Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Freedom and Slavery

"The only distinction between freedom and slavery consists in this: In the former state a man is governed by the laws to which he has given his consent, either in person or by his representative, in the latter, he is governed by the will of another. In the one case; his life and property are his own; in the other, they depend upon the pleasure of his master. It is easy to discern which of these two states is preferable. No man in his senses can hesitate to be free, rather than a slave"
Alexander Hamilton

True words. As true today as back when Hamilton wrote them. Pres. Obama and the Dems would have you believe socialism is a paradise. That is a base canard..a lie of epic proportions. Socialism is nothing but slavery writ large. The citizens slaves, the ruling body the slave masters. Look back to history. No country, no experiment in socialism or communism has been anything BUT slavery. I give you Pol Pot..who in order to feed his slaves sent them out to farm..a concept for which none had a clue..as a result MILLIONS died. I give you China and the billion screaming chinamen..the dreaded yellow horde as they were once known. Their government in order to control a growing population of slaves have instituted draconian HIDEOUS measures. Abortion right up til birth....and even after the baby is born if it is a girl they will kill it. The old USSR..the Russian Bear....god only knows what the final tally is of death at their hands thru starvation and war and..accidents.
So as Pres. Obama and his supporters and minions work to move us towards slavery..I urge everyone..STAND UP. Do not go silent into that good night. Write, call..have face to face meetings and tell our 'supposed' representatives NO MORE. Choose freedom over slavery..otherwise I deem you unfit to wear the mantle 'free man' and therefore unworthy of saving.

I don't want to think of what may..hell probably WILL happen if the politicians in Washington DC and elsewhere fail to listen to the people instead of the lobbyists.

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