Thursday, May 13, 2010

The American Flag Offensive?!

if profanity bothers you, Walk. Away. Now. I am going to let the hammer down. I am seriously PISSED OFF!

"A simple art project has turned controversial in Salinas after a student said her drawing of the American flag was deemed offensive, while another student's picture of President Obama was praised."

Does anyone ELSE find this image offensive?

didn't think so

Fucking seriously? The Flag of the United States of America, the greatest country on this rock by the way, offensive? Really? You really think that way you useless bitch! Then LEAVE. THE. COUNTRY.

the person who posted this for me to find is to be thanked..he just suggests firing the useless douche. Firing? Oh no..someone tells MY kid that had better be prepared to not just be fired, not just assaulted; but physically ejected from this country. A drawing of the Stars and Stripes with the words God Bless America on it is offensive? No I don't think so..but your continued existence in this life is certainly offensive to *me* if that's they way you feel about the flag or the country.

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