Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"Honey Do" sorta list...

Yes I realize the title is a little weird, bare with me and I'll explain...

Now I know all you married guys out there among my friends and fellow beings have your "Honey Do" lists. A list of little projects that the little wife wants you to do...and that you will get done, or you don't love your wife enough. At least that's how they think of that list. I've heard minor gripes from married friends that wives are ALWAYS finding various and sundry things to add to whats generally an already time consuming list, if you work for a living.

I don't have that problem..the lack of time. Having had a supreme lack of job for the last couple years and having copious amounts of time on my hands..I don't have that excuse. Plus I'm a bachelor and live with my folks. So MY honey do list is a bit different. I have things that I want to fix around the house because I'm just flat sick of looking at them. One of which was an ugly hole in wall, in my sisters bedroom. She kicked the hole out, one night in her sleep. It was a bit too big to patch so I cut out a 16"x8" section of sheetrock, went out the garage, cut a same sized piece on the sheetrock board I have in the garage, put it up and spackled it. I WAS just going to take a piece of the sheet rock I pulled OUT, to go to the hardware store and have a quart of paint color matched; so I could cover up the ugliness that is bare sheetrock and spackle. Nope..I was informed that I get to take sis to hardware store soon, let her pick out a new color, buy some brushes and *repaint* the whole room. Oh fantabulous joy. I was also informed that mother wants me to see about replacing the curtains in little sisters room with blinds. Proof positive that No good deed goes unpunished.

My laundry list:
paint the garage[not imperative..not truly necessary it IS just the garage after all..just something I'd like to do]
Need to patch a few more cracks in the sheetrock but need to get more patchkit first.
Do some more weather stripping in the door to the backyard and put some in on the door going out to the garage.
Inspect the silicone caulking I did on the outside of the house to seal air leaks over the winter. make sure I dont need to add more.
repaint the window sill in my bedroom window.
Repaint the front hallway.
replace the fence post in the back yard that got snapped off at ground level when Ike came through.[THAT gets done in the next week or two.]
fix the retaining wall for my moms front yard garden. [also in the next week or so..preferably this weekend.]
paint my room.[which will be entertaining with all the shit I'm gonna have to move out of here to do it.]
All this was on my list for the last 2 months or so.
I've since added:
hang new gutters on the house so I can install rain barrels..to save on the water bill when watering the gardens. [1front,1side, and 1back.]
repaint the exterior of the house..need to talk to the landlord about that these two. See if he objects to any of the possible colors I've got in mindf for the house and make sure he knows if I do the work we ain't paying rent for whatever amount of time and materials all this will cost. probably just a month or so on these two things.

Next year, assuming Obama and the congress haven't completely fucked the country up and driven it into a depression, and assuming my parents have the money to afford it...get some help from my cousin and some other people and replace the carpet in the house. I'd also like to retile the bathrooms, kitchen/dining area and front hall. However, that can be done piece meal over time. where as the carpet I want all done in one weekend. again something I'll have to discuss with the landlord..since I intend to do it on OUR dime..I don't intend for my folks to have pay rent for at least a month..maybe 2-3 for the carpet replacement. I have some idea what I'm doing in both cases on the flooring since I worked a few side jobs with my cousin when he'd started his own flooring company for a few months several years ago.

I leave you with this final thought. Why does today feel like monday still? :(

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