Saturday, May 15, 2010

Movie quotes

on facebook one of the pages I keep track of asked whats your favorite, video game, anime, or movie quote? My answer:
"I got tired of coming up with last minute solutions to desperate problems created by other *fucking* people." tommy lee jones in Under Siege.

I think we've pretty much reached the point where we have to do a steven segal kick ass and don't bother worrying about names or where the bodies fall; with our government. Why? because even my FATHER told me yesterday he is flat stunned at the speed at which Obama and the leftists in congress are moving to socialize and balkanize this country.

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  1. Allready Balkanized. East Coast/West Coast vs Fly Over Country. Then you have the ubers. San Fransisco vs Arizona (yes, city against a state), NYC vs Texas and the like. The provincial attitudes are set into stone. Us against them. Bust out the firepower. It's almost time. Feb/March of next year. Ides of March as a Barfly is fond of hit-n-run posting.



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