Tuesday, March 10, 2009

California being stupid again.


The Peoples Republik of Kalifornia is going after big screen tv's. Why? They say the goal is to force manufacturers to drop the energy usage[or on the flipside of the same equation up energy efficiency] by 30% in all tv's sold starting by the year 2011 and 50% by 2013.

Now by the same token, the SAME article mentions that several of the big TV/electronics manufacturers debuted TV's at this years CES, that are more energy efficient..probably not as high yet as the percentage wanted by Kalifornia but its getting there. If people WANT more energy efficient TV's by choice they'll BUY them; thereby forcing all other manufacturers to either start doing the same themselves or go out of business. Thats what a free market economy is all about..aint it grand?

Oh and if Kalifornia is so worried about being green and energy usage..I have a suggestion for them.

You idiots already have rolling brownouts consistently losing power to different areas in succession. Novel idea..BUILD MORE POWER PLANTS ASSHOLES! Now having said that, in the spirit of being green, build tidal plants and solar farms.
Once you get the tidal plants built, and up and running; its basically free energy because the waves and tides are ALWAYS moving. There's an old saying..the ocean never sleeps.
Onto the solar farms..you've got HOW many square miles of desert in death valley? Build a solar panel farm out there, and again because it almost never rains in cali..tons of energy to be had...idiots.

*facepalm* Oh almost forgot..in the same vein..there's NO excuse for California and other coastal states not to have enuff fresh drinking water. NONE. Build desalinization plants boneheads. Perhaps its escaped your notice that the rock we live on is 75% WATER?


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