly I think its relevant.

I first posted this little speech on 1/23/07..almost 2yrs ago to the day. I'm a little early for the 2nd anniversary. :P

after listening to the rhetoric from the presidential election and listening to inaugural speech of Pres Barrack Hussein Obama, I think its even more relevant.

"I am living in a nightmare, whence I cannot awaken. Welcome to my nightmare"
This is the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. Whisper the truth in this brave, free land, and they call you a bigot. Suggest the obvious and you are a fascist. Welcome to my nightmare.
We give cash money, free medical services, food stamps, free housing, and utility subsidies to the poorest class of society, as a payment for producing welfare babies, usually illegitimate. Those who pay the taxes for these services-the workers-must first pay their taxes and then pay retail prices for goods and services. Welcome to my nightmare.
Everyone can do everything as well as anyone else, whether they can or not. If the test results prove otherwise, change the tests. We no longer value equality of opportunity, but rather equality of result. Equality of opportunity means that some will fail; therefore, boost up all those who might fail, even though now no one may succeed. We must now discriminate in favor of minority children and grandchildren ,in the name of justice. Welcome to my nightmare.
Lawyers and judges control every facet of our lives, public and private. No one is safe from a lawsuit, no matter how ridiculous. Policemen cannot arrest, teachers cannot teach, bureaucrats cannot administer without fear that they soon will answer to someone's lawyer, for some half-forgotten mistake. So, in many cases, they do nothing at all. Welcome to my nightmare,
You may speak these words privately, because everyone knows they are true. You may not speak them publicly, because then you are intolerant; you despise the poor; and you smile upon oppression. We adore freedom of speech, but do not dare use it. Use it, and we will punish you. Welcome to my nightmare."

I remembered that speech this morning after I woke up. not the words just the title. Welcome to My Nightmare, if we do not get our shit together and get our representatives in government to represent us, the people who keep putting them in power; then eventually we WILL lose our freedoms. We won't lose them with a bang but with a whimper, and this land of freedom will be free no more. Just a thought to ponder..back during the cold war America was accused of infecting Russians with our capitalist bujois[sp?] lies. They are trying to emulate us and have our economy. The politicians more specifically the Liberals in particular and Dems in general are fast trying to head us down the road toward socialism and communism.

The roman empire failed to keep the masses happy even when it became a land of entertainments and colusiums. We now have our own version of that in our concert venues and sports arenas. The mob is hungry and restless I think the America as we know is about to come to an end. There's a new modern Messiah thats taken the highest office..to gainsay anything he says is racist, to call the religion of global warming the crock of shit it is and your called ignorant and intolerant to new ideas. I've got a bad feeling we're seeing and HAVE been seeing and not recognizing it; the fall of our own empire.

New material March 21st
Welcome to the nightmare..everytime I turn around Obama and his followers and democraps in congress keep coming up with more and more resolutions to chip away at the the constitution and trying to curtail our freedoms. The latest one HR1388 which creates a paid volunteer force starting with kids is frightening as hell. I wonder how much our new messiah studied old tapes of people like JFK..the man he's being compared to and is hailed as our generation's rebirth of. I personally think the 'messiah' and Hitler, Stalin and a few other past dictators and potentates I could name, would have gotten along like gangbusters.

So to you my readers I say this. HOPE for the best, PREPARE for the worst.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Immigration again. Remeber the Arizona Rancher?


The jury found the rancher not guilty of violating the civil rights of a bunch of a illegal alien..how nice considering this is AMERICA not mexcio. The same jury then turned around and found him guilty of assault and emotional distress. for WHAT? They were illegal aliens, crossing over the border into OUR country with out invite and using HIS land as a goddamn freeway. Sends a wonderful message to Americans...protect your land, life and property and we'll punish you. The profound lack of logic or intelligence in this verdict is appalling not to mention frightening. Be afraid my fellow citizens...be VERY afraid.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Freedom and Slavery

"The only distinction between freedom and slavery consists in this: In the former state a man is governed by the laws to which he has given his consent, either in person or by his representative, in the latter, he is governed by the will of another. In the one case; his life and property are his own; in the other, they depend upon the pleasure of his master. It is easy to discern which of these two states is preferable. No man in his senses can hesitate to be free, rather than a slave"
Alexander Hamilton

True words. As true today as back when Hamilton wrote them. Pres. Obama and the Dems would have you believe socialism is a paradise. That is a base canard..a lie of epic proportions. Socialism is nothing but slavery writ large. The citizens slaves, the ruling body the slave masters. Look back to history. No country, no experiment in socialism or communism has been anything BUT slavery. I give you Pol Pot..who in order to feed his slaves sent them out to farm..a concept for which none had a clue..as a result MILLIONS died. I give you China and the billion screaming chinamen..the dreaded yellow horde as they were once known. Their government in order to control a growing population of slaves have instituted draconian HIDEOUS measures. Abortion right up til birth....and even after the baby is born if it is a girl they will kill it. The old USSR..the Russian Bear....god only knows what the final tally is of death at their hands thru starvation and war and..accidents.
So as Pres. Obama and his supporters and minions work to move us towards slavery..I urge everyone..STAND UP. Do not go silent into that good night. Write, call..have face to face meetings and tell our 'supposed' representatives NO MORE. Choose freedom over slavery..otherwise I deem you unfit to wear the mantle 'free man' and therefore unworthy of saving.

I don't want to think of what may..hell probably WILL happen if the politicians in Washington DC and elsewhere fail to listen to the people instead of the lobbyists.

Sheriff Arpaio to congress...

nope don't think so. Is what he's told them when news leaked that he 'supposedly has been invited to speak in front of a committee Chaired by Michigan Dem John Conyers about the alleged abuses of the Maricopa County Sheriffs Office. Abuses against 'illegal aliens' in the Sheriffs enforcement of illegal immigration laws.

"House Judiciary Chairman John Conyers (D-Mich.) told CNSNews.com he is going to invite Maricopa County (Ariz.) Sheriff Joe Arpaio to testify in his committee about alleged abuses by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office in its enforcement of U.S. immigration laws. But a spokeswoman for Arpaio told CNSNews.com that the sheriff -- who has not yet received an official invitation to testify -- currently has ''no intention'' of appearing"

Score one for sanity and common sense.

Hispanic Dems want immigration reform

Big Surprise
"Hispanic Democrats will have their first West Wing meeting with President Obama on Wednesday morning to discuss immigration reform, according to Democratic sources.

The meeting is the first face-to-face sit-down between Obama and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC) since the president was sworn-in. Some in the CHC have recently expressed frustration that Obama has not talked more about immigration in his first two months in office."

Well sorry hispanic dems..the Messiah has been a little bit busy spnding money like its water.

"CHC is eager to hear the president’s ideas and proposals for tackling immigration reform, not only as it relates to a comprehensive reform bill that could provide a pathway to citizenship for millions of undocumented workers but also as it relates to rolling back Bush administration policies of raiding workplaces and detaining and deporting thousands of illegal workers"

I don't see a problem with the policy at all. The illegals don't belong here. They came in without visas, without right to work documents, a lot of them are picked up as "day laborers" in front of various centers and home improvement stores by crew bosses and business owners that figure 'hey we can pay em off the books and if they get hurt it doesn't matter because they're illegal"
Whats even better is that they don't have to pay taxes on the payroll for the illegals since they're off the books, which means the illegals are paid in cash.

"The group has made the raids and their human cost the new focus of its immigration reform push, although a comprehensive reform bill remains very much a priority for them, and one that they are encouraging Obama to push. Hispanic Democrats are continuing their nationwide tour of cities where raids have been conducted to drum up public support for curtailing the practice. During an event on the rout in San Francisco earlier this month, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) called the raids “un-American" and spoke out on the need for comprehensive immigration reform."

Frankly I don't see it as "Un-american" to protect our interests. Aside from the "day laborers' do you have ANY idea how many of the illegals in this country are drug traffickers and criminals? Its mindblowing. I was watching the news yesterday and they interviewed a county sheriff down near the mexico border. All but ONE of the people in his jail cells were illegal aliens. What does THAT tell you about the problem with illegal immigrants and hence the problem with mexico.

Here's the link so you can read the rest of the article about the Dems on the hill.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Dems what Senator Specter


so far he's said no. Frankly he's surpised me by that. Question is whether he'll stick to his guns and leave me surprised.

Quote of the Day

in regards to all the hope and change we're supposed to be seeing...

"I find your lack of hope and change disturbing" anonymous
*chuckle* I really find that amusing since I'm a Star Wars fan.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Qoute of the Day

from an online acquantance. He said this in response to an article on how great living in a socialist country. After all in a socialist or communist Utopia everyone is guaranteed jobs right?

"Guaranteed Jobs??" Did anyone point out that, that SLAVES are also "guaranteed" a job....doesn't mean I want to BE one.."

The 912 Project and We Surround Them

Yes we are all having good Ideas. But remember its not just about getting RID of the useless politicians we disagree with. Its about [to me at any rate] Getting rid of ALL of them. And by all I mean not just the jackasses in DC. I mean on a local and state level too. As my meeting groups leader pointed out to us at the reviewing we had of the friday show yesterday afternoon. It starts on the local level..people on city council go from there to state or they just bypass state and go straight to the federal level. Take the case of Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee frpm Texas. She started out on the city council in Houston. Then she went from there to run a campaign for a seat in DC. She's so far left I'm suprised she can walk upright. But my point is she started in the little leagues before she got to DC. So by all means.lets get rid of the fools in DC...but DO NOT forget about your City Councils, your City's Mayors, and your State's Legislators. Other wise the changes we make in DC won't mean diddley squat.

I've heard from one of the members of the local group that there is a company that reads the emails, and letters we send to DC to our representatives and senators. They then put you down as a tick mark on a chart as to what your supporting/nonsupporting bill wise or what your beliefs are, or what your upset or happy about. I'm not saying don't send them letters if you want to..I'm suggesting[also spoken by a member of my local meeting] phone calls and personal face to face meetings with them.

Now on to the ideas. Glenn said start around the kitchen table and he's right in that respect. Start with dinners with your neighbors, bbq's, just sitting or standing in the front yard chatting with a neighbor. Print business cards with the 9values and 12principles on them. Go to the Heritage Foundations website and order copies of the Pocket Constitution....http://www.askheritage.org/Premium.aspx
there's a link to buy mulitiple copies and pass them out. Talk to friends an fellow citizen's at your local tavern, at the park, at your kids various sporting events etc. Pool your groups resources and buy the Pocket Constitutions in huge bulk quantities for that matter and give them out to your neighbors. Put them in your neighbors mailboxes. If you don't have the money for that..just use your computer and printer and paper. Print the 9-12 on one side with the 912website URL and your local We Surround Them groups URL. On the other side print the words [or something similar] 'Do You believe in any, most or all of whats printed on this sheet? Then stand up for your beliefs.' Or simply 'For my neighbors..' And again put them in your neighbors mailboxes.. Again these are just ideas..you don't HAVE to do it the way I suggest. Me..I may do some of what I suggest in the near future but for now..I blog. I'll do posts on government wastes, stupidity and outrages..local in some cases, state or federal in others. I'll also start posting once or twice a week [I haven't quite worked out how I want to schedule it in my head] Qoutes and passages from the founding fathers. From the Constitution, from the Federalist Papers, from Common Sense, Rights of Man and others written by Thomas Paine and quite probably from the book that I'm reading right now by T.J. Stiles "The American Revolution: First Person Accounts by the Men Who Shaped Our Nation" It was given to me in the last week by a friend..so it may be hard for you guys to find..it was published in 1999. :) According to the cover it was originally published as [under the title of] In Their Own Words:Founding Fathers

Oh, aside from the suggestions I've made; you can also make or have made your own Tshirts, Polo shirts, Jackets and hats. [borrowed from a new member of my local group :)] thats a way to get the message out there and by wearing them, your wearing conversation starters. We can get people who haven't heard of the We Surround Them/912 Project; because I doubt the MSM aka Main Stream Media [or as I call them the Main Sewage or Massively Stupid Media] is going to give this much airplay or print coverage.

Okay, I'm giving myself carpal tunnel here so I've got to break off for now.

Good Luck and God Bless America.

LA.. and Illegals aka day laborers

Hello boys and girls we're now going to talk about one of my biggest pet peeves. Illegal Immigrants.
How do you equate day laborers with illegal immigrants you ask? Uhmmm because the bulk of them ARE illegal immigrants. They do the day labor because they get paid under the table in cash and the people who hire them don't have to pay benefits, or taxes on them.

from the article:
The Los Angeles City Council has recently approved an ordinance that requires all new home improvement stores in their jurisdiction to construct day laborer centers on their private property as a prerequisite for a business license. The stores will be required to provide shelter, drinking water, bathrooms, and trash cans for any and all day laborers who happen upon the company’s property. The city reasons that day laborers are causing too many problems along the streets and, since home improvement stores have become the favorite hangout of day laborers, the private businesses should be the ones to deal with it. Problems often associated with day laborers include the “swarming” of vehicles in the middle of roadways as the laborers seek work, public urination, public drunkenness, the antagonizing of patrons (e.g. catcalls), and basic loitering. The author of the ordinance describes these as “public safety and quality of life issues.”

Here's a novel concept..round them up and send them back to Mexico! Its not rocket science.

Here's the link for the article...I'm to pissed to write a civil and sane sounding entry at the moment:

Gov't going after farmers again.

It seems the gov't has decided to fuck around with the american grower again. This time their going after the small niche farmers...organic growers.

Notice I said their going after the small farmer "again". Why do I say this? Well I'll tell you, because back in the early 80's the government suggested small farmers go big or don't show up for the party. If the small farmer opted to listen to the government they got the government telling them or trying to tell them..where to plant, what to plant, and when to plant..like the farmers didn't know that better than the government idiots who sat on their fat asses in the capital somewhere smoking a cigar, drinking an alcholic beverage, while getting blown by a crack whore...all at taxpayer expense I might add. The farmer also had the government telling them they need to buy all these tracts of land and all this expensive ass new equipment to work it with. The insidious part of this is..when the farmers said "are you fucking nuts we can't afford this?" The gov't responded by saying 'no problem we will give you lowcost federal loans and subsidies to pay for it up front and then you can pay us back later.' *headdesk, headdesk headdesk*
Let me point out something to you reader if you haven't put it together yourself yet..the farmer wouldn't have NEEDED all that expensive equipment if the goddamn government hadn't stuck its nose in a place it doesn't belong! Why did they stick it there..so that the big farm combines aka corporate run farms could make a better profit when the little guys dropped out.

Now their at it again creating a Food Safety Admin, another government entitity we don't need since we already have one. Maybe you've heard of it? Its called the Food and Drug Admin or the FDA for short. A bureau by the way, that Obama is going to give more money and power to.
How is creating the FSA going after Organic farmers? One of its primary jobs will be to monitor and suggest improvements to those farmers and REGULATE them...., for the health of the general population of course since we the people are too stupid to take care of ourselves.

Call your congress twits boys and girls, if you have the wherewithal to do it go and get a meeting with them live and in living color. Tell them to Knock. It. Off. and kill this proposed Administration before it has a chance to get off the ground.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Our Government..our problem..

The original founding colonists and founding fathers of our nation, came over to America to escape persecution and the tyranny of the british kings at the time. They spent their own money, their own sweat, their own tears, and their own flesh an blood; to put food on the table, put up the walls of their homes and to win the land itself. The War of Independance, the war that brought about a new soveriegn nation called "The United States of America" was fought for many myriad reasons..but it all boiled down to one in the end..FREEDOM. Freedom from the bootheels of an aristocracy who only troubled themselves with America when they wanted money and goods from it. Freedom from the taxation that the aristocrats brought about to TAKE that money from our ancestors. Lastly [to me anyway] The freedom from the soldiers that the aristocracy sent to enforce those decrees. In the end we won our freedoms and we formed a new government "OF the people, FOR the people and BY the people"

A SMALL government which had no more power over us than we CHOSE to give it. It was a time of Self Reliance, personal responsibility, mutual respect, and for lack of a better term..moral fiber.
Now fast foward 200+years. We have a government that has grown larger than the founding fathers could ever have dreamed..but which they very well may have forseen.
We now have a government that spends money it doesn't even HAVE..but since they own the presses, "well..hey its free money we'll just print more." while devaluing the dollar. A government that imposes ever higher taxes, ever more restrictive laws, laws aimed at disarming the American Public. Laws aimed at making us no better than slaves. A government that has swelled so with power, that it doesn't SEE the American People unless it looks down to see what its stepping on. It's a new Aristocracy run amuck. Our economy is a wreck, our education system a disaster, our justice system become a joke; and hordes of people have become too dependent on the government, because thats what the government has taught them. I've been unemployed for years, mostly by choice...but I have never taken one thin dime from the Government.

We have become 'multi cultural' where we were once 'the melting pot'. Where we were once A PEOPLE, we are now a PEOPLES divided. A bunch of hyphenated peoples. Proud to be... African-american, Asian-american, Mexican-american...what the HELL ever happened to plain old 'Proud To Be American'? If you want to be AFRICAN..good luck and have fun. Africa is about 8,000 miles in THAT [points] direction. Look, I'm not saying don't be proud of your cultural heritage..hell I'm of Irish/German descent. I constantly joke that I got my too profound love of a good beer from both sides of my family's past. Or joke that with my heritage is it any wonder my temper is as nasty as it can be. But I do NOT let it define me. I'm an AMERICAN..pure, plain and simple. That is what I'm PROUD to be.
It is in part this multicultural crap that divides us.

Who is to blame for this? The Government? In part yes..the rest of the blame falls squarely to us. We through the greed and connivance of some, and the inaction of others have given too much power to our government. What hasn't been given has been taken. Its time to stop.

I could keep going and going but, I'll leave you with this final thought...
Its time to be PROUD to be American again. To teach that to our children and our childrens children. Time to take back our government from the bureaucrats, the lobbyists, the power brokers, the power hungry, the politicians and the aristocrat wannabes. Its time to put Pride, Respect, Self Respect, Self Reliance, and Personal Responsiblity back into the mainstream of thinking and the way we, and our government does things.

Obama insults our allies

Aparently the Obama administration does not give a damn about our oldest ally in the world. Since he blithely and hugely insulted them during the recent visit of Britains Prime Minister. *Facepalm the stupidity and sheer arrogance and thoughtlessness here is mindboggling.
snipped from the story:

"It is well understood that visiting diplomatic delegations come bearing gifts and gift giving is returned in like fashion by the host country. It is an ages old human practice in diplomacy after all. Usually the gifts are valuable, representative of the products of the nations involved, or at least symbolic of the history of those nations.

For his part, PM Brown gave two symbolic gifts and one that expressed national pride. Brown came bearing a pen holder carved from the timbers of the sister ship of that which gave the wood to create the famous "Resolute Desk," the desk that has been in America's charge since 1880. He also gave Obama the framed commission for that famous ship, the HMS Resolute. His third gift was a seven-volume biography of one of England's greatest leaders, Winston Churchill.

So, what did President Obama give the British PM? 25 movies on DVD. Yeah, that's it. Brown gives a symbolic gift like the pen holder fashioned from a famous British warship and Obama responds by sending a staffer to WalMart to pick up a few quick movies.

How thoughtful. Or not."

Inconcievable! However it gets worse....

What may not be widely publicized is Brown is blind in one eye and only has about 30% of his other. He's also not a fan of movies. *headdesk*

Snipped from the article:

"Not to be out done in tastelessness by her husband, Michelle got into the act, too. Mrs. Brown came bearing two outfits for the Obama girls from Topshop, one of Britain's trendiest and expensive women's wear retail outlets.

In return, Michelle apparently had a staffer run down to the White House gift shop and grab two toy Marine One helicopter models for the Brown's boys.

Class all the way, huh?"



More snippage

"All of this is on top of the snub of the Brits that Obama tossed off immediately upon entering office. One of his first official acts was to summarily return to the Brits the generous gift of the most famous bust of Winston Churchill that has sat in the Oval Office since the attacks on 9/11."

None of this seems to have been covered by the Main Stream Media in the U.S. Now THERE'S a shock.

Here's the link to the whole article:

I wonder who The Messiah is going to insult next?

Blue Dog Dems...

the Blue Dog Democrats, IOW the more centrist dems are not happy with the way things have been going down and just how much has been getting spent and we're only halfway through Pres. Obama's 1st 100days. The Blue Dog caucus is drafting a letter to Obama asking him to dump his $634 billion dollar set aside plan for nationalizing healthcare. They want him to come up with a new plan..one thats budget neutral..IOW one that doesn't LITERALLY cost us an arm and 2 legs.
I guess there's still some sanity to be had on the Hill after all. Who'da thunk it?


Another one?

I don't know about ya'll but...I'm not real thrilled with our gubbermint in DC. The rumor mill on the hill is that not content with the bail out, or the omnibus and..well you get the picture. That the Obama, The One, the Messiah and his minions are contemplating yet ANOTHER bailout. I haven't seen anything in print or concrete evidence on this yet but..come ON..enough is enough already. Our GRANDKIDS are already going to inherit an estimated $800 TRILLION debt. Our descendants can't afford that much' hope and change'

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

California being stupid again.


The Peoples Republik of Kalifornia is going after big screen tv's. Why? They say the goal is to force manufacturers to drop the energy usage[or on the flipside of the same equation up energy efficiency] by 30% in all tv's sold starting by the year 2011 and 50% by 2013.

Now by the same token, the SAME article mentions that several of the big TV/electronics manufacturers debuted TV's at this years CES, that are more energy efficient..probably not as high yet as the percentage wanted by Kalifornia but its getting there. If people WANT more energy efficient TV's by choice they'll BUY them; thereby forcing all other manufacturers to either start doing the same themselves or go out of business. Thats what a free market economy is all about..aint it grand?

Oh and if Kalifornia is so worried about being green and energy usage..I have a suggestion for them.

You idiots already have rolling brownouts consistently losing power to different areas in succession. Novel idea..BUILD MORE POWER PLANTS ASSHOLES! Now having said that, in the spirit of being green, build tidal plants and solar farms.
Once you get the tidal plants built, and up and running; its basically free energy because the waves and tides are ALWAYS moving. There's an old saying..the ocean never sleeps.
Onto the solar farms..you've got HOW many square miles of desert in death valley? Build a solar panel farm out there, and again because it almost never rains in cali..tons of energy to be had...idiots.

*facepalm* Oh almost forgot..in the same vein..there's NO excuse for California and other coastal states not to have enuff fresh drinking water. NONE. Build desalinization plants boneheads. Perhaps its escaped your notice that the rock we live on is 75% WATER?


Friday, March 6, 2009

Economic Destruction pt 2.

I've revised my previous opinion. We can survive Obama and his acolytes. However its going to take myself and you my fellow citizens. We are going to need to apply the verbal 2x4 of Sanity [and the cluebat of obedience for that matter] to their brains loudly and repeatedly. At least once a week I should think. Its going to get worse before it gets better I believe but..it can be done.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Economic Destruction

Our nation is I believe..doomed. Every time Obama opens his mouth..the Dow drops another couple hundred points. Its dropped 2,000 points since a few weeks before his inauguration. His solution to everything is more government control and spending. Only one problem with that....the Gov't doesn't create jobs...the private sector, ie we the citizens, the small business owners, the big business owners, the consumers..create jobs. Alll the Gov't does is tax us to death and piss away our money. I actually heard Obama the mathematical and business idiot savant say today "don't look to Wall Street as an economic indicator" because its not a good one. *Facepalm*

Our leaders need a come to jesus meeting..with a 2x4