Monday, May 24, 2010

Muslims tolerant? horsecrap.

There's this wonderful blog I want to turn everyone on to called UrbanGrounds. I love reading this guy..he's a fellow texan who lives up the road a piece in Austin, Tx. The old boy has been having problems with tolerant and understanding muslims hacking and crashing his website whenever he insults islam or mohammed. He just went down 2 days ago for the 4th time in just a few short months. Apparently these tolerant muslims are in Azerbijan. At least that's what he's either been told by the Fibbies or figured out on his own since he's got a tracker on his website that tracks who's viewing his blog and from where.

Anyway..he got the site back up and here's his reaction to this latest hack and crash. [which by the way is the 2nd one in a week!] Enjoy!

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