Monday, May 24, 2010

Muslims tolerant? horsecrap.

There's this wonderful blog I want to turn everyone on to called UrbanGrounds. I love reading this guy..he's a fellow texan who lives up the road a piece in Austin, Tx. The old boy has been having problems with tolerant and understanding muslims hacking and crashing his website whenever he insults islam or mohammed. He just went down 2 days ago for the 4th time in just a few short months. Apparently these tolerant muslims are in Azerbijan. At least that's what he's either been told by the Fibbies or figured out on his own since he's got a tracker on his website that tracks who's viewing his blog and from where.

Anyway..he got the site back up and here's his reaction to this latest hack and crash. [which by the way is the 2nd one in a week!] Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"Honey Do" sorta list...

Yes I realize the title is a little weird, bare with me and I'll explain...

Now I know all you married guys out there among my friends and fellow beings have your "Honey Do" lists. A list of little projects that the little wife wants you to do...and that you will get done, or you don't love your wife enough. At least that's how they think of that list. I've heard minor gripes from married friends that wives are ALWAYS finding various and sundry things to add to whats generally an already time consuming list, if you work for a living.

I don't have that problem..the lack of time. Having had a supreme lack of job for the last couple years and having copious amounts of time on my hands..I don't have that excuse. Plus I'm a bachelor and live with my folks. So MY honey do list is a bit different. I have things that I want to fix around the house because I'm just flat sick of looking at them. One of which was an ugly hole in wall, in my sisters bedroom. She kicked the hole out, one night in her sleep. It was a bit too big to patch so I cut out a 16"x8" section of sheetrock, went out the garage, cut a same sized piece on the sheetrock board I have in the garage, put it up and spackled it. I WAS just going to take a piece of the sheet rock I pulled OUT, to go to the hardware store and have a quart of paint color matched; so I could cover up the ugliness that is bare sheetrock and spackle. Nope..I was informed that I get to take sis to hardware store soon, let her pick out a new color, buy some brushes and *repaint* the whole room. Oh fantabulous joy. I was also informed that mother wants me to see about replacing the curtains in little sisters room with blinds. Proof positive that No good deed goes unpunished.

My laundry list:
paint the garage[not imperative..not truly necessary it IS just the garage after all..just something I'd like to do]
Need to patch a few more cracks in the sheetrock but need to get more patchkit first.
Do some more weather stripping in the door to the backyard and put some in on the door going out to the garage.
Inspect the silicone caulking I did on the outside of the house to seal air leaks over the winter. make sure I dont need to add more.
repaint the window sill in my bedroom window.
Repaint the front hallway.
replace the fence post in the back yard that got snapped off at ground level when Ike came through.[THAT gets done in the next week or two.]
fix the retaining wall for my moms front yard garden. [also in the next week or so..preferably this weekend.]
paint my room.[which will be entertaining with all the shit I'm gonna have to move out of here to do it.]
All this was on my list for the last 2 months or so.
I've since added:
hang new gutters on the house so I can install rain save on the water bill when watering the gardens. [1front,1side, and 1back.]
repaint the exterior of the house..need to talk to the landlord about that these two. See if he objects to any of the possible colors I've got in mindf for the house and make sure he knows if I do the work we ain't paying rent for whatever amount of time and materials all this will cost. probably just a month or so on these two things.

Next year, assuming Obama and the congress haven't completely fucked the country up and driven it into a depression, and assuming my parents have the money to afford it...get some help from my cousin and some other people and replace the carpet in the house. I'd also like to retile the bathrooms, kitchen/dining area and front hall. However, that can be done piece meal over time. where as the carpet I want all done in one weekend. again something I'll have to discuss with the landlord..since I intend to do it on OUR dime..I don't intend for my folks to have pay rent for at least a month..maybe 2-3 for the carpet replacement. I have some idea what I'm doing in both cases on the flooring since I worked a few side jobs with my cousin when he'd started his own flooring company for a few months several years ago.

I leave you with this final thought. Why does today feel like monday still? :(

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Movie quotes

on facebook one of the pages I keep track of asked whats your favorite, video game, anime, or movie quote? My answer:
"I got tired of coming up with last minute solutions to desperate problems created by other *fucking* people." tommy lee jones in Under Siege.

I think we've pretty much reached the point where we have to do a steven segal kick ass and don't bother worrying about names or where the bodies fall; with our government. Why? because even my FATHER told me yesterday he is flat stunned at the speed at which Obama and the leftists in congress are moving to socialize and balkanize this country.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The American Flag Offensive?!

if profanity bothers you, Walk. Away. Now. I am going to let the hammer down. I am seriously PISSED OFF!

"A simple art project has turned controversial in Salinas after a student said her drawing of the American flag was deemed offensive, while another student's picture of President Obama was praised."

Does anyone ELSE find this image offensive?

didn't think so

Fucking seriously? The Flag of the United States of America, the greatest country on this rock by the way, offensive? Really? You really think that way you useless bitch! Then LEAVE. THE. COUNTRY.

the person who posted this for me to find is to be thanked..he just suggests firing the useless douche. Firing? Oh no..someone tells MY kid that had better be prepared to not just be fired, not just assaulted; but physically ejected from this country. A drawing of the Stars and Stripes with the words God Bless America on it is offensive? No I don't think so..but your continued existence in this life is certainly offensive to *me* if that's they way you feel about the flag or the country.

Monday, May 10, 2010

A little whimsicality

A few questions for the ages. What is Monday for? Why was it created? What good is it?
These are the questions burning in my brain on this Monday , May the 10th.
A day in which I'm not really doing a hell of a lot. Outside of thinking of dinner, what there will be of it, doing dishes, laundry and pondering the reason for the existence of Mondays.

Now as those who've known me a while understand..I tend to take the Garfield approach to Mondays. I don't like them and they don't like me, this applies to a lot of people I think. I don't get the pie in the face upon exiting my bed, as does everyone's favorite sarcastic cat. However Monday rarely fails to serve up some annoyance and/or misery For instance..I didn't go to bed til late..or rather, early this morning..about 3am or so. Getting to sleep was a challenge..I kept on waking up and couldn't get comfortable for love or money. My neck is sore, alas I think I laid on it wrong.
Sometimes I feel completely as does Garfield the Cat; The ONLY reason there's a Monday is so there is something between Sunday and Tuesday. The upshot, if you continue to reason it out, is that if we did not have Monday to bitch and moan about; is that we'd be bitching and moaning about Tuesday.

Truth be told I honestly don't KNOW why there is a Monday. I can speculate though. My speculation is a little lacking in facts and figures you are:
Most everyone hates going back to the daily grind after a weekend of relaxation, drunken debauchery, lots of gratuitous sex, etc. Therefore Monday was created as a pressure valve to Make us hate it. Why? So that in hating it, we get out all our aggravation on Monday letting us focus, man up , calm down and get through the rest of the week, with whatever task or job is before us without stressing about being back to work after having a weekend we never wanted to see end.

That's my theory in a nutshell. now, if you will excuse me, (even if you don't excuse me) I'm going to nuke a hot dog for lunch.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

America Under Siege

Yes..that's right. I said our country is under siege. Under attack from without and from within.
From within by school administrators who say wearing shirts with images of the American Flag on Cinco De Mayo because " is sensitive to Mexican-Americans because it's supposed to be their holiday so we were not allowed to wear it today."

Here's the entire article:

Through insande "Zero Tolerance" policies:

and that is just a few examples of the many that I know of.

Under Siege from within AND without by Illegal Aliens and legal immigrants like this guy:
and these people:
protestors in arizona and austin up in arms over the new bill in Arizona

by cute lads and lasses like this one..who have NO earthly idea of the atrocities committed by the hero proudly displayed on their shirts:
and then when you present them with the facts they freak and get all upset and act like you're lying.
by the school systems who fail to teach them the actual facts of history and the textbook writers who are currently WARPING the truth to fit their version of what they want everyone to believe

by our politicians who are spending us into bankruptcy so fast it makes MY head spin. Thru Social welfare programs like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, The new HealthCare bill that just got signed. Programs that take from those who worked their asses off and give to those who didn't.
By a President who wants to "Fundamentally Change America" From the land of the free and the home of the brave into something like Stalin's Russia, or Mao Tse tung's China.

by politicians who don't care about the people..just their own petty interests and power. Just an example or two

and the various anti-gun/anti second amendment bills that have been proposed over the years. Seriously. The Pols understand that if they get the guns out of the hands of the general public, change the military, and the way it works etc..they can basically enslave a country without a fight.

From without by violence from Mexico and the Middle East:

By a religion whose stated intention is to destroy the Great Satan [thats us by the way people] and physically wipe the jewish state of Israel off the face of the map and kill every single jew they can find. Such lovely people

I'm not sure whether to throw this one into the domestic or non domestic threat group. I AM pretty damn sure though, that THIS was no accident:

Not hardly. seriously every single safety feature to prevent this kind of thing FAILS at once? I don't think so. I know BP hasn't got the greatest safety record on the planet but jesus jumping h., mother fucking christ! and isn't it convenient that it happens after Obama announces the lift on the offshore moratorium for drilling on the east coast?

now all the lefties and enviroweenies are calling for the immediate re instatament of the ban. and obama has obliged:
Now isn't this convenient timing?

If you aren't worried yet about the state of the country, where we're going, what's happening to our great country, etc..then you better start worrying forthwith and posthaste.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

We, are here...

"Captain's personal log, September 2nd, 2261. Enough is enough."

and we are rapidly
I am the right hand of vengeance, and the boot that is going to kick your sorry ass all the way back to Earth ... I am Death incarnate, and the last living thing that you are ever going to see. God sent me."

todays.//to do list

Bathe the dog.-done.
clip branch on crepe myrtle that is sticking out from the base like a spear-done..late 5/5
mow back yard-done late5/5

Monday, May 3, 2010

Why I'm against Amnesty and hate Illegals

Thats one example. and in other news another illegal that has been in the country for 11yrs, never deported, yet arrested multiple times for various offenses has killed a 13yr old kid here in Texas. how? seems illegal asshat was yet again, DRIVING DRUNK!

Kill most of them. [No young kids or young mothers...I'm not heartless] then take the bodies across the border in dump trucks, and drop them on the front fucking steps of the Mexican presidential mansion..or the government building. Actually since there are probably about 20million illegals currently here..there's enough to cover both places.
The kids and mothers get shipped back across in buses.