Thursday, March 12, 2009

Our Government..our problem..

The original founding colonists and founding fathers of our nation, came over to America to escape persecution and the tyranny of the british kings at the time. They spent their own money, their own sweat, their own tears, and their own flesh an blood; to put food on the table, put up the walls of their homes and to win the land itself. The War of Independance, the war that brought about a new soveriegn nation called "The United States of America" was fought for many myriad reasons..but it all boiled down to one in the end..FREEDOM. Freedom from the bootheels of an aristocracy who only troubled themselves with America when they wanted money and goods from it. Freedom from the taxation that the aristocrats brought about to TAKE that money from our ancestors. Lastly [to me anyway] The freedom from the soldiers that the aristocracy sent to enforce those decrees. In the end we won our freedoms and we formed a new government "OF the people, FOR the people and BY the people"

A SMALL government which had no more power over us than we CHOSE to give it. It was a time of Self Reliance, personal responsibility, mutual respect, and for lack of a better term..moral fiber.
Now fast foward 200+years. We have a government that has grown larger than the founding fathers could ever have dreamed..but which they very well may have forseen.
We now have a government that spends money it doesn't even HAVE..but since they own the presses, "well..hey its free money we'll just print more." while devaluing the dollar. A government that imposes ever higher taxes, ever more restrictive laws, laws aimed at disarming the American Public. Laws aimed at making us no better than slaves. A government that has swelled so with power, that it doesn't SEE the American People unless it looks down to see what its stepping on. It's a new Aristocracy run amuck. Our economy is a wreck, our education system a disaster, our justice system become a joke; and hordes of people have become too dependent on the government, because thats what the government has taught them. I've been unemployed for years, mostly by choice...but I have never taken one thin dime from the Government.

We have become 'multi cultural' where we were once 'the melting pot'. Where we were once A PEOPLE, we are now a PEOPLES divided. A bunch of hyphenated peoples. Proud to be... African-american, Asian-american, Mexican-american...what the HELL ever happened to plain old 'Proud To Be American'? If you want to be AFRICAN..good luck and have fun. Africa is about 8,000 miles in THAT [points] direction. Look, I'm not saying don't be proud of your cultural heritage..hell I'm of Irish/German descent. I constantly joke that I got my too profound love of a good beer from both sides of my family's past. Or joke that with my heritage is it any wonder my temper is as nasty as it can be. But I do NOT let it define me. I'm an AMERICAN..pure, plain and simple. That is what I'm PROUD to be.
It is in part this multicultural crap that divides us.

Who is to blame for this? The Government? In part yes..the rest of the blame falls squarely to us. We through the greed and connivance of some, and the inaction of others have given too much power to our government. What hasn't been given has been taken. Its time to stop.

I could keep going and going but, I'll leave you with this final thought...
Its time to be PROUD to be American again. To teach that to our children and our childrens children. Time to take back our government from the bureaucrats, the lobbyists, the power brokers, the power hungry, the politicians and the aristocrat wannabes. Its time to put Pride, Respect, Self Respect, Self Reliance, and Personal Responsiblity back into the mainstream of thinking and the way we, and our government does things.

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